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What Color Blazer Goes With Navy Pants? (Pics)

December 22, 2022
What Color Blazer Goes With Navy Pants? (Pics)

Navy pants are neutral enough to pair with a wide range of blazer colors, but it’s no secret that certain options tend to look better than others. 

So, here are some great blazer colors you could wear with a pair of navy pants: 

  • Grey
  • Black 
  • Brown
  • Beige
  • Light Blue
  • Tan
  • Cream

You’ll notice that most of those colors are neutral or near-neutral and there are good reasons for this. 

After going through a couple of tips to help you choose the perfect option for your circumstances, we’ll run through that list of colors in more detail (with pictures to boot). 

Let’s get to it. 

What Color Blazer Goes With Navy Pants Infographic

How To Color Coordinate Blazers With Navy Pants

Consider both of these tips before putting your navy pants + blazer combo together. 

grey blazer and navy pants
Image From Shutterstock

1. The Dress Code Is Crucial

Wearing a non-matching blazer and pants combo of any sort wouldn’t be appropriate in truly formal or business-professional settings.

It works best in smart-casual or business-casual environments, with certain colors being appropriate in both of those dress codes. 

For business-casual settings, dark and neutral blazer colors tend to work best when wearing navy pants. 

Think black or charcoal grey. Dark brown would be pushing it but would usually be considered acceptable here. 

In smart-casual settings where there’s less of a risk of underdressing, you’ve got more options. 

You could consider a light and neutral blazer color. Examples include light grey, beige, or tan. 

You could even consider more vivid and non-neutral colors such as light blue and maroon. 

Overall, however, it’s best to stick to neutral or muted blazer colors no matter what the dress code may be. 

The reason for this is that navy pants won’t be quite as neutral as black or grey ones would be. It has enough color to pop out and so it’s best to keep things relatively subtle with your blazer color. 

2. Consider How Much Contrast You Want

Navy is a dark and muted color. Pairing it with other dark colors such as black and charcoal will lead to a low-contrast and subtle combination. 

Combining it with light colors such as cream, tan, or beige would lead to a high-contrast combination that’ll generally stand out more. 

High-contrast combos are more striking and casual-looking than low-contrast ones. 

So, take this into account when making your decision. 

It’s another reason why dark neutrals are generally best when attending a dressier setting (eg. business-casual). 

The subtlety of low-contrast combinations is just more appropriate in these circumstances. 

The attention-grabbing nature of high-contrast navy pants + blazer combos lends itself well to more casual/smart-casual settings. 

7 Blazer Colors You Can Wear With Navy Pants  

Here are those blazer colors described in more detail, as well as pictures to help you choose. 

Grey Blazer With Navy Pants

A grey blazer can be worn with navy pants in a wide range of settings ranging from smart-casual to business-casual ones. 

Navy blue pants with grey blazer
Images From Deposit Photos

Blazers in darker shades of grey are more appropriate to wear with navy pants in business-casual settings where you want a more “professional” aesthetic. 

Charcoal blazers work well for this purpose. 

In these environments, neutral shirt colors are usually best – think white or possibly cream tones. 

You could even consider a shirt in a soft pastel color such as light blue or light pink. While not neutral, they’re traditionally considered acceptable in professional and business-casual settings. 

When dressing down a notch and attending more of a “smart-casual” setting, consider wearing a light grey blazer with navy pants instead. 

The contrast between the two items will be more noticeable and the combination will be more casual/eye-catching as a result. 

Ultimately, grey in any shade will be neutral enough to pair effortlessly with navy. 

Black Blazer With Navy Pants

Black blazers can be worn with navy pants in business-casual and smart-casual settings. The combination has an effortlessly dressy appearance to it and would be a good option when there’s a risk of underdressing.

Navy blue pants with black blazer
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Navy and black coordinate well together and produce a dark, sleek, and sophisticated aesthetic when combined. 

The best thing about it is that the two items can be dressed up or dressed down with your choice of underlayer. 

When wearing a black blazer and navy pants to a more “professional” setting (eg. business-casual), wear a button-up shirt in a light and neutral color. 

If, on the other hand, you’re attending more of a smart-casual setting, consider a dark and neutral underlayer such as a navy T-shirt or even a turtleneck sweater. 

