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The Best Quiet Beard Trimmers [2021] – Peaceful Trim

July 31, 2023
The Best Quiet Beard Trimmers [2021] – Peaceful Trim

A quiet beard trimmer is something that many men have never experienced. In fact, it’s something that many men probably don’t even believe exists. 

I used to be one of those men but decided to do some serious research one day out of sheer frustration. Yes, quiet beard trimmers do exist. 

If you’re in a rush, the Brio Beardscape is our tip pick here. Click the image to check it out on Amazon.

The loud hum of a beard trimmer is a particularly harsh way to wake up in the morning, both for yourself and for the ones you live with. 

I’m going to briefly talk through exactly what makes a beard trimmer quiet. Then, I’ll list the best beard trimmers that meet these criteria and provide a peaceful trim. 



1. Brio Beardscape
(Amazon Link)

– Premium ceramic
– Stylish
– Powerful

2. Philips Norelco
Multigroom Series
7000, MG7750/49

(Amazon Link)

– High-quality blades
– “All-in-one”
– Washproof

3. Panasonic
(Amazon Link)

– Very comfortable
– Easily washable
– Good value

4. Wahl Stainless
Steel 9818

(Amazon Link)

– Attractive
– Self-sharpening
– Great battery

What makes a beard trimmer quiet?

The Motor

A beard trimmer, much like any machine, consists of moving parts colliding with one another. When moving parts are slow and not well lubricated, they get noisy. 

The power of the motor is crucial to how efficiently these parts can move, which in turn determines how noisy is the entire device is (including the blades). 

To cut a long story short, a beard trimmer needs a powerful motor to be quiet, surprisingly enough.

This is particularly important when trimming through coarse, thick beard hair, which can quite easily overwhelm a weak motor. 

How clean and well-oiled it is

This is partially to do with the trimmer, and partially to do with the user. Hair clogging up underneath and around the attachments can definitely increase noise levels.

It makes the trimmer sound rattly and clunky, so a clean trimmer is a quiet trimmer

Yes, a good trimmer needs to be easy to clean. However, it is mostly up to the user to ensure that they actually clean it.

Oiling the blades is also key to keeping them well lubricated, thereby reducing the amount of friction and also the noise. 

These may not be the most exciting practices in beard grooming, but they’re crucial to ensuring your trimmer is well looked after and lasts long.

The quality of the blades

A good beard trimmer needs good blades. This isn’t just because the quality of the blades is important for the evenness and neatness of the trim. High-quality blades also produce less friction and therefore produce less sound

You will need a trimmer with blades made of titanium, stainless steel, or ceramic. These are the most durable materials and also produce the least friction as the blades rub against each other. 

The charge

Again, this isn’t purely to do with the trimmer. But bear in mind, if a beard trimmer is getting progressively noisier during a trim, it’s quite likely that it’s running out of battery. 

To try and reduce the number of times you hear this noise, try and ensure the trimmer you get has good battery life. The longer it lasts, the fewer times you’ll have to charge it, and the fewer times you’ll wake up the neighbors with a deafening trimmer hum. 

The Best Quiet Beard Trimmers of 2020

1. Brio Beardscape

Best Features

This beard trimmer has topped many “best beard trimmer” lists this year for numerous reasons. It’s exceptionally well-reviewed and has made Brio a serious player in the market. 

Here’s the Amazon Link.

One of the main reasons it’s so quiet is the fact that its blades are made from premium ceramic.

This produces very little friction, heat, and noise, while still being four times harder than steel. It does combine durability and function beautifully. 

The motor is powerful and can tackle even the coarsest areas of beards. This is thanks to its 5 speed settings ranging from 5000 rpm to 7000 rpm which can be adjusted with the click of a button. 

Brio has produced a fantastic user experience by including a very easy-to-read LCD screen.  The screen displays remaining battery life, RPMs, and whether the trimmer needs to be cleaned. 

The screen is sleek – it’s an important part of what makes this trimmer so pleasing to look at. It’s also very user-friendly and intuitive to use.

