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What Color Jeans Go With A Green Shirt? (Pics)

December 22, 2022
What Color Jeans Go With A Green Shirt? (Pics)

Green shirts generally have a relaxed and laid-back aesthetic, but coordinating them with other items can sometimes cause problems. The question is, can you really wear a green shirt with jeans? 

A green shirt can be worn with jeans in a range of different casual and smart-casual settings. Shirts in dark shades of green (eg. forest, hunter, sage) and jeans in dark colors (eg. black, dark blue, dark grey) would be more appropriate in dressy smart-casual settings. 

Here are some great jeans colors that go with a navy shirt: 

  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Grey
  • White

That’s the short and sweet answer. Read on if you want (a whole lot) more. 

After going through a few tips to help you coordinate the items in the best way possible, we’ll run through those color combinations in more detail. 

Let’s get to it. 

How To Color Coordinate Green Shirts With Jeans

These tips should serve you well no matter what style and shade of green shirt you may be wearing. 

olive green shirt with blue jeans
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1. Consider The Dress Code

A green shirt and jeans outfit should never be worn in formal, business-professional, or business-casual settings. It would only be appropriate in casual settings. 

But it’s no secret that some “casual” settings can actually be quite dressy. 

In these environments, a green T-shirt probably wouldn’t go down too well. An OCBD or polo would be a lot more appropriate. 

You could say these settings were “smart-casual”. 

Ultimately, the dressiness of the casual setting you’re attending should influence the color of the jeans you choose to wear with your green shirt. 

In dressier settings (eg. smart-casual events), go for a darker pair of jeans. Black, dark blue, or dark grey would probably all be appropriate options. 

In more casual settings, feel free to wear light-colored jeans (eg. light blue, light grey, and white). 

2. Consider The Shade Of The Green Shirt

Dark and muted shades of green such as forest, hunter, olive, and sage green tend to look dressier than lighter and bolder shades of green such as mint. 

Consider this when putting your outfit together. 

When attending a relatively dressy “smart-casual” setting, consider pairing a dark/muted green shirt with a dark pair of jeans (black, dark blue, or dark grey). 

olive green shirt with black jeans
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On the other hand, when dressing down, consider wearing a lighter/brighter green shirt with a light pair of jeans (light blue, light grey, or white). 

Here’s a table with some examples of low-contrast combinations you could try out: 

Dark Green Shirt Black Jeans
Light Green ShirtLight Blue Or Light Grey Jeans
Olive Green ShirtDark Grey Jeans
Sage Green ShirtDark Blue Or Dark Grey Jeans
Mint Green ShirtWhite Jeans

If you want a more eye-catching combination, consider a high-contrast combination instead. 

For example, try wearing a dark green shirt with a white pair of jeans, or a light green shirt with a black pair of jeans. 

As you can see, a green shirt and jeans outfit can look very different depending on the shade of the green shirt, as well as the color of the jeans. 

olive green shirt with white jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

Consider the dress code, as well as how much contrast you want between the two items when making your decision. 

3. Consider Your Other Items

When coordinating your green shirt and jeans outfit, consider the other items you’re planning on wearing. 

Thinking carefully about these additional items is a great way to tie the outfit together and make it look well-coordinated. 

Your shoes and your belt are two important items here. Coordinating them is a quick and easy way to make an outfit look complete. 

While doing so is usually more important in formal attire, it does work well with casual attire as well. 

For example, when wearing a green shirt, jeans, and brown penny loafers, consider a brown belt. 

If you were wearing black loafers instead, go for a black belt. 

It’s less important when wearing casual footwear such as white sneakers. 

Ultimately, you could wear a canvas belt of any neutral color if you wanted to. Alternatively, you could just not wear a belt at all. 

But it’s thinking about the little nuances like this that make an outfit go from good to great. 

5 Green Shirt And Jeans Combinations

Here are some green shirt and jeans combinations you could try out for yourself.

Green Shirt With Black Jeans

A green shirt can be worn with black jeans in casual and smart-casual settings. Black jeans tend to have quite a dressy appearance to them, especially when the green shirt is dark and muted (eg. forest or hunter green). 

