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12 Interesting Things Long Hair Says About A Man

August 2, 2023
12 Interesting Things Long Hair Says About A Man

It’s always great when you’ve got a style choice that dates back thousands of years. There’s just so much you can learn from it. So, what exactly does long hair say about a man? 

Long hair can say that a man has confidence, has a rebellious edge, isn’t afraid of commitment, and is unlikely to be put off by occasional criticism. It also often suggests a laid-back personality type. 

Although that’s the gist, as always, I wanted to dig a whole lot deeper. 

Long hair on a man speaks volumes without us even realizing it. We see it and we form our own opinions – sometimes consciously and other times subconsciously. 

A lot of it is very dependent on what culture you’re in, while some of it is purely down to very individual and personalized preferences. 

Because of this, it’s important to note that you may not personally agree with all of these things. Don’t take it too seriously – it isn’t a scientific article. Just a bit of fun.


1. He’s Got Confidence

A man with long hair is likely to have confidence. 

There aren’t very many traits quite as attractive as confidence in a man. The beauty of it is that it’s something that can be taught, although it definitely comes more naturally to some men than others. 

There are certain style choices that ooze confidence and having long hair just happens to be one of them. 


Because it stands out. Any style that defiantly bucks a trend and draws attention will stand out and catch the eyes of others. 

In modern, mainstream, Western culture, short hair on men has become somewhat of a norm, with anything deviating from this being considered out of the norm. 

It takes confidence to stand out like this and so growing long hair would be a good way of displaying confidence in a very effective manner. 

2. He’s Not Afraid To Commit

A man with long hair is unlikely to be afraid of commitment. 

It takes time to grow long hair – half an inch per month is what most people should expect. 

Whatever it is – it isn’t quick. 

Plus, the road to getting there is riddled with knots, tangles, split ends, awkward phases, and an increasing number of grooming tools and products. 

It’s safe to say that trimming a buzz cut instead would seriously cut down on maintenance requirements and the time it takes to get ready in the morning. 

But a man with long hair doesn’t take the path of least resistance. 

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He’ll put up with difficulties with the aim of achieving true long-haired greatness one day. He’s in it for the long haul. 

But does it go further? 

If a man can commit to his grooming with this unwavering determination, maybe he’ll do the same for his partner, his friends, and his career. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to assume all of this. But in general, it’s a pretty safe bet that personality traits extend across various aspects of someone’s life. 

If someone is willing to look after their long hair, why wouldn’t they look after other things they care about too? 

3. He’s Unlikely To Be Corporate

Unfortunately, there are plenty of workplaces that downright forbid long hair. Sometimes it makes sense, while at other times it’s dubious. 

Having long hair in factories, laboratories, and mines, for instance, can be pretty dangerous. Banning it here does make sense. 

But corporate workplaces have shunned long hair for decades and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. 

Workplaces, where conformity, rules, and regulations are prioritized, will always prefer short and clean-cut hair on men. 

For a select few, this alone may put them off from choosing careers with rigid dress codes. 

When you meet a man with long hair, it’s pretty safe to assume that he won’t be corporate. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule – it’s just a safe bet. 

A man with long hair is far more likely to be in an artistic or tech industry, for instance, than in a corporate one. 

These industries usually (although again – not always) have a more relaxed and laid-back attitude toward dress codes, including hair length. 


This probably isn’t the reason a guy with long hair chooses their profession. But they’re probably drawn to industries and workplaces with less rigid attitudes in general. 

If you’ve got an anti-corporate edge, seek out men with long hair as they may well have the same. 

4. He’s Not Afraid Of Criticism

Men with long hair often fall within the “love it or hate it” category. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of those that dig it, while there are just as many that aren’t fans. 

What’s important here is that they don’t really care. 

They usually aren’t doing it for anyone else and if they are, it’s for people they actually pay attention to or care about like trusted loved ones or friends. 

The passing criticism of strangers is either something they pay no mind to or something they’ve learned to ignore over time. 

Long hair on a man is often the topic of conversation and sometimes the brunt of a joke. People tend to make fun of things they don’t understand. 

This is especially true when it’s something a man can control. It’s considered socially acceptable to make fun of long hair because it’s something they can “fix” pretty easily by cutting it short. 

The insults and backhanded compliments of people trying to be funny are often deftly absorbed by long-haired men and handled. 

They’re used to it. They either laugh it off or turn it around. 

Either way, it takes more than a snide comment here or there to put them off from making their own style choices and decisions. 

It’s safe to say that men with long hair aren’t afraid of criticism. They either ignore it or feed off of it. 

They enjoy the freedom of having long hair and are happy with their own contentment as well as the praise of those who do like it. 

Trust me – there are plenty of them out there. 

I’ve written about the perceptions of other non-conformist hairstyles in separate articles if you’re interested:

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5. He Doesn’t Like Rules 

A man with long hair probably doesn’t take kindly to rules and regulations. 

Historically speaking, short hair is often associated with submission, control, and punishment. 

The need for conformity is often seen as an aspect of effective control by those in charge. This could range from school principals to military commanders to ruling regimes and parties. 

The stricter the ruler, the more conformity they will expect. A man’s hair length is an easy target. 

Looking back, growing out hair has been a common method of opposing “the man”. The most popular example would be the social revolution of the 1960s where men wore long hair as a symbol of countercultural protest. 

Although it may not have the same cultural impact in the modern-day, long hair on a man does still suggest that he doesn’t have time for strict dress codes and societal “norms”. 

He plays by his own rules and won’t be forced to play by the rules of others. 

6. He Understands The Struggle

Men with long hair are going to understand and appreciate the struggle of maintaining it. 

