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What Blazer Colors Go With Black Jeans? (Pics)

December 22, 2022
What Blazer Colors Go With Black Jeans? (Pics)

Black jeans are casual enough to wear with a variety of different blazer colors. However, it’s no secret that some do look better than others. In fact, some can look downright awkward. 

So, here are some great blazer colors you can actually wear with black jeans: 

  • Blue
  • Grey 
  • Black  
  • Navy 
  • Brown 
  • White 
  • Pink 

While this list will serve you well, it probably won’t be enough. You need more. 

First, we’ll go through the main factors to consider when choosing the perfect blazer color for your specific circumstances. 

Then we’ll go through that list of color combinations in more detail (with pictures to boot). 

Let’s get to it.  

What Blazer Colors Go With Black Jeans Infographics

How To Color Coordinate Black Jeans With Blazers

Consider both of these factors before making your choice. 

grey blazer with black jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

1. Consider The Dress Code 

Firstly, it’s important to note that a black jeans and blazer combination should only be worn in casual and smart-casual settings. 

It should never be worn in business-casual, business-professional, or formal settings. 

But even though the combination would only be suitable in casual/smart-casual settings, the setting should still influence your choice of blazer color. 

The dressier the setting, the more likely it is that a dark and neutral blazer would be most appropriate to wear with your black jeans. 

Think black, navy, or charcoal grey. Dark brown would usually be a reasonable alternative here too. 

(On a side note, in dressy settings, think long and hard about whether black jeans would be appropriate in the first place). 

In more casual settings, consider a light and neutral blazer color such as light grey, light brown, or beige.

When you’re really dressing down your black jeans, consider a blazer in a more vivid and eye-catching color such as a dark pink or burgundy. 

Here’s a summary: 

  • Dressy – Black Jeans + Dark And Neutral Blazer Color
  • More Casual – Black Jeans + Light And Neutral Blazer Color
  • Most Casual – Black Jeans + Vivid And Eye-Catching Non-Neutral Blazer Color

2. Contrast The Contrast  

In addition to the dress code, it’s also worth considering how much contrast you want between the blazer and the black jeans when making your choice. 

Ultimately, black jeans are dark and the blazer color you choose will either lead to a high or low level of contrast. 

A low-contrast combination would be one where the jeans and the blazer are similar levels of brightness. In other words, where you’re wearing a dark blazer with your black jeans. 

navy blue blazer with black jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

For example, black jeans with a black, navy, charcoal, dark brown, or burgundy blazer. 

A high-contrast combination would be one where you’re wearing black jeans with a light-colored blazer. The difference in brightness between the two items will be striking and eye-catching. 

For example, black jeans with a light brown, beige, or light grey blazer. 

Whether you choose a high-contrast or low-contrast combination is mainly down to personal preferences. 

The dress code/setting should be the first thing you consider. After that, do consider how much contrast you want between the two items. 

7 Blazer Colors You Can Wear With Black Jeans 

Given how neutral the black jeans are, you’ve definitely got options. But as you’ve now learned, there are likely to be a couple of blazer colors that are most appropriate for the setting you’re dressing for. 

Here are those color combinations described in more detail to really help you choose. 


textured grey blazer with black jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

Black Jeans With A Black Blazer

Black jeans can easily be worn with a black blazer in casual or smart-casual settings. The monochromatic combination has a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to it. 

Black jeans and black blazer
Images From Deposit Photos

Some may argue that this is the dressiest option you can go for. It’ll usually give off the illusion of a casual black 2-piece suit from far away. 

It’s hard to go wrong. 

You could choose to wear it with a button-up shirt under the black blazer or go for a simple T-shirt, polo, or Henley when you’re looking to dress down a notch.

In addition, you could choose to wear a neutral underlayer (eg. a white or black T-shirt) if you wanted to keep things subtle and understated. 

Alternatively, you could consider going for a more vivid and colorful underlayer (eg. a pink or maroon T-shirt) if you wanted to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral blazer and jeans outfit. 

Black Jeans With A Grey Blazer

Black jeans can be worn with grey blazers in casual or smart-casual settings, with dark grey blazers generally producing a dressier and more sophisticated aesthetic. 