Dark green shirt + black jeans
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If you were looking to dress up a green shirt of any variety, pairing it with black jeans would be a quick and easy way to do it. 

Of course, the style of the black jeans does play a role here. Tapered and non-distressed black jeans would look dressier than wide-leg/bootcut and distressed black jeans. 

But if we’re just talking about the color of the jeans, black is about as “formal” as you can get with jeans. 

As mentioned earlier, if you did want a more striking and eye-catching combination, wear the black jeans with a shirt in a lighter shade of green. 

Black is neutral enough for any green shirt to coordinate easily. 

When wearing a green shirt with black jeans, consider wearing a pair of dark brown shoes and a dark brown belt to round things up. 

Green and brown tend to look great together, producing a natural and earthy aesthetic when combined.

Green Shirt With Dark Blue Jeans

Dark blue jeans can be worn with a green shirt in a variety of casual settings, including dressier ones. 

Dark green shirt + dark blue jeans
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Both light and dark blue jeans will generally look more casual than black/dark grey jeans, but dark blue jeans make for a reasonably dressy option. 

One benefit of wearing blue jeans with a green shirt over black or grey ones is that you’re adding another “cool” color into the mix. 

Color wheel
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As you can see, both green and blue fall firmly within the “cool” half of the color wheel. Combining two cool colors tends to work very well and produces a relaxing and laid-back aesthetic. 

While dark blue is often so muted that it’s easy to combine with other colors, its “cool” undertones can’t be denied. 

It’ll always pair well with green. 

Green Shirt With Light Blue Jeans

A green shirt can be worn with light blue jeans in casual settings. The combination would usually be too casual to wear in smart-casual environments. 

Olive green shirt + light blue jeans
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As mentioned above, mixing two “cool” colors will often work a treat. A green shirt + light blue jeans combo is no exception. 

But it’s hard to deny how it looks more casual than the dark blue alternative in the previous example. 

Light blue jeans are arguably the most commonly found. They exemplify the casual aesthetic and are a staple of casual attire. 

This is especially true when the light blue jeans have a baggier/wide fit and have features of distressing such as rips, frays, and acid-washing. 

So, no matter what shade of green shirt you may be wearing, reserve your light blue jeans for truly casual settings and avoid wearing them to anything dressier than that. 

Green Shirt With Grey Jeans

A green shirt can be worn with both dark and light grey jeans, with dark grey jeans being a better option in dressier settings. 

Dark green shirt + grey jeans
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Grey is incredibly neutral, much like black.

A pair of grey jeans will coordinate seamlessly and effortlessly with any green shirt you’re working with. 

But shirts in dark/muted shades of green will generally look less casual when worn with dark grey jeans. 

Lighter shades of both, on the other hand, will appear more casual and laid-back. 

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with this combination. 

Another great thing about grey jeans is that they’re less commonly seen than black or blue ones. 

Green and grey also often produce quite an earthy and laid-back aesthetic, especially effective during the winter and fall months. 

Green Shirt With White Jeans

White jeans can be worn with a green shirt in casual settings. Combining the two items will lead to a striking high-contrast combination that will generally look more casual than you’d achieve with darker-colored jeans. 

Olive green shirt + white jeans
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While white jeans are incredibly neutral and will pair effortlessly with any green shirt, the contrast level will be very high no matter how light the shade of your green shirt is. 

This bold and in-your-face contrast will look great, but will undoubtedly look pretty casual. 

So, avoid wearing a green shirt with white jeans in smart-casual settings, or any setting where you feel as though there may be a risk of underdressing. 

Reserve it for casual settings where a high-contrast combination such as this wouldn’t turn too many heads for the wrong reason. 

As you’d expect, going for a light green shirt would lead to less contrast with white jeans than a dark green alternative would. 


The combination often has an aesthetically pleasing and earthy tone to it but does look very different depending on the shade of the green shirt and the color of the jeans. 

Consider the dress code and the desired level of contrast when putting your outfit together. 

Coordinating your belt and shoes is often a great way to tie the entire ensemble together and ensure it looks well coordinated.