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ConairMAN Super Stubble – The Best Stubble Trimmer Of 2019

July 31, 2023
ConairMAN Super Stubble – The Best Stubble Trimmer Of 2019

The ConairMAN Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer is a laser-focused product.

What I mean by that is that instead of attempting to do absolutely everything, it focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well. That one thing is trimming stubble to perfection

Outside of the US, this trimmer is known as the “Babyliss Men Super Stubble Trimmer”

What I’m going to lay out in this review are the key features that make this trimmer a cut above the rest.

But it can be appropriately summarized with this. If your go-to facial hair style is light, medium or heavy stubble (i.e less than 5mm in length), this is the trimmer for you. Trimming that glorious 10-day stubble length which seems so popular is no problem at all. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into why. 


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The Key Features I Love 

Ultra-flexible contouring head

This is by far the most standout and unique feature of this trimmer.

A contouring head is essential for trimming and shaping stubble effectively. Using it’s patented “FlexBlade Technology”, the ConairMAN Super Stubble does it better than anyone else.

The head adjusts itself very smoothly so that the blade is always comfortably aligned with the contours of your face.

It glides effortlessly wherever you need it to go. This feature is most important for the more awkward regions of a stubble beard, including around the mustache, immediately under the jawline, and around the sideburns.

It seems so natural you can sometimes take it for granted despite it being so unique. 

Extreme length precision

When it comes to trimming stubble, you need intricate control over length.

A regular beard trimmer just won’t have a set of length adjustments tight enough for shaping stubble. 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm length settings won’t help you reach your objectives.

In my stubble tutorials, I often mention the need for incremental variation in the region of 0.5 – 1mm at times. The Super Stubble allows for that.

It comes loaded with 24 length settings between 0.4mm and 5mm, very gradually increasing in incredibly tight 0.2mm increments.

I love that it doesn’t even have length settings above 5mm.

That’s the beauty of this specialist stubble trimmer – it’s designed for one man with one purpose. A man who wants unequivocal control over his stubble and nothing else.

There’s also a memory function that maintains the length setting at your favorite, even when you turn the trimmer off.

The length setting is also adjusted completely electronically, so you don’t have to bother with physically changing size guards back and forth. This is a crucial feature for modern-day trimmers to have. 

Powerful motor

It’s a powerful machine. The reason this is important when it comes to any trimmer is that it takes less of your effort to produce the same result. The trimmer does the work, and you just guide it.

I love how this trimmer just makes it seem so effortless as it crosses the skin. A wonderful additional feature is that it comes with adjustable speed levels – something rarely seen in this affordable price range. 

Exceptional battery life

It’s premium lithium-ion battery allows for very competent cordless use. A fully charged battery will very comfortably allow for 70 minutes of use.

A flat battery only requires 80 minutes of charging time to return to full capacity. There’s also a quick-charge option, where you can charge it for 5 minutes for a single trim.

I’m a huge fan of cordless trimmers because they’re less restrictive, more convenient, and more travel-friendly. Many reviews do praise the ConairMAN Super Stubble for actually providing a battery that can be relied upon for an extended period without charging. 


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Premium quality blades

When trimming stubble, two factors need to be considered.

One is that you’re cutting very close to the skin, which has the potential to cause irritation just like shaving does. Another is that uneven, irregular cuts lead to sharp and prickly stubble. Your romantic partner will likely inform you of this before you even realize it.

The ConairMAN Super Stubble boasts electro-chemically formed, razor-sharp etched blade technology that can cut remarkably close to the skin with minimal irritation.

The blades make meticulous cuts very evenly, leading to neat and smooth stubble

It’s ergonomically designed for comfort

It’s very easy to hold. The palm really doesn’t ache at all after a long period of use – something I’ve found with several other beard trimmers. It looks very sleek and manages to balance comfort with aesthetics very effectively. 

Because it’s lightweight and so easy to grip, maneuvering it in those difficult-to-reach spots is made a lot simpler than it otherwise would be. 

It’s waterproof

I generally don’t recommend that anyone trims their stubble or their beard in the shower. But if you wanted to, you could with this trimmer.

It’s versatility and the potential for a wet trim is a great bonus. More importantly, rinsing it under the sink after each use is no problem at all. 

What I don’t like about it

No trimmer is perfect, although this one certainly comes close

Although I personally haven’t experienced it, there are other reviews that have mentioned that the battery capacity may very slowly get worse after a long period of use. 

One thing I did notice was that the protective comb material isn’t as strong as it may look superficially. But unless applying quite extreme pressure (for whatever reason), this shouldn’t ever be an issue. It still provides exceptional length consistency, so I’m definitely willing to overlook this. 

How does it compare with the ConairMAN I-Stubble?

The ConairMAN I-Stubble is the Super Stubble’s predecessor. It’s cheaper, but still a very good stubble trimmer.

When it first came out, it was definitely considered a game-changer. The Super Stubble has simply taken its technology and built upon it very effectively. 

It’s important to know what the key differences are if making a purchase decision between the two. 

The I-Stubble works within the same range of length settings (0.4mm – 5mm). However, it only comes with 15 length settings, as opposed to the Super Stubble’s 24 settings. In other words, it’s control is less precise. 

The I-Stubble is also only suitable for dry use, which just means you’ll have to be a little more cautious so as not to get it wet. Shower trims are also out of the question, and cleaning it is less simple. 

Battery capacity is also a crucial difference. The I-stubble requires a 4-hour charge for a 45-minute runtime. Compare this with the Super Stubble requiring only an 80-minute charge for a 70-minute runtime. 

One benefit the I-Stubble does have over the Super Stubble is that it allows for both corded and cordless use

If price is a serious factor in your decision, the I-Stubble is a very affordable alternative stubble trimmer you should consider. The technology, although inferior to the Super Stubble, still provides an excellent trim.


Overall, the ConairMAN Super Stubble is undeniably the best stubble trimmer on the market at the moment. Its design and blade technology is truly one-of-a-kind and has definitely changed the game when it comes to stubble trimming. 

It’s simple, sleek, and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It often frustrates me to see so many “all-in-one” trimmers that claim to do everything but actually don’t do any one thing particularly well. 

The Super Stubble doesn’t fall into that trap.

If stubble is your facial hair style of choice, go for the ConairMAN Super Stubble.