Black jeans and dark grey or grey blazer
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Light grey blazers can look great too, but the contrast between the blazer and the black jeans would usually be more eye-catching and striking. 

It’s important to consider the level of contrast you want between your blazer and jeans when making your decision. 

A light grey blazer worn with black jeans would look very different from a dark grey blazer worn with the same pair of black jeans. 

But ultimately, any grey blazer would coordinate seamlessly here. 

Grey, much like black, is a neutral color. 

Much like with a black blazer, you could choose to keep the entire outfit neutral by going for a neutral underlayer (eg. a white tee). 

Alternatively, use the opportunity to add a pop of color if you want to. 

Black Jeans With A Navy Blazer

Navy blazers can look very effective when wearing black jeans. The combination often looks dark, dressy, and elegant. 

Black jeans and navy blue blazer
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Navy makes for a slightly more eye-catching but similarly dark and neutral alternative to black. 

Contrary to popular belief, navy coordinates perfectly well with black. The combination is not something to shy away from. 

The combination of a navy blazer and black jeans generally looks just as dressy as a black or dark grey blazer would. 

Black Jeans With A Brown Blazer

Black jeans can be worn with brown blazers in both casual and smart-casual settings. Dark brown blazers will always look dressier than light brown alternatives when wearing any variety of black jeans. 

Black jeans and brown or tan blazer
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The darker the shade of the brown blazer, the dressier it’ll generally look.

Brown blazers work especially well during the winter and fall months, especially when they’re made from rough and rugged fabrics/weaves such as tweed or herringbone. 

These textures work very well with the similarly rough and rugged texture of the denim black jeans. 

Given the noticeably warm undertones of a brown blazer, it’ll generally look more casual than the dressier dark and neutral navy, black, and dark grey blazers. 

Because of this, it’s best to keep your underlayer nice and neutral to anchor the outfit as a whole. 

Black Jeans With A Blue Blazer

A blue blazer can be worn with black jeans in a variety of different casual settings. Given how eye-catching the blazer is likely to look, consider a subtle and neutral shirt color to ensure the outfit stays sophisticated overall. 

Black jeans and light blue blazer
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As you can see, we’re getting more casual with our blazer colors here. 

The combination of a blazer in a lighter shade of blue (eg. cyan, aquamarine, admiral, steel, or teal blue) and black jeans will work well. 

However, it’ll always look more casual than going for a blazer in a dark shade of blue such as navy or midnight blue. 

So, if you feel as though there’s a risk of underdressing or you simply wanted a dressier combination, consider one of the previous blazer colors instead. 

If, however, you did want a brighter or bolder blazer color, a light or medium blue shade would be a great option. 

Black Jeans With A White Blazer

Black jeans can be worn with a white blazer in casual settings where there is little risk of underdressing. The combination produces a high level of contrast and works well as a statement.

Black jeans and white blazer
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White blazers are versatile given how neutral they are, but contrast does need to be taken into account with blazers that are as light in color as these are.

This is especially true when wearing pants or jeans that are dark. 

White blazers look great during the warmer months of summer and spring. 

If you wanted a similarly summer-friendly blazer color to wear with your black jeans but didn’t want as much contrast, consider a blazer in a cream tone or a very light shade of brown. 

For example, you could go for a beige, cream, light tan, light taupe, or even a khaki blazer. 

They’re light and near-neutral but won’t produce as much contrast with the black jeans. 

Black Jeans With A Pink Blazer

A pink blazer can look great with black jeans in casual settings where a vivid and bold color wouldn’t draw too much attention. 

Black jeans and pink blazer
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Pink blazers are warm, energetic, and striking, especially in comparison to the dark, subtle, and understated black jeans. 

But given how neutral the black jeans are, a pink blazer will coordinate seamlessly. 

Of course, the main question would simply be whether the setting is casual enough for a pink blazer to make sense. 

If you feel as though it is, go for it – it’ll look very effective. 

However, consider the shade of the pink blazer. Given how vivid the color is, a dark and muted shade of pink would usually be better as it would lead to less contrast with the black jeans. 

Shades such as salmon pink work especially well for this reason.