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What Shirt Colors Go With Green Shorts? (Pics)

December 22, 2022
What Shirt Colors Go With Green Shorts? (Pics)

Given how versatile the color is, a pair of green shorts can quickly become one of your “go-to” items. However, color-matching them with shirts can sometimes be difficult. 

So, here are some great shirt colors you can wear with green shorts: 

  • White  
  • Grey
  • Black  
  • Pink  
  • Blue 
  • Brown

But this isn’t all you need. What you need are tips to help you choose which of  these is most suitable for you. In addition, you need to see what the combinations actually look like. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Shirt Colors Go With Green Shorts?

How To Color-Match Shirts With Green Shorts

There’s a good chance that one or two of the shirt color options listed above would be the best option for your specific circumstances. 

green shorts and black shirt
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This section will focus on finding the one for you. 

Remember, these color combinations will work no matter what shirt style you’re going for – whether it’s a polo, Henley, OCBD, T-shirt, or anything else. 

1. Consider The Dress Code 

While it may sound obvious, a pair of green shorts would really only be suitable for casual outfits. They should never be worn in business-casual, professional, or formal settings. 

Having said that, some casual settings will always be dressier than others. 

In fact, the term “casual” can be pretty confusing, often meaning different things to different people. 

To keep things simple, you could split it broadly into two main categories – “truly casual” and “smart-casual”. 

Truly casual events are those where you could literally wear anything (to an extent).

Smart-casual events are those where you’ve got some freedom when it comes to your outfit, but there’s still a risk of underdressing. Think of garden parties, sporting events, first dates, and so on. 

These are events where you’ll most likely be wearing a polo, linen, or OCBD shirt instead of a T-shirt. 

In smart-casual settings, it’s a good idea to go for a muted or dark pair of green shorts and a neutral-colored shirt (eg. white, black, grey, beige). 

In truly casual settings, you’ve got the freedom to go for a more vibrant and non-neutral shirt color if you wanted to. 

2. Consider The Shade Of Green 

The shade of the green shorts you’re wearing may influence the color of the shirt you choose. 

It comes down to contrast. 

If you’re wearing a dark green pair of shorts and would prefer a high-contrast combination, consider a light-colored shirt (eg. white, beige, light grey, light blue, etc). 

If you’d prefer a low-contrast combination, consider a dark-colored shirt here (eg. black, dark grey, navy). 

Another thing to bear in mind is that shorts in dark or muted shades of green (eg. olive, sage, hunter) tend to look better with neutral-colored shirts. 

The typically more fun, vibrant, and light shades of green (eg. mint or lime) also sync well with more vibrant shirt colors. 

Olive Green ShortsWhite, grey, or brown shirt
Light Green ShortsBaby blue or light pink shirt
Mint Green ShortsSky blue or light red shirt
Sage Green ShortsWhite or grey shirt
Hunter Green ShortsWhite, grey, or black shirt

6 Shirt Colors You Can Wear With Green Shorts

Here are some great green shorts and shirt combinations you can try out for yourself. Enjoy. 

Green Shorts With A White Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + white polo shirt
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Green shorts can be worn with a white shirt in a wide variety of casual and smart-casual settings. In many ways, it’s the “dressiest” option you could go for. 

The beauty of a white shirt is that you would never have to think about when it coordinates or matches. 

It always will. It’ll blend into the background of any green shorts outfit you can think of, allowing the green shorts to be the focus. 

Of course, the style of the white shirt you choose is also important. 

If you’re going for a pair of olive green dress shorts or chino shorts with a brown canvas belt, consider a white OCBD or polo shirt instead of a T-shirt. 

On the other hand, if you were wearing a pair of green board shorts or Bermuda shorts, a white T-shirt would be the more appropriate option. 

Green Shorts With A Grey Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + grey polo shirt
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A grey shirt can be worn with green shorts very easily given how neutral grey is as a color. 

If you want a high-contrast combination, go for a dark grey shirt (eg. charcoal) with a light green pair of shorts (eg. mint).

If you’d prefer a low-contrast combination, go for a light grey shirt with a dark green pair of shorts (eg. forest or hunter green). 

There’s no right answer here – it’ll all work thanks to the neutrality of the grey shirt. 

Green Shorts With A Black Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + black polo shirt
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Green shorts can be worn with a black shirt, with dark and muted shades of green such as olive, hunter, or forest green often working best. 

While you could go for a high-contrast light green shorts + black shirt combination if you wanted to, in general, sticking with a dark overall aesthetic looks better. 

Much like white shirts, black shirts do have a dressy and subtle aesthetic to them, even when wearing an item as casual as a pair of green shorts. 

As with white shirts, consider a polo or long-sleeved linen/OCBD if you were looking to dress those green shorts up a little. 

Green Shorts With A Pink Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + pink polo shirt
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A pair of green shorts can be worn with a pink shirt in casual settings. The “cool” undertones of the green shorts harmonize well with the typically “warm” undertones of the pink shirt. 

Here, we’re drifting away from the more neutral shirt color options and delving into more vibrant and bold colors. 

While that does make things a little more exciting, it does also mean we’re getting more casual with our combinations. 

A pink shirt can easily be worn with green shorts, but it’s true that the result will be pretty casual-looking. 

It’s worth bearing this in mind. If you’d prefer a dressier and more subtle shorts outfit, go for one of the neutral shirt options instead. 

However, if you did want a more dressed down and eye-catching combination, a pair of green shorts worn with a pink shirt would be a good way to do it. 

As mentioned above, you’re mixing a cool color with a warm color here. 

While this does usually lead to quite a high-contrast combination, the two colors tend to play well off of each other. It leads to a colorful and vibrant, yet well-balanced end result. 

Green Shorts With A Blue Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + blue casual shirt + blue polo shirt
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Green shorts can be worn with a blue shirt in a variety of different settings. 

Once again, it’s worth considering how much contrast you want between the two items. 

Ultimately, you can get very light shades of blue (eg. baby blue or sky blue), as well as very dark shades of blue (eg. navy or midnight blue). 

One reason why green shorts tend to work so well with blue shirts is that you’re blending two “cool” colors together. 

As you can see from the color wheel, both blue and green fall firmly within the spectrum of “cool” along with purple. 

Color wheel
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Mixing two cool colors is generally easier than mixing two warm colors. It produces a pretty laid-back color combination that’s subtle. 

On the other hand, mixing two warm colors often looks pretty in-your-face and bold. It takes a certain type of personality to pull it off, but it can be appealing to some. 

One thing to bear in mind is that a navy blue shirt can actually look as neutral and dressy as a white, black, or grey shirt. 

It’s often considered neutral simply because of how muted it is. 

Green Shorts With A Brown Shirt

dark green shorts + medium green shorts + brown polo shirt
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A pair of green shorts looks great worn with a brown shirt. It produces an earthy and natural blend of colors that works especially well during the spring month. 

Brown and green go together hand-in-hand. It’s hard to deny this. 

Of course, it’s mainly due to how much the combination reflects the natural elements. 

Because of this, it often works best with muted and dark shades of green such as forest, olive, or hunter green. 


As you can see, the range of shirt colors you could potentially wear with a pair of green shorts is wide. 

There are several factors worth considering whenever you make your choice. However, the dress code and the setting you’re dressing for are usually the two factors to prioritize.