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7 Tie Colors You Can Wear With A Navy Suit And Pink Shirt

It’s a combination that can be as dressy as you want it to be, but your choice of tie can make a huge difference to the overall vibe and aesthetic. 

So, here are some great tie colors you can wear with a navy suit and pink shirt:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Green
  • Pink 

That’s the short and sweet version. But as you’d expect, there’s more to it. 

We’re about to go through each of those choices in turn, with descriptions and pictures to help you choose the perfect one for your needs. 

Let’s get to it. 

navy suit and pink shirt
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7 Tie Colors you Can Wear With A Navy Suit And Pink Shirt

Bear in mind that while a navy suit and pink shirt could be worn to formal or smart-casual social settings, it isn’t usually advisable in business-professional environments. 

It’s a little too vibrant and colorful. You’ll want to go for a white or light blue dress shirt instead here. 

But if you feel as though this suit and shirt combination would be appropriate for your circumstances, consider the following tie colors. 


A navy suit and pink shirt can easily be worn with a black tie. Choosing a dark and neutral tie color such as this makes coordination effortless. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + black tie
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A black tie is a perfect option if you’re worried there could be a risk of underdressing and you don’t want to have to think about color coordination. 

A navy and pink combination is vibrant and energetic, but the black tie adds a subtle formality and sophistication to it. 

You could easily wear the outfit to formal social settings, as well as smart-casual ones. 

For smart-casual events, consider a navy suit in a more casual fabric or weave such as tweed, linen, or serge. 

In formal settings, go for worsted wool. 

What’s great about this combination is that the navy suit and black tie form a neutral pairing through which the warm and colorful pink shirt can pop through. 


A grey tie can easily be worn with a navy suit and pink shirt, with dark shades of grey working especially well in more formal settings. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + grey tie
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In more casual settings, consider a tie in a lighter shade of grey such as pewter or slate. 

When dressing up, consider charcoal. 

Ultimately, the less contrast you’ve got between the navy (i.e dark blue) suit and the tie, the more formal the ensemble will look overall. 

Dark grey ties will achieve this. 

In much the same way as black, color coordination is effortless. 

Grey is extremely neutral and will combine easily with any other color you can think of, no matter how vivid that color may be. 

Bear in mind, however, that while grey ties are commonly worn in the workplace, overall, this combination still wouldn’t be appropriate in business-professional environments. 


A blue tie can be worn with a navy suit and pink shirt in a variety of different settings ranging from formal to smart-casual. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + steel blue + navy tie
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While blue isn’t neutral, it’ll coordinate very easily with the navy blue suit and pink shirt simply because it produces a monochromatic pairing. 

A navy suit will pair well with a tie in any shade of blue. 

If you’re looking for more contrast, consider a tie in a lighter shade of blue (eg. cerulean). If you’d prefer less contrast, go for a slightly darker shade of blue such as royal or admiral blue. 

Having said that, try to choose a blue tie that’s a noticeably different shade from the navy suit. 

A bit of contrast here is often encouraged. 

Ultimately, the pink shirt and blue tie will also pair well with each other. 

The combination could be considered high-contrast, simply because we’re pairing a “cool” color (blue) with a “warm” color (pink). 

It’s eye-catching and attention-grabbing – that’s why it isn’t great in professional environments. 

But in formal and smart-casual social settings, it can really work a treat. 


A red tie often looks great with a navy suit and pink shirt. The warm undertones of the pink and red add a pleasant amount of contrast to the dark blue suit. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + scarlet red tie
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Here, we’re talking about light, bright, and bold shades of red such as scarlet. 

We’ll be talking about darker shades of red in the next example. 

Light red ties are pretty in-your-face. They’re called “power ties” for good reason. They symbolize power, authority, and assuredness. 

A bright red tie will stand out against the backdrop of the dark and muted navy suit. 

But it’ll coordinate well. The red tie will look phenomenal over the pink shirt, with the two items forming a monochromatic pairing.

It’s good to think of pink as a very light shade of red. 

Overall, it’s tough to go wrong with this combination. However, if you were dressing for a more formal occasion, it’s often best to go for a tie in a darker shade of red. 

Let’s discuss that. 


A burgundy tie is a great option when wearing a navy suit and pink shirt, especially in dressy evening social settings. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + maroon tie
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While I’ve singled out burgundy here because it’s extremely popular, the same principles apply to other dark shades of red such as maroon or crimson. 

Much like lighter shades of red (eg. scarlet), the tie will form an easy-to-coordinate monochromatic pairing with the pink shirt you’re wearing it over. 

It’ll work and it’ll work effortlessly. 

But dark red ties are often more appropriate than light red ones when you’re dressing up. 


Green ties look great when wearing a navy suit and pink shirt, with the combination looking best in smart-casual settings where there’s minimal risk of underdressing. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + forest green tie
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The cool undertones of the green tie produce a significant amount of contrast with the warm undertones of the pink shirt. 

This contrast is eye-catching and casual. 

Overall, a green tie wouldn’t ever look as formal or dressy as a neutral or monochromatic pairing. 

However, it can look phenomenal when dressing for a more laid-back and casual environment. 

Consider casual suit, shirt, and tie fabrics here. 

For example, a great summer smart-casual ensemble could be a linen navy suit with a pink OCBD shirt and a green knit tie. 

Dark Pink

A navy suit and pink shirt could be worn with a pink tie, as long as the shade of the tie is noticeably different from that of the shirt. 

Navy blue blazer + pink shirt + dark pink tie
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It’s important to be cautious here. 

At the end of the day, you don’t want the tie to be so similar in color to the shirt that it’s difficult to distinguish the two items.

This rarely ever looks good. It’s why a red tie would often be a better option. 

Having said that, a tie in a dark shade of pink worn over a light pink shirt (eg. dusty or blush pink) often looks great. 

You’ll know it’ll always color-coordinate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To finish up, let’s run through a couple of FAQs on this rarely discussed topic. 

What Color Tie Should You Wear With A Navy Suit And Pink Shirt For A Wedding? 

When wearing a navy suit and pink shirt to a wedding, consider a red, green, or blue tie. 

While you could quite comfortably go for a neutral-colored tie instead here, it’s often best to add a splash of color when dressing for a wedding. 

Not too much. 

But just enough. 

It’s a celebratory occasion, after all. 

Can You Wear A Navy Suit And Pink Shirt With A White Tie? 

Avoid wearing a white tie with a navy suit and pink shirt. In general, it’s best to keep the color of the tie darker than that of the shirt. Going against this principle rarely ever looks stylish. 

Overall, it’s a combination that’s best set aside. 

A white tie will look awkward and out of place against the backdrop of a navy suit and pink shirt. 

It’ll stand out, but not in a good way. 


You’ve got options – lots of them. Having said that, consider the dress code and personal preferences when making your decision. 

In formal settings, a dark red, navy, black, or grey would often be good options when wearing a navy suit and pink shirt. 

In more relaxed settings, feel free to go for a lighter, bolder, or more vibrant tie color instead.