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7 Tie Colors You Can Wear With A Tan Suit

March 1, 2023
7 Tie Colors You Can Wear With A Tan Suit

Casual suit colors such as tan give you plenty of choice when it comes to the color of your tie. But sometimes, the choice can be a little overwhelming. 

So, here are some great tie colors you can wear with a tan suit: 

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Sage Green
  • Burgundy
  • Emerald Green
  • Red
  • Orange

Here’s the bottom line: 

When choosing a tie color for your tan suit, consider the fact that tan is a warm color. Try to pick a tie color that complements the warmth of the tan suit or is neutral enough for it not to matter. 

To help you choose the right one for your specific circumstances, let’s go through descriptions and images of each of the listed tie colors. 


tan suit with burgundy tie
Image From Deposit Photos

7 Tie Colors To Wear With A Tan Suit

You’ll notice how most of the tie colors chosen have a brightness or warmth to them. Not all of them, but most of them. 

The beauty of tan is that while it has pretty noticeable warm undertones, it’s so easy to coordinate with other items that it might as well be called neutral. 

I like to call it a “near-neutral” for this reason. 

This gives you plenty of room to experiment with tie colors, but here are the ones you won’t ever go wrong with. 

Black Tie

A black tie can be worn with a tan suit in a variety of different casual and smart-casual settings. It’ll coordinate effortlessly and is a good option when looking for a more subdued aesthetic.  

Tan suit with black tie
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Black is very neutral and is hard to go wrong with. However, you’ll notice how the black tie doesn’t have the same pop and zest to it that the other ties in this list have. 

The black tie doesn’t have the same warmth that tan has. As a result, it works but isn’t quite as effective. 

So, why did I put it on the list? 

Well, even though it isn’t the best option, there are many out there who may want a neutral option. 

Perhaps they’re self-conscious about how warm and energetic the tan suit looks and want a tie that’s neutral enough to offset it. 

In these cases, a black tie would be a reasonable option. 

But if you did want a tie in a more vibrant color, read on.  

Blue Tie

Ties in warm and bright shades of blue such as ultramarine and royal blue work well with tan suits.  

Tan suit with blue tie
Images From Deposit Photos

As you can see from the color wheel below, blue is technically a “cool” color. 

Color wheel
Image From Deposit Photos

But consider it a spectrum. You’ve got “warmer” shades of blue, as well as “cooler” shades of blue. 

To keep things simple, think of brighter and more vivid shades of blue as being warmer. In contrast, think of darker and more muted shades of blue as being cooler. 

The warmth of a royal blue tie syncs better with the warmth of a tan suit than the coolness of a navy tie would, for instance. 

Get this part right and the results will speak for themselves. 

Sage Green Tie

A sage green tie looks great with a tan suit, especially during the months of fall. The combination works well for celebratory events such as weddings. 

Tan suit with sage green tie
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Sage is a combination of citron (a warm shade of yellow) and slate (a shade of grey). 

The yellow undertones of sage green give it a very noticeable warmth, setting it apart from cooler shades of green such as forest, hunter, and olive green. 

The warmth of sage green complements the warmth of the tan suit very nicely. 

Combine this with the brownish hues of tan and you’re left with an irresistibly fall-friendly brown and green combination. 

When it comes to the pocket square, you’ve got options. 

You could either go for a neutral white one to keep things nice and simple. 

Alternatively, consider one in a darker shade of green for a nice monochromatic tie and pocket square pairing. 

If you’d prefer a more flamboyant look, consider a warm-colored pocket square to sync with the warmth of the sage and tan. 

Crimson or burnt orange could work very well here. 

Burgundy Tie

A burgundy tie can easily be worn with a tan suit in both casual and smart-casual settings. The warmth of burgundy works exceptionally well with the warmth of the tan suit. 

Tan suit with burgundy tie
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It’s hard to get warmer than burgundy. 

The beauty of dark shades of red such as burgundy, crimson, and maroon is that they’re easy to wear in dressy settings. 

They’re more subtle than brighter and bolder shades of red such as scarlet. 

Burgundy is undoubtedly warm, but is dark and muted enough to remain subtle and sophisticated – perfect for dressier settings. 

Emerald Green Tie

Emerald green ties pair well with the warmth of a tan suit given how bright and vivid the shade of green is. 

Tan suit with emerald green tie
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Green, much like blue, could very reasonably be labeled a cool color. 

So, to make things work here, we’d be better off going for a “warm” shade of this cool color. 

Brighter, more vivid shades of green are your best option and emerald green is a great example. 

Similar to the sage green tie we went through earlier, emerald green has a warmth to it despite green being considered a cool color. 

Once again, compare it to typically darker, more muted, and noticeably cooler shades of green such as forest or hunter green and you’ll see what I mean. 

The brighter and more vivid shades such as emerald and sage green will always look better when wearing a warm-colored tan suit. 

Red Tie

Ties in bright and bold shades of red (eg. scarlet) coordinate well with tan suits. The combination is better suited to laid-back and casual settings given how sharp and vibrant it is likely to come across. 

Tan suit with scarlet red tie
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Let’s compare the combination to the tan suit + burgundy combination detailed earlier on. 

Burgundy is a shade of red, but a much darker and more muted shade than the one we’re talking about here. 

Bright and bold shades of red work very well with tan suits but will always look more casual than darker shades. 

The warmth of a bright and vivid red tie will sync very well with the warmth of the tan suit, but it’ll be way more attention-grabbing than a dark shade such as burgundy or maroon would be. 

So, if you were looking for something eye-catching and casual, consider wearing your tan suit with a tie in a bright shade of red such as scarlet. 

Orange Tie

Orange ties look great with tan suits. The warmth of orange is unmistakable and pairs up very well with the warmth of a tan suit. The attention-grabbing combination will come across as quite casual and should only be worn in the right settings. 

Tan suit with marmalade orange tie
Images From Deposit Photos

While the two colors coordinate exceptionally well, it’s hard to deny just how casual an orange tie can come across. 

One reason for this is that it’s just less commonly seen than more traditional tie colors. 

Another reason is that orange is eye-catching no matter what. 

A simple way to make a tan suit and orange tie combination appear more subtle and sophisticated is to choose a dark and muted shade of orange. 

Burnt orange and marmalade orange are two good options.