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How Much Do Fades Cost? [Solved]

November 22, 2021
How Much Do Fades Cost? [Solved]

Nothing in this world is free. Unfortunately, fades are no exception. While the cost of a haircut can vary widely, it’s reasonable to work out an average. So, how much would the average fade cost? 

A fade will usually cost between $30 and $40, with the price varying according to geographical location, the barber’s reputation, as well as whether or not a wash is included. In addition, some barbers do charge more for skin fades due to the additional time they take. 

While that’s a pretty good range to work with, there are definitely factors that may lead to a fade being more or less expensive. 

Let’s go through them. 

4 Factors That Influence How Much A Fade Costs

Consider these when determining whether the fade you’re going for is too expensive, pretty cheap, or just about right. 

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1. Geographical Location

This one is arguably the most important factor, especially when you’re comparing two barbers/salons with a pretty equal reputation. 

It’s no secret that getting a fade in Manhattan is going to cost you more than a more rural and less cosmopolitan area. 

In fact, the average cost of a haircut in more expensive and more populated regions will most likely easily exceed the average of $30 to $40. 

Haircuts, much like any other service, will be more or less expensive according to where you are based. 

It’s worth remembering this whenever you’re judging how reasonable the cost of a fade is. 

2. Barber’s Reputation

The barber’s reputation and standing within the community or region are also extremely important. 

The more well-known they are (for the right reasons), the more in demand they’ll be. 

The more in-demand they are, the higher they can charge for a fade. 

There are a huge number of barbershops out there and they aren’t all made equal. Some of them have been around for a lot longer and also may have more skilled and experienced barbers. 

It’s not easy to rise above the rest – it takes time and consistently good results. 

People care about their fades – a lot. A bad fade is something that’s tough to accept and people will often pay a premium to avoid the embarrassment. 

Plenty of people would pay for the privilege of going to a more well-known, more experienced, and likely more expensive barber than risk it with a less reputable one. 

It’s important to look carefully into this factor when doing your research. Not all expensive barbers are going to be good and not all inexpensive barbers are going to be bad. 

The opposite can be true. 

But my point here is carefully read through the reviews for whatever barber you’re considering and figure out whether their reputation and the price align well. 

3. Franchise Vs Independent Barber

There are some huge franchises out there – Great Clips, Supercuts, etc. 

These large companies can afford to charge less for their fades than independent barbershops can. 

The average price of a fade at a place like this would usually be closer to the $20 mark than the $30 mark. 

Going to a company like this to get your fade done would make sense if you’re on a budget. It’s pretty cheap but the service and the experience won’t be as personal as it would be with an independent barber. 

The results won’t necessarily be bad by any means – plenty of people get a good fade at these places. 

But you won’t really know what to expect when getting it. It will probably be a different person doing it every time you go in and the fades are generally done as quickly as possible. 

A lot of people pay a little more for the more personal and intimate experience they’d get with an independent barbershop. 

They know them, trust them, and pay a little more for the experience. 

4. Skin Fades

While this may not be the case everywhere, many barbers do charge a small premium for a skin fade as opposed to just a regular fade. 

Skin fades are fades where the shortest length at the bottom is shaved all the way down to the skin before gradually increasing in length further up the sides and back. 

They require additional time and effort due to the shaving. While an electric shaver is often used, some barbers do use a straight razor to really get as clean of a finish as possible. 

It’s not easy blending a skin fade properly, which is why barbers often allow slightly extra time for a skin fade. 

Additional time usually means additional money. 

How Much Does A Skin Fade Cost? 

A skin fade will usually cost approximately $35 to $45, with the cost varying according to geographical location and the reputation of the barber. 

It’s tough to estimate how much more expensive a skin fade would be than a regular fade, but $5 to $10 more would be reasonable to expect. 

People are usually willing to pay extra for a skin fade because of their striking and bold appearance. 

While the difference in length is technically very subtle, it’s quite easy to visibly tell the difference between a skin fade and a zero fade, for instance. 

But it’s a look that’s easy to mess up and shouldn’t be rushed. If a barber charges more for a skin fade than a regular fade, just know there’s a good reason for doing so – as long as the price increase is reasonable. 

Do Fades Cost More Than Regular Haircuts? 

A fade won’t necessarily cost more than a regular haircut unless it’s a skin fade. 

Barbers often list out “skin fades” as a separate service on their cost sheet for this very reason. 

But you can reasonably expect a regular fade such as a zero fade, 1 fade, or 2 fade to be included within the price for a basic men’s haircut. 

Yes, they’ll probably take a little longer than a standard short back and sides cut. But not usually not long enough to justify charging a premium for them. 

So, in short – fades shouldn’t generally cost more than regular haircuts. However, skin fades are the exception where barbers often do, purely due to the additional time and skill they require. 

How Much Do People Spend On Fades Per Year? 

The average person will usually spend approximately $500 to $700 on fade haircuts each year, assuming an average cost of $30-40 and an average of 18 visits to the barber. 

18 visits assumes a 3-weekly visit to the barber. While it may seem like a lot, when trying to maintain a consistently clean-looking fade, it’s actually just about right. 

In fact, many people looking to maintain a consistent fade will often exceed that number. 

People with skin fades, for instance, often find themselves visiting the barber at least every two weeks. 

This is because skin fades don’t last very long – by around day 10 the stubble starts to rear its head and that skin fade starts looking like something else entirely. 

The additional number of visits to the barber is compounded by the additional cost that barbers often charge for skin fades. 

All in all, skin fades are expensive haircuts to maintain. 


You should now have a pretty good idea of how much you can expect your fade to cost. 

While the estimates listed in this article are a good guide, consider the factors listed above when trying to figure out how much your specific fade should cost. 

Consider where you are in the world, the barber’s reputation, as well as the specific type of fade you’re getting.