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How To Wear A Flannel Shirt Over A Hoodie (7 Tips)

December 22, 2022
How To Wear A Flannel Shirt Over A Hoodie (7 Tips)

Some casual combinations have become pretty iconic, but is this one of them? More specifically, can you wear a flannel shirt over a hoodie? 

A flannel shirt can easily be worn over a hoodie. It’s important to choose a slightly oversized flannel to prevent the combination from looking or feeling too tight. Choose a neutral, solid-colored hoodie to prevent a clash with the loud pattern on the flannel.

Although that’s the short answer, there’s more to it. 

You’re about to learn some essential tips to make sure you pull off this combination in the most effective way possible, each and every time. 

Let’s get to it. 

flannel shirt over hoodie close up
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7 Tips For Wearing A Flannel Over A Hoodie

Consider all of these tips. Enjoy. 

1. Make Sure It’s Appropriate

It’s worth pointing out right from the start that the term “flannel” refers to a shirt made from flannel fabric that has a typical plaid or tartan pattern. 

The flannel over hoodie combination would only work well in truly casual settings and environments. 

In fact, it’s sort of become a staple of modern casual attire and gives you the benefit of layering in colder weather as well. 

But while this combination would be ideal for hanging out with friends, going to the movies, or eating at budget restaurants, it would never be appropriate for more formal settings. 

It shouldn’t even be considered smart-casual because it’s simply too casual for that. 

flannel shirt over hoodie
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While wearing a flannel over a hoodie is a stylish example of modern streetwear, it’ll always be casual wear right off the bat.  

Once you’re certain that the combination would work well for the setting you’re dressing for, strongly consider the following tips to make sure you wear it in the best way. 

2. Go A Size Larger With The Flannel

The problem with wearing a regular-sized flannel over a hoodie is that things fit a little too snug. 

Flannels weren’t necessarily designed to be worn over thick outerwear items like hoodies. They were designed to be inner layers and not outer layers. 

Trying to wear a flannel in your normal shirt size over a hoodie will look puffy, bulky, and tight. It’ll be obvious to people around you. 

Instead, choose a flannel shirt that’s a size larger than what you might go for if you were wearing the flannel as the first layer. 

This will give you plenty of room to wear a hoodie under it without everything looking too tight. 

“Overshirts” are a sort of cross between a shirt and a jacket. They’re designed like shirts but are large and roomy enough to be worn unbuttoned as an outer layer. 

It’s tough to find true “flannel overshirts”, so your best option would be to simply buy a flannel shirt that’s a size larger than your normal. 

3. Go Bold With The Flannel Colors

Flannel shirts often come in bold and striking colors. In fact, it’s a key part of the aesthetic. 

The shirt has a main color, with the criss-crossing stripes usually in one or two contrasting colors. 

Overall, they’re generally pretty eye-catching and you’ll want to fully embrace this. 

Here’s an example on Amazon:

However, because your flannel shirt is going to be pretty in your face, consider going more subtle with your hoodie color to really keep things balanced. 

It’s best to go with a subtle, neutral color for your hoodie to reduce the risk of it clashing or conflicting with the often bright and bold flannel colors. 

Examples of “neutral colors” include white, off-white, beige, grey, black, olive green, and navy blue. 

Try to choose a neutral hoodie color that contrasts and compliments the flannel color. 

It’s very easy to find hoodies in these colors and being able to select from a few of them gives you a lot more versatility. 

You could potentially alternate between any of these hoodie colors with the same flannel shirt and still make it work. 

man in black hoodie
A neutral and minimalist color for your hoodie is the best way to go

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That’s the beauty of keeping things neutral and minimalist with your hoodie – it makes it very easy to color match it with other items. 

Here are a few examples to consider: 

Blue FlannelA grey hoodie would add great contrast when worn under a blue flannel
Black Flannel A white hoodie would look good under a black flannel
Red And Black FlannelA black hoodie would blend well with a red and black hoodie
Black And White FlannelA light grey hoodie would work well under a black and white flannel
Flannel Over Hoodie Color Combinations

4. Choose An Unpatterned Hoodie

We’ve talked about the benefits of going for a basic, neutral color with your hoodie. It’s also important to note that unpatterned, solid-colored hoodies are also the way to go. 

