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What Color Shirt Goes With A Grey Blazer? (Pics)

Coordinating grey blazers with shirts does definitely carry some risk. You want to make sure the shade of the grey blazer and the color of the shirt are appropriate for the setting you’re dressing for. 

Here are some great shirt colors you can wear with a grey blazer: 

  • White
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Purple

But to help you choose which of those shirt colors you should choose, you’ll need more. 

We’ll be going through a couple of factors to consider before selecting one, as well as showing you some pictures and descriptions of each combination to help you choose. 

So, let’s get to it.

How To Color Coordinate Shirts With Grey Blazers

Here are the two factors you should always consider before putting your outfit together. 

man in pink shirt and grey blazer
Image From Deposit Photos

1. Consider The Setting 

A grey blazer and shirt combination should really only be worn in business-casual or smart-casual settings. A full 2-piece suit should really be worn in truly formal or business-professional settings. 

An unmatched grey blazer and pants combination wouldn’t cut it in these stiffer and more formal environments, no matter what shirt color you go for. 

Instead, reserve the grey blazer and shirt combination for business-casual and smart-casual events and occasions. 

The specific setting and dress code should help guide your shirt color decision. 

In dressy settings such as business-casual or dressy smart-casual ones, go for a dark grey blazer and a white, cream-tone, or soft pastel shirt. 

In more casual settings, you’ve got more options. 

You could go for the dark grey blazer/white shirt combination if you wanted to. But you’ve also got the freedom to experiment with other combos. 

You could go for a light grey blazer and a dark or non-neutral shirt if you wanted to. For example, a light grey blazer with a black, navy, or purple shirt. 

The bottom line here is that dark grey blazers will always look dressier than light grey blazers. 

In addition, white, cream, and soft pastel shirts will generally look dressier than dark or non-neutral shirts. 

Here’s a summary:

  • Business-Casual Or Dressy Smart-Casual:
    • Dark Grey Blazer + White, Cream-Tone, Or Soft Pastel Shirt
  • Smart-Casual:
    • Dark Or Light Grey Blazer + White, Cream-Tone, Or Soft Pastel Shirt
    • Dark Or Light Grey Blazer + Dark Or Non-Neutral Shirt

2. Consider Your Pants Color

Funnily enough, the color of your pants should influence your shirt color when wearing a grey blazer. 

Let’s break down why. 

Grey is an extremely neutral color. The benefit of this is that you could choose practically any shirt color and it would coordinate effortlessly. 

grey blazer and blue shirt
Image From Deposit Photos

In a way, you really don’t need to worry about coordination at all. 

If you’ve gone for a similarly neutral pants color (eg. black, navy, khaki, or cream), it becomes even easier. 

Once again, you can choose any shirt color you want without the risk of a clash between the pants and the shirt. 

However, if you’ve gone for a more striking and vivid pants color such as burgundy or olive green, you’ll have to be a little more cautious with your shirt color. 

In general, sticking to one “pop” of color is usually the safest way to go. 

In this case, it would be best to let the pants be the “pop” of color and anchor it with a more subtle and neutral shirt color (eg. white, cream tone, or soft pastel). 

So, decide whether you want to keep everything neutral (best in business-casual settings) or whether you want to add a pop of color (an option in smart-casual settings). 

If you want to add a pop of color when wearing a grey blazer, decide whether you want to do so with your shirt or your pants, but avoid doing so with both. 

6 Grey Blazer And Shirt Combinations To Try

Here are some great combinations to inspire you. Notice how combining a dark grey blazer with a white, cream tone (eg. beige) or soft pastel shirt tends to look dressier and more “professional”. 

The dress code, as always, is crucial when making your decision. 

grey blazer and navy pants
Image From Shutterstock

Grey Blazer And A White Shirt

A grey blazer can be worn with a white shirt in both business-casual and smart-casual settings. White shirts are usually the most formal and professional option when wearing blazers in any shade of grey. 

Dark grey blazer with grey blazer and white shirt
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The darker the shade of the grey blazer you choose to wear with the white shirt, the dressier the combination will look overall. 

