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10 Long Buzz Cut Examples + Tips [2023 Style Guide]

August 2, 2023
10 Long Buzz Cut Examples + Tips [2023 Style Guide]

Buzz cuts don’t need to be ultra-short. In fact, there are many types of buzz cuts that aren’t. You’re about to know everything you need to know about long buzz cuts. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Is A Long Buzz Cut? 

A long buzz cut is a short hairstyle that’s dependent on the use of a clipper but the top is generally a #5 length or longer. It can include styles such as traditional induction cuts, crew cuts, and butch cuts. 

When most people think of buzz cuts, they think of induction-style buzz cuts where all of the hair (top, back, and sides) is clipped down to the same short length all over. 

illustration of long buzz cuts

Put simply, these can include the #5, #6, #7, or #8 “all over” buzz cuts. Anything shorter than a #5 shouldn’t be considered a “long” buzz cut because – well, they just aren’t short enough. 

But a “buzz cut” is actually a category of styles that includes induction cuts such as these. 

There are several “buzz cut” styles where the top is left longer than the sides. 

The styles are still generally short and mainly dependent on the use of a clipper, but the top can sometimes be at least partially scissor-cut as well. 

Crew cuts and butch cuts are two long buzz cut style variations. Both of them have the top left longer than the sides, unlike with induction cuts where everything is trimmed evenly. 

Butch cuts have the top trimmed evenly in every dimension from front to back. 

Crew cuts, on the other hand, taper in length so that the front is actually left longer than the hair further back – this actually allows for some styling. 

An “Ivy League” is a form of a crew cut where the front is left even longer and can even form a side part. But the graduation in length from front to back is what they both have in common. 

The high and tight is another long buzz cut style 

With all of these styles, the sides and back are clipped short or semi-short. 

These sides can also be faded so that the length gradually increases in length from the bottom to the top. 

Let’s look at some examples. 

10 Long Buzz Cut Styles 

Use these as a source of inspiration and to really hone in on what “long buzz cuts” really are.

As you’ll see, the term can be applied to many different variations – that’s the great thing about it. 

Long Buzz Cut With Beard

Here’s an example of a long buzz cut with a beard. 

long buzz cut with beard
Image From Deposit Photos

More specifically, this is a crew cut. As you can see, the hair on top is left short but still noticeably longer than the sides. 

The top graduates in length – from longer at the front to shorter at the back. Overall, the appearance is pretty much horizontal from a side view. 

As you can see, the top is just about long enough to style – this is typical of crew cuts. If it was a little longer and allowed you to form a side part, for instance, it would be called an Ivy League. 

The beard adds a sense of balance to the short hair on top and the tapered sides. It’s a great way to add some definition to the jawline and structure to the chin. 

Inch-Long Buzz Cut

Here’s another example of just how long buzz cuts can get. 

An inch long buzz cut example
Image From Shutterstock

This should be considered a buzz cut because the hair is short and very dependent on the use of a clipper, although there was most likely some scissor-cutting involved on top as well. 

You could say that it was somewhere in between an inch-long induction-style buzz cut or a crew cut. 

Either way, it’s a great option for men looking for a simple, short, and low-maintenance style. It’s effortlessly neat. 

Long Buzz Cut With Fade

The long buzz cut with a fade is where the sides gradually increase in length from the bottom of the sides to the top. The hair on top is left longer than the sides but should still be considered short. 

Image From DepositPhotos

This specific long buzz cut variation is a crew cut as the top graduates in length from front to back but is still pretty long relative to the sides. 

High And Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight is where the sides are clipped very short up to a very high point – usually above the level of the temples. 

long high and tight
Image From 123RF

The top is left longer than the sides but is often clipped down instead of scissor cut. Because of how high the sides are brought up, the top almost looks like a broad strip of hair extending from front to back. 

Long Buzz Cut With Goatee

Here’s an example of a simple long induction-style buzz cut – clipped down to approximately a #5 length all over. 

long buzz cut with goatee
Image From Shutterstock

It’s another great example of how great long buzz cuts can look with facial hair. A goatee may not be much facial hair but it’s enough to add some length at the chin and add some balance to the short hair of a buzz cut. 

Long Induction Buzz Cut

Here’s a very simple induction-style buzz cut, approximately clipped to a #5 length. 

long induction buzz cut
Image From Deposit Photos

The great thing about this length is that although it should still be considered a “long” buzz cut, it’s long enough to not expose much of the scalp. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain with no styling necessary. 