The plaid, check, or tartan pattern you get on most flannel shirts is pretty in-your-face. 

It’s eye-catching and often becomes the focus of the entire outfit. That’s a major part of its appeal. 

But because of this, it’s important to be careful with the other items you wear with it. 

To avoid clashes or conflicts with the in-your-face pattern on the flannel shirt, try to make sure the hoodie under it doesn’t have a pattern. 

The same goes for loud graphics and branding on the hoodie as well. It may just become too visually overwhelming when you’re wearing a flannel over it. 

The bottom line here is that the less you’ve got on your hoodie, the better. 

A few words of a slogan won’t be that big of a deal, but the more you’ve got going on with the hoodie, the more likely it may just be too much combined with a flannel. 

5. Make Sure The Hood Is Fully Out

The flannel over hoodie combination works well only when the hoodie is fully out and on display. 

Having the hoodie tucked in or having only half of it on show will completely defeat the purpose and look pretty awkward. 

It’s important to ensure that the combination looks intentional and that you know exactly what you want from the casual outfit. 

Having the hood fully out and on display at the back of the flannel shirt is a key reason why the look works so well. 

It’s a great example of layering done right and is pretty easy to pull off when it’s clear to people around you that it’s an intentional look. 

6. Avoid Flannel Shirts With Hoods

Flannel shirts, especially overshirts with thicker linings that resemble outerwear items, can sometimes come with hoods. 

If the flannel shirt you’ve got has a hood, don’t wear a hoodie underneath it. 

While it may seem obvious, it’s pretty commonly done and rarely ever looks good. 

Trying to wear a hooded flannel over a hoodie just leads to – well, too many hoods. 

They’ll clash with each other and things will start to look really bulky at the back. The silhouette won’t be as natural as it would be if you were to wear a regular, hoodless flannel over a hoodie. 

7. Sweatpants And Jeans Work Great

Jeans and sweatpants both work very well with flannel shirts over hoodies. 

What you wear with your flannel shirt and hoodie is also important. You’ll want to make sure the pants you choose are casual enough to pair well with them. 

Sweatpants are about as casual as you can get but work well if you’re going for an ultra-casual streetwear vibe. 

It definitely won’t be appropriate for every casual setting, but if all you’re doing is hanging out with friends or going to the movies, it’ll probably work really well. 

If, however, you don’t want to go that casual, jeans are a great step up. 

You can wear practically any jeans you can think of, ranging from dark and tapered, to light, stonewashed, and distressed. 

You’ve got the option of going very casual with the style of jeans you choose when wearing this combination. 

Consider cuffing your sweatpants or jeans if you’re wearing a pair of sneakers you really want to show off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a couple of FAQs on the topic to really round things up. 

Can You Wear A Short Sleeve Flannel Over A Hoodie? 

Short sleeve flannel shirts are less appropriate to wear over hoodies than long sleeve flannels. They would work better worn over T-shirts or vests. 

Wearing long sleeve tops under short sleeve tops creates a double-sleeved appearance that had a brief period of popularity in the late 90s but has sort of fallen out of favor. 

While it’s possible to wear an oversized flannel over a hoodie and still make it work, it doesn’t work as well. 

Short sleeve flannels look better in the summertime when a hoodie would look out of place. 

Can You Wear A Flannel Over A Zip Up Hoodie? 

Flannels look better when worn over a pullover hoodie than a zip-up hoodie. This is because the open-fronted, buttoned flannel nicely contrasts the zipless pullover hoodie.

This is another one where there isn’t necessarily a right answer. People wear flannels over zip-up hoodies and it can work. 

It just isn’t the best option. 

If you do wear a flannel over a zip-up hoodie, stick to the same tips that were listed earlier on and you should be fine. 

Get the sizing right so things aren’t too tight and also try to get a nice balance of colors. 


There you have it. Hopefully, everything you could ever want to know about wearing a flannel over a hoodie in the most stylish way possible. 

It’s a tried-and-tested formula that just works. But as with most things, there are definitely better ways of doing it.