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Do Women Like Buzz Cuts? [Surprising Answers]

Buzz cuts are an incredibly popular look for men these days, as it’s a simple style that is pretty easy to maintain. But how do women feel about this recent trend for men? Do women like buzz cuts? 

A lot of women do not like buzz cuts because they prefer the feel and versatility of longer hairstyles. 

However, some women do like how buzz cuts look on men with certain facial features or as a part of more complex styles. 

I did my research by reviewing as many forums and discussion threads as humanly possible. As a fan of the buzz cut, it was kind of disappointing to learn the truth. 

Keep reading to learn more about how women seem to feel about them. 

Why Do A Lot Of Women Dislike Buzz Cuts? 

Women have cited a couple of reasons for disliking how buzz cuts look on most men. 

Remember, this definitely won’t apply to all women. They’re just trends and patterns that I picked up on. 

A lot of women do not find buzz cuts attractive due to the following reasons: 

They Prefer Hair They Can Run Their Fingers Through

A majority of women appear to prefer long hair on men, and they cannot help comparing a buzz cut to other styles that do not show off a man’s scalp. 

Specifically, several women stated that they dislike how they are unable to run their fingers through a buzz cut. 

Some women assume that men with buzz cuts must have bad hair, and that is why they wear it in a buzz cut. 

By “bad hair,” they mean features such as weak, thin, scraggly hair, or receding hairlines. They believe that men are being lazy by having most of their hair removed to hide these things instead of embracing them. 

If a woman already thinks that a man is being lazy about his personal appearance, she may also think that he generally has poor hygiene or is disorganized. 

Although buzz cuts are typically associated with the clean-cut, ultra-efficient aesthetic of the military, it could also be seen as an “easy way out”. A simple haircut that takes very little time to achieve and very little time to maintain. 

In contrast, with longer styles like a medium-length slicked-back look, for instance, women generally feel like the man is putting more effort into his appearance.

From that they can assume that a man has other positive traits, like being organized, tidy, or confident. It might sound like a stretch, but it’s true. 

At a glance, it’s just much easier for most women to appreciate well-kept long hair on a man because they just think it says more about them. 

Faded Styles Are A Lot More Popular Now

The popularity of faded styles has overshadowed the trend of buzz cuts for most women. 

Although buzz cuts themselves can have fades, they’re more popular on longer hairstyles like pompadours, quiffs, and faux hawks these days. 

They can be included in a variety of different hairstyles. Many of the longer hairstyles that women prefer on men have faded sides. 

Fades gradually go from being long at the top of the back and sides to shorter towards the bottom. They have a lot of flexibility, unlike a traditional, induction-style buzz cut, which is the same short length all over. 

As such, a faded style is more likely to be flattering on a man, and women see them as more unique and eye-catching. 

Fades aren’t just more trendy. They also say more about a man than a buzz cut would. 

It suggests that he spends the money and takes the time and effort to go to a barber or stylist capable of trimming it. 

A buzz cut, on the other hand, could easily be a DIY job. Although that’s a big part of a buzz cut’s appeal, it could send the wrong message to a prospective partner. 

Buzz Cuts and “Tough Guy” Vibes

Several women stated that buzz cuts often make a man look like he is trying too hard to seem tough or overly masculine. 

Although this is obviously a generalization, it’s one that shouldn’t be ignored. 

While some women may be drawn to buzz cuts because of their stereotypically masculine edge, others may shy away from it. 

Even without speaking to or interacting with men that have buzz cuts, rightly or wrongly, the vibe they give off just may not be right for them. 

When Do Women Like Buzz Cuts? 

Although the majority of women seem to dislike buzz cuts, there are definitely some who love them. 

Here are the situations in which buzz cuts tend to draw more praise than negativity. 

When The Buzz Cut Suits The Face Shape

While buzz cuts may not be flattering on any random man, they do look good with certain face and head shapes. 

When you trim your hair down super-short, there’s very little you can do with it. You can’t quiff it up or slick it to the side. 

Because of this, you can’t really use it to adjust the shape of your face. Your head shape is exaggerated as a result. 

If you’ve got a round face, for example, trimming a buzz cut will make it look even rounder and there’s not much you can do about it. 

It’s why certain head shapes suit buzz cuts better than others. 

This one comes right down to aesthetics. Faces come in all shapes and sizes; because of this, some men just look better with buzz cuts than others. 

In general, men with round faces are better off with longer hairstyles; they can use the length to add height (eg. with a quiff) and elongate the face. 

On the other hand, men with longer face shapes such as oblong, diamond, and oval would suit a buzz cut very well.

When Buzz Cuts Have Length

Some women only dislike very short buzz cuts that leave little hair beyond stubble.

These women are often a bit less harsh towards buzz cuts that are closer to a high-and-tight or a crew cut in length. 

A number 4 buzz cut or longer would be a good compromise. You’d still get the ease-of-maintenance that you get with a short buzz cut, but with the versatility that longer hair grants you. 

Plus, it’s generally long enough for the scalp not to be very visible. 

Many male celebrities have sported longer buzz cuts in the last few years.

Again, some women feel that a longer buzz cut leaves enough hair for them to run their fingers through, which is something that several women cited as a reason for typically disliking short buzz cuts. 

They would rather feel strands of hair than stubble. 


It’s important not to dwell too much on the opinions of others. 

But it’s no secret that many men have asked this very question and have found it tough to get a full and complete answer. 

Unfortunately for buzz-cut-loving-men, a lot of women dislike buzz cuts due to the negative associations I listed in this article. 

Not all women, but apparently a lot of them. 

Even so, this shouldn’t be the only reason you choose to adopt a different hairstyle. If you’re a fan of the look, don’t stress too much about it. 

There are still plenty of women out there who like them too.