Simple Crew Cut

This should be considered a long buzz cut variation but more specifically a crew cut. 

Crew cut with tapered sides
Image From Shutterstock

It’s all trimmed down very short, but the front of the top is visibly slightly longer than the hair further behind it. 

It’s a neat and no-fuss haircut that’s great for men who value time and efficiency when it comes to styling. 

Long Buzz Cut With High Fade

This is a long buzz cut with a fade that starts to transition into longer lengths at approximately the level of the temples. 

Image From DepositPhotos

In other words – a high fade

High fades are great because they’re immediately eye-catching. In addition, the sides and back are so short that the longer hair on top is given additional prominence. 

Long Buzz Cut With Taper

Here’s a simple long buzz cut that could either be considered a crew cut or possibly a very short Ivy League. 

long buzz cut with taper
Image From Shutterstock

Either way, the main point here is that the sides are very subtly tapered. It’s a great option for people looking for a subtle fade – it doesn’t have to be that bold or obvious to look impressive. 

Flat Top 

The flat top won’t be for everyone – it’s sort of gotten less common since its heyday back in the 80s. It’s still not uncommon by any means. 

example of a flat top haircut
Image From 123RF

It should be considered a long buzz cut. 

The reason for this is that it’s heavily dependent on a pair of clippers and it’s still a short hairstyle. 

As you can see, the top of the hair forms a deck-like platform that looks horizontal from the side. It’s almost like a longer version of a butch cut. 

Long Buzz Cut Tips 

If you’re looking to go for a long buzz cut or you’ve already gone for one and want some tips going forward, read on. 

1. Consider Hair Thickness

Long buzz cuts are great options for men with thinning hair or receding hairlines. 

The reason for this is that trimming everything short often makes thin patches look less obvious. They just don’t usually look as noticeable when all of the hair surrounding them is trimmed short. 

But long buzz cuts also have the benefit of being long enough not to expose too much of the scalp, especially under strong lighting. 

If you’ve got thinning hair, consider the length and style of your long buzz cut variation carefully. 

Try to strike a balance between getting one that’s short enough to have the benefit of making the thinning hair less obvious, but also long enough not to expose too much of the scalp. 

For more information about why buzz cuts are great for men with thinning hair – read this article

2. Consider Face Shape

If your face shape is rounder or shorter, you’ll want to consider the style of long buzz cut you choose a little more carefully. 

The risk of trimming everything down short in all directions and dimensions is that the face looks rounder or shorter than it did before. 

This is because you aren’t able to use the hair on top to add any length in the form of a short quiff, for instance. 

In these cases, you’d benefit from either going for a longer induction-style buzz cut such as a number 7 or number 8. 

Alternatively, go for a scissor-cut long buzz cut variation such as a crew cut or an Ivy League. 

You’d be able to style the hair – even if it’s just a little you may be able to add some height and length at the top of the head. 

3. Consider Growing Facial Hair

As I mentioned earlier, long buzz cuts work well with beards. 

Once again, this is especially the case if you’ve got a rounder or shorter face shape. 

As long buzz cuts usually don’t offer much opportunity for adding height or length at the top, you can use a beard to do so from the bottom of the face. 

It won’t be for everyone – but if you’ve ever considered growing a beard, combining one with a long buzz cut may be a great way to go. 

4. Use The Right Styling Product

When you’ve got a long buzz cut, you’re often in an awkward position where you don’t know if it’s quite long enough to style it. 

The thing about shorter buzz cut lengths like the number 3 or the number 4 buzz cut is that you know they’re too short to style so you won’t really bother trying. 

But when you’re dealing with a #6, #7, crew cut, or butch cut – you’re sort of in a middle-of-the-road position where it may be long enough to style but you’re not quite sure. 

Crew cuts and Ivy Leagues will often benefit from a small amount of styling product to prevent them from looking too flat or lifeless. 

Anything long buzz cut shorter than a crew cut and you could probably get away without using styling products. But even these may benefit from a very small amount of product to give them a bit of vibrance. 

But be careful with the type of product you use with any of these styles. 

The hair may be “long” for a buzz cut, but it’s still pretty short by any measure. 

When hair is short, try to avoid overly shiny products such as gels and water-based pomades. Consider using more matte products such as clays, pastes, and creams. 

In addition, use the minimum amount necessary and try not to overdo it. 


There you have it. 

Hopefully, everything you wanted to know about long buzz cuts. You’ve learned what it is, what it looks like, and what it could potentially do for you.