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Haircut Lengths: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm [With Pics]

May 9, 2022
Haircut Lengths: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm [With Pics]

Whether you’re visiting a barber or attempting a DIY job, knowing what to expect with a haircut length can be tough. You’re about to learn everything you need to know about the 5mm, 7mm, and 10mm haircut lengths. 

They aren’t all easy to achieve as there are only a set number of clipper guard lengths out there with specific lengths you’re able to trim down to. 

But it’s possible to get down to all of them or at least very close to them when you’ve got the right know-how. 

So, let’s get to it. 

The 5mm Haircut

To trim a 5mm haircut you’ll need to use a number 2 clipper guard, ideally with the taper lever closed if you have one. 

5mm haircut
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It’s important to note that there aren’t really any mainstream clippers that come with a guard capable of trimming down to exactly 5mm. 

The closest you’ll usually be able to get is by using a number 2 clipper guard – this will trim down to ¼ inch (6mm). 

However, if your clipper comes with a taper lever, you’ll be able to subtly adjust the blade height. 

By “closing” the lever, you’re able to trim very slightly shorter with whatever clipper guard you may be using. 

For example, when you’ve got a number 2 clipper guard length attached (6mm), closing the lever should allow you to get even closer to the 5mm mark without having to resort to going all the way down to a number 1 clipper guard (3mm) instead. 

Overall, the 5mm haircut is a pretty effortlessly neat and sharp length to trim down to. It’s so short that you won’t be able to style it, but that’s a big part of its appeal. 

It’s easy to maintain, with washing and drying becoming a cinch. 

You could add some contrast at the sides by trimming them down a grade shorter (i.e #1). 

If you’re going to a barber you could ask them to fade the sides to produce a more tapered appearance. This often adds definition to the jawline and makes an otherwise simple buzz cut appearance look a little more interesting. 

It’s a length that’s tough to go wrong with overall. 

The 7mm Haircut

The simplest way to trim a 7mm haircut would be to use a number 2 clipper guard. It’ll technically trim down to 6mm, but you should be at the 7mm mark within a couple of days. 

7mm haircut
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Unfortunately, most clipper brands don’t come with a guard that’ll allow you to trim down to 7mm.

You’ll usually only have the option of either going for a #2 guard (6mm) or a #3 guard (10mm). 

Because of this, the #2 guard would usually be your best option. 

A 7mm haircut is incredibly easy to maintain in terms of washing and drying. It really isn’t long enough to make styling possible. 

With both the 5mm and 7mm haircuts, it’s important to consider face shape. 

Ultimately, these short buzz cut styles may not be ideal if you’ve got a rounder face shape, as the complete lack of height you get up top may exaggerate the roundness of the face. 

If this is relevant to you, you may be better off going for a longer buzz cut length instead. 

While you’d still get a lot of the maintenance benefits of a buzz cut, they should also give you a bit more height to work with up top, preventing the buzz cut from making the face look too round. 

But if this doesn’t apply to you or you simply wouldn’t really care either way, the 7mm haircut could be a stylish and low maintenance haircut length for you to consider. 

The 10mm Haircut

To trim a 10mm haircut you will need to use a number 3 clipper guard. 

10mm haircut
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The great thing is it’s possible to trim down to 10mm pretty easily because there’s a clipper guard specifically designed to allow you to do it. 

It’s a great first-time buzz cut length to go for if you’re simply looking to try it out. 

While carries the same benefits of low maintenance and simplicity, it won’t look quite as striking as the shorter guard lengths (#1 and #2). 

While it’s possible to trim everything down to a #3 length (top, sides, and back), tapering the sides would usually produce a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

Trimming the top down to a #3 length and the sides/back down to a #2 length would be one example. 

The sides could also be faded from a #1 into a #2 if you’d prefer. The main point here is that you’ve got options for tapering and fading if you didn’t want to go for a straightforward 10mm haircut all over. 

It’s worth noting that one of the downsides of trimming everything down the same length with no tapering is that things grow out in a sort of fuzzball appearance. 

Tapering the sides and back would reduce this effect. 

Face shape does need to be considered with a 10mm haircut, just as it does with a 5mm and 7mm haircut. 

Much like the previous two examples, short buzz cut lengths such as these don’t lend themselves well to round face shapes. As I explained earlier, the shortness would usually exaggerate the roundness. 

Overall, however, the 10mm haircut does carry some great benefits. It’s also just as easy to DIY if you weren’t doing any fancy fading. 


There you have it. Hopefully, that was everything you needed to know about these haircut lengths.

What they’d look like, who they’re best suited to, and more.