Of course, it isn’t just the shirt color you need to think about. It’s also important to consider the style of the white shirt you choose, as some will inevitably look dressier than others. 

When you’re looking to dress up, go for a white button-up dress shirt. While the fabric/weave may vary, 100% cotton, poplin, or broadcloth can all work well. 

In more casual settings, consider a white shirt in linen, Oxford cloth, or chambray. 

Grey Blazer And A Beige Shirt

Beige shirts work very well with grey blazers in both business-casual and smart-casual settings. The off-white, creamy tone of the shirt would make for a more relaxed alternative to a simple white one. 

Dark grey blazer with grey blazer and beige shirt
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You could substitute the beige shirt for a similar cream tone and it would produce a similar effect. 

The lighter the shade, however, the dressier it would look when coupled with a grey blazer. 

Overall, however, off-white shirts are a great option if you feel as though the setting isn’t quite formal enough to make a white shirt essential. 

Grey Blazer And A Blue Shirt

Grey blazers work extremely well with blue shirts in a range of different settings. A dark grey blazer and light blue shirt combination would work well in business-casual settings. In more casual environments, consider blazers in lighter shades of grey and shirts in darker shades of blue. 

Dark grey blazer or grey blazer with light blue shirt or navy blue shirt
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As you’d imagine, this combination can look very different depending on the shades of the items you choose. 

A light blue shirt is a “soft pastel” and is often considered a reasonable alternative to a white shirt in the workplace. 

Because of this, it’s also often considered appropriate in general business-casual settings. 

Dark blue shirts (eg. navy), on the other hand, have a more casual and social aesthetic to them. This is especially true when combined with a light grey blazer to produce a high-contrast pairing. 

So, reserve these more striking combinations for more casual settings. 

Grey Blazer And A Pink Shirt

Pink shirts can work well with grey blazers in smart-casual settings. A dark grey blazer and light pink shirt combination would also often work well in more relaxed business-casual settings. 

Dark grey blazer or grey blazer with pink shirt or dark pink shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Light pink shirts are also considered “soft pastels” and also generally considered dressy enough for business-casual environments. 

It won’t ever look as formal as a grey blazer and white shirt combination, but a blush or baby pink shirt can make for a great alternative in more laid-back settings.

Given the warmth and energy of the pink shirt, it’s generally best to round things up and anchor the outfit with a subtle and neutral pants color. 

For example, consider a grey blazer with a light pink shirt and black pants. 

In this outfit, the vibrant and striking pink shirt is the “pop” of color in the outfit, with the pants and blazer forming a neutral backdrop. 

Grey Blazer And A Black Shirt

A black shirt can easily be worn with a grey blazer in smart-casual settings, with the combination often working well for dressy evening social events. 

Dark grey blazer with grey blazer and black shirt
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While black is extremely neutral, black shirts are usually considered too casual to wear in business-casual settings, no matter what grey blazer you may be wearing with them. 

The lighter the shade of the grey blazer, the more casual the combination will look. This is because a light grey blazer worn with a black shirt would lead to a high-contrast and striking pairing. 

If you’d prefer a more subtle and understated combination, go for a dark grey blazer to reduce the contrast between the black shirt and the blazer. 

Overall, however, no matter what shade of grey blazer you choose, the combination often has an effortlessly sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to it. 

As long as the setting is casual enough to allow for it. 

Grey Blazer And A Purple Shirt

A purple shirt can be worn with a grey blazer in smart-casual settings where there’s less of a risk of underdressing. 

Dark grey blazer with grey blazer and purple shirt
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Purple is a bold, vivid, and more unusual shirt color. It’ll stand out from a crowd, especially when going for shirts in dark shades of purple such as plum or mauve. 

Ultimately, however, grey is neutral enough to pair effortlessly with shirts in any shade of purple. 

A shirt in a very light shade of purple might be just about appropriate to wear in business-casual settings when combined with a dark grey blazer. 

In general, however, the combination should usually be reserved for casual and smart-casual settings. 

Once again, go for a similarly neutral pants color (eg. grey, black, navy) and allow the purple shirt to be the “pop” of color in the outfit. 

Stick to principles such as these and you’re unlikely to set a foot wrong.