When you’ve got long hair and you’re dating a guy that also has long hair, the mutual understanding is invaluable. 

He’ll understand why it takes twice as long to get ready in the morning. He’ll be brushing out knots, washing, oiling, balming, and tying right next to you. 

You could even share tools and hair products. 

Although this bonding is generally seen as a positive, it does have its downsides. 


At the end of the day, two people with high hair maintenance requirements living together could lead to some conflict. 

It adds even more time to the collecting grooming regimen of the household. 

Plus, it’ll probably also add to the total household budget for cosmetics. Having long hair is expensive – you buy and then go through more products more quickly. 

From shampoos to oils, it isn’t exactly cheap. 

But if you’re willing to put up with this, the benefits of being with a guy who understands the struggle of long hair shouldn’t be underestimated. 

7. He’s Probably Got A Good Taste In Music 

At the risk of making a sweeping (although positive) generalization, men with long hair  – for whatever reason – often have a good taste in music. 

It goes hand-in-hand with general hipster-ish traits. They’re just more likely to know that ultra-niche art-rock band from the 80s or which local bar plays non-stop deep house.

Rock bands from the 60s and 70s popularized long hair and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. A unifying symbol for music-lovers and outsiders worldwide. 

Over the years, this trend has made many a comeback despite often fading away from time to time. 

But the association that men with long hair have had with niche sectors within art, music, and film is still present today. 

They may well have grown their long hair because their favorite rock musician or up-and-coming neo-noir film director has it too. 

Some may go as far as saying that hair length is proportionate to the likelihood of a man owning a vinyl record player. 

They’d be joking, of course, but the underlying stereotype is clear. 

When you next meet a guy with long hair, ask him what type of music he’s into. Watch the eyes light up and prepare for an hour of in-depth analysis and discussion. 

8. He’s An Evolutionary Catch

In many cultures dating back thousands of years, long hair on a man signified strength, virility, and power. 

From the Vikings, to Greek mythological heroes, and kings.

The reason for this isn’t clear. 

It may well have something to do with long and lustrous hair being one of the few immediately obvious external signs of a healthy individual. 

It also signifies youth – men with long hair are often younger, with hair loss being one of the defining characteristics of aging in a man. 

That isn’t to say that baldness and balding make a man unattractive. On the contrary – there are plenty of those that feel exactly the opposite. 

But it’s no secret that baldness makes a man look older. This may actually be appealing to some. Plus, baldness has unmistakable masculinity about it that’s pretty hard to deny. 

However, youthful traits such as long hair are often seen as an evolutionary advantage. This is all subconscious and partly subjective, but definitely worth bearing in mind. 

9. He May Be A Little Vain

Maybe not massively, but perhaps just a bit. 

He may take a side glance at a passing mirror or even a reflection in a car window. It may just be to make sure that parting is perfect or that man bun is perfectly centered. 

Or, it may just be to admire the results of the hard work put into that long hair earlier that morning. 

Either way, there’s always a good chance that a man with long hair might be a little vain – or a lot. 

It might just be vanity about the hair itself, with the face and body being less relevant or cared about. 

But when you spend that much time on anything, there’s a good chance you grow to make it a focus and eventually come to admire it yourself. 

This obviously won’t be true for everyone, but it’s worth taking note of. 

There’s also nothing wrong with a bit of vanity now and again. Pride in one’s appearance shouldn’t be shunned or ridiculed. 

But as with anything, there’s a limit. Don’t make it the most interesting and important thing about you. 

The guy with long hair that doesn’t pay much attention to his long hair is usually cooler than the guy that does. 

10. He May Enjoy Being The Center Of Attention

Long hair on a man is often a talking point, especially in an otherwise boring conversation.

It’s an easy target because it stands out. 

Although there are many men with long hair who don’t like this attention, there are also plenty of those who do. 

They may well like being known as the “guy with long hair”. It’s an identity thing.

While there are many men with long hair that simply absorb and ignore this attention, there are others that thrive on it. 

In fact, they might even see it as the best thing about having long hair in the first place. 

It’s less common, but it’s fair to say that some men just enjoy being a frequent topic of conversation, even if it may be in a negative light sometimes. 

Either way, it’s yet another thing long hair could potentially say about a guy. 

11. He’s Probably Pretty Chilled Out

Men with long hair are often perceived as laid-back and relaxed. 

They’ve got that beach-ready and zen-like vibe that so many people find appealing. That relaxed attitude toward grooming and fashion often says something about their other traits and features as well. 

They’re chilled out, don’t take life too seriously, and often aren’t too stressed about things that don’t concern them. 

Maybe they’ve got a spiritual side. Perhaps they’re into yoga and meditation. Who knows? 

Of course, these are stereotypes and shouldn’t be taken too seriously or to heart. 

But ultimately, certain looks are associated with a vibe. Buzz cuts are all about that clean-cut and diligent vibe. Pompadours give off that classic and vintage vibe. 

Long hair, on the other hand, has a chill vibe that really is hard to deny. 

12. He’s Open-Minded

A common perception of men with long hair is that they are open-minded and tolerant, mainly because they’ve chosen to defy traditional gender norms and expectations.

It may even be likely that they’ve been exposed to different cultures and perspectives – long hair is simply a manifestation of this exposure.

Long hair often suggests that a man is more willing to experiment with new ideas and styles and also to appreciate the beauty in the “unconventional”.


There you have it. 

11 things any long-haired or soon-to-be-long-haired man should know about. Even if you don’t agree with all of them, there’s a good chance you get quite a few of them. 

At the end of the day, long hair has become a lifestyle and a culture all of its own. 

Embrace it, enjoy it, and make the most of it.