When you’re really dressing down, consider wearing the black blazer over a T-shirt in a more vivid color such as pink or maroon. 

The options are endless. 

The pairing really is about as versatile as you can get. 

Brown Blazer With Navy Pants

Brown blazers can be worn with navy pants, with dark brown blazers being more appropriate in business-casual settings. Light brown blazers look great with navy pants but tend to be better suited to smart-casual settings given the contrast. 

Navy blue pants with brown blazer
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Brown blazers have a great earthy aesthetic to them and look fantastic during the fall and winter months. 

Blazers made from rugged fabrics and weaves such as tweed and herringbone look especially good in brown. 

While it’s true that brown blazers tend to look more casual and laid-back than the more “professional” black, grey, and navy alternatives, dark brown blazers shouldn’t be underestimated. 

It’s possible to wear a dark brown blazer with navy pants to business-casual settings that are on the more casual end of that spectrum. 

To add some balance to the outfit, consider a pair of dark brown dress shoes to remain in sync with the blazer. 

Beige Blazer With Navy Pants

A beige blazer can be worn with navy pants in casual and smart-casual settings. The combination will be very high in contrast and should generally be avoided in business-casual settings or anywhere there’s a risk of underdressing. 

Navy blue pants with beige blazer
Images From Deposit Photos

It’s a great option for summer smart-casual events such as garden parties. The same would go for other, similarly off-white/cream-tone blazers. 

But given the level of contrast produced between the beige blazer and the navy pants, keep things subtle with your choice of shirt color. 

Keep it light and neutral – go for a white one if possible. Having said that, light blue shirts can look great here too, blending smoothly and monochromatically into the navy pants. 

A quick note of neckties: 

With smart-casual ensembles such as these, it’s often wise to ask yourself whether a tie is really necessary in the first place. 

Ditching the necktie and simply unbuttoning a button or two would really embrace the summer smart-casual aesthetic in a great way. 

Light Blue Blazer With Navy Pants

A light blue blazer can be worn with navy pants in smart-casual settings, but would usually be too eye-catching and vivid to be worn in business-casual environments. 

Navy blue pants with light blue blazer
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The items will coordinate extremely well given how you’re sticking to a monochromatic palette. 

Navy is, at the end of the day, a very dark shade of blue in itself. 

Combining the two requires very little thought and effort – it’s hard to go wrong. But it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a light blue blazer in settings more formal than smart-casual. 

While navy is often acceptable in dressier settings, the vividness and vibrance of light blue would usually be too much. 

Tan Blazer With Navy Pants

A tan blazer can be worn with navy pants in smart-casual settings. The sandy and warm undertones of tan produce a nice sense of balance with the cool undertones of the navy pants. 

Navy blue pants with tan blazer
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Much like a beige blazer, a tan blazer and navy pants combo looks great for summer smart-casual events. 

But the contrast is also similarly eye-catching.

Tan is a light/medium shade of brown that’s similar to khaki. It’s considered a “menswear neutral” in that it’s very easy to combine with other colors. 

But the high-contrast combination produced when combining the relatively light tan blazer with the truly dark navy pants is striking enough to deem it inappropriate for business-casual settings. 

Reserve it for smart-casual events. 

When it comes to your shirt color, white or light blue would usually be best. Simple and subtle enough to sit quietly in the background. 

Cream Blazer With Navy Pants

Navy pants look great with a cream blazer in smart-casual settings, particularly during the summer and spring months. 

Navy blue pants with cream blazer
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It’s another casual-looking and high-contrast combination that shouldn’t be worn in business-casual environments but looks fantastic in more relaxed settings. 

Cream is essentially a “shade of white” white palpable hints of yellow. 

As you can imagine, the contrast produced between a color this light and navy would be pretty in-your-face. 

But it works fantastically. 

The warm undertones of the yellowish hue of cream add a nice sense of harmony to the subtle cool undertones of the navy pants. 

Once again, when wearing a high-contrast blazer and pants combination like this, it’s usually best to keep things simple/neutral with your choice of shirt color. 


For business-casual settings, wear your navy pants with a dark and neutral blazer color such as black or charcoal grey. In more casual environments, consider a blazer in a light yet similarly neutral/near-neutral color such as beige, tan, or cream.