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The Number 1.5 Haircut: Length, Style, Fade [Pics]

October 25, 2021
The Number 1.5 Haircut: Length, Style, Fade [Pics]

Going this short definitely has its benefits, but is it the length for you? You’re about to learn everything you need to know about the number 1.5 haircut. 

What it looks like, how long it is, and more. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Does The Number 1.5 Haircut Look Like? 

This is what a number 1.5 haircut all over looks like: 

number 1.5 haircut
Image From Deposit Photos

As you can see, it’s very short. It looks like a layer of medium to heavy stubble across the scalp. 

This has some major benefits. 

The main one is maintenance. The number 1.5 haircut is incredibly easy to maintain. Once it’s trimmed, washing and drying becomes so quick, cutting down significantly on morning grooming routines. 

It’s also simple when it comes to styling. More specifically, you won’t need to style. The hair is way too short to style. It’s effortlessly neat and tidy. 

This could be a potential downside for men who want the option of being able to do something with their hair. If you’re looking for a short hairstyle like this, consider a crew cut instead. 

But a lot of people like the “set it and forget” style of ultra-short buzz cuts like the 1.5 haircut. It’s just so convenient. 

In terms of aesthetics, it’s sleek and versatile. 

However, one thing to bear in mind is that people with round face shapes may find that it makes their face look even rounder. 

The reason for this is that the number 1.5 haircut is so short that you won’t be able to add any real length up top like you used to. There’s just not enough hair there to do so. 

One solution would be growing a beard. You could use the beard to add length at the chin to compensate for not being able to do it up top. 

Ultimately, the downsides of this haircut length are far and few between. It’s hard to go wrong with, but only if you’re a fan of ultra-short buzz cuts. 

If you’d prefer a longer buzz cut length instead, check out this article

What Length Is The Number 1.5 Haircut? 

The number 1.5 haircut is 4.8mm long (3/16 of an inch) and is trimmed using a #1.5 clipper guard. 

While most major brands of clippers do have a #1.5 within their range, not all of them do. 

If you’re looking to trim down to this length specifically, make sure that the clipper you’ve got will allow you to. 

It isn’t quite as common as some other buzz cut lengths, but it isn’t uncommon by any means. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a great option for those that feel the number zero and number 1 are simply too short, but feel the number 2 is a little longer than they want it. 

A lot of people don’t actually even realize that the #1.5 exists as an option. But it does and it may be the one for you. 

The Number 1.5 Haircut With A Fade

The number 1.5 haircut with a fade is a style where the top is trimmed down to a #1.5 length (4.8mm) while the sides gradually increase in length from the bottom to the top. The sides seamlessly blend into the #1.5 length on top with no harsh lines. 

the number 1.5 haircut fade
A subtle taper fade

Image From Deposit Photos

The great thing about combining the #1.5 length on top with a fade at the sides is that it can make an otherwise simple style look more eye-catching and interesting. 

When you’ve got a #1.5 length on top, the faded sides will need to be shorter than this. 

They’ll be shortest at the bottom before gradually increasing in length, with the different lengths seamlessly blending into each other. 

That’s what gives the fade its characteristic “blurred” appearance. 

However, considering the #1.5 length is already so short to begin with, you won’t have many options when it comes to the fade. 

A good option would be a skin fade, as this will noticeably be shorter than the #1.5 length on top. 

However, a zero fade would also be possible, although it’ll be a more subtle fade as there will be less contrast with the #1.5 length on top. 

But even though the fade won’t “pop” as much as it would if you had long hair on top (due to the increased contrast), it’s still a good way to make a buzz cut more eye-catching. 

Ultimately, a #1.5 with a fade will look more interesting than a #1.5 haircut all over. 

Just something to consider. 

The Number 1.5 Haircut On The Sides

The number 1.5 on the sides is any style where the sides are trimmed down to a #1.5 length (4.8mm) using a #1.5 clipper guard. These can be combined with any style or length of hair on top. 

When you hear the term “#1.5 on the sides”, it just refers to the sides and nothing else. 

It doesn’t tell you anything about what’s going on up top. It could literally be anything, ranging from a longer buzz cut length, a pompadour, a quiff, a comb over, and so on. 

As long as the sides are trimmed down to that glorious #1.5 length. 

The great thing about a #1.5 on the sides is that it’s short enough to remove a lot of fullness from the sides. 

This can have a defining effect on the jawline and a slimming effect on the face. It’s a good option for people with round face shapes who would benefit from this effect. 

The shorter the sides, the more pronounced the effect. The #1.5 is short but not so short that you see skin. This is appealing to many. 

If you wanted to, you could fade into a #1.5 length at the top of the sides by gradually increasing the length from the bottom to the top. 

For example, a skin fade that ultimately blends into a #1.5 length at the top of the sides, before gradually blending into whatever length or style of hair you’ve got at the top. 


There you have it. 

Hopefully, everything you could ever want to know about the #1.5 haircut. 

What it looks like, how long it is, and more.