The Beardscape is a great trimmer for beards ranging from short to long, with length guards ranging from 1mm to 18mm.

Using a lever button, the blade height can also be adjusted from 1 to 1.9mm in 0.3mm increments. 

It’s also cordless, and battery life is impressive. It clocks in at four hours on a full charge, with the ability to use it cordless if you’re running out of juice at any point. 

What you may not like

The Beardscape isn’t waterproof. Although this does make it slightly more difficult to clean, it does come with very clear instructions on how to do it. It will need regular brushing and fairly routine blade oiling.

However, these are things you would (hopefully) be doing with a waterproof beard trimmer in any case. Also, as mentioned above, the LCD screen does very helpfully let you know when the trimmer needs a clean. 


Overall, the fact that this trimmer is so quiet makes sense. It’s just the way it’s been designed and built. It’s refreshing to find a trimmer that prioritizes noise reduction – I’m sure it’ll become something more common in the market as time goes on. 

2. Philips Norelco Multigroom MG7750/49

Best Features

The Multigroom (Amazon Link) comes in a close second. The main thing which may make you rate this trimmer higher than the Beardscape is that it really is an “all-in-one” trimmer

Due to its range of attachments, it can competently trim not only the beard but also the head, nose, ears, and body. 

What makes it quiet? Again, mainly the quality of the blades and the power of the motor.

You’re probably noticing a pattern here. The blades and the motor are crucial to the level of noise and function.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and utilize “DualCut Technology”.

This refers to the fact that there are twice as many blades, and they sharpen themselves as well. Sharp blades are also crucial to producing less friction during a trim

Another feature that may put this trimmer ahead is the fact that it is waterproof. Because of this, it’s easier to clean.

Bear in mind though, that I’d still recommend brushing and oiling it regularly to ensure it lasts long. It’ll also make it quieter than it otherwise would be. 

What you may not like

This may not be an issue whatsoever for you, but do note that it comes with 14 length guards ranging from 1mm to 16mm.

This would most likely be enough for the majority of men, but men with longer beards may need something a little more. 

Also, bear in mind that this trimmer comes with many extra parts. This includes attachments and length guards.


At the end of the day, the Beardscape is objectively a little bit quieter than the Multigroom.

Having said that, it has managed to become the go-to all-in-one trimmer on the market. If this versatility is something you prioritize, go for this trimmer instead. 

3. Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S

This beard trimmer is the cheapest on this list. The top two on this list are more durable and have a more powerful motor. 

However, as far as quiet beard trimmers go, the ER-GB40-S (Amazon Link) provides good value for money. 

My favorite thing about this beard trimmer is definitely the feel. Its ergonomic, rubberized grip feels very comfortable against the palm.

The trimmer also stands out due to its ease of cleaning. Not only is it washable, but it also contains an easy-open washer drain to allow water to flow freely through it. This neat piece of engineering reduces the amount of hair clogging and minimizes any rattling noises. 

The blades are sharp, stainless steel, and precision-honed at a 45-degree angle. I’m not sure whether the angle reduces noise in any way.

The quick-adjust trimmer dial allows for 19 length settings between 1mm and 10mm. Again, this is something to be aware of.

This trimmer is great, but would only be able to manage stubble or short beards. If you have a medium or long beard you’d like to maintain, I’d go for either the Beardscape or the Multigroom Norelco 7000. 

What you may not like

Well, if you’ve got a medium to long beard, you probably won’t like the length settings. If you have a short beard or stubble, this is irrelevant. 

The battery life is pretty modest. It amounts to 50 minutes of runtime on a full charge, which is fine but nothing to write home about. 


It’s comfortable, quiet, and easy to clean. Panasonic has created a beard trimmer that’s proven to be very popular mainly due to the value for money it provides. 

4. Wahl Stainless Steel 9818

This is another all-in-one trimmer that although doesn’t quite match up to the Norelco in terms of function, does meet a lot of noise reduction criteria. 

Here’s the Amazon Link.

The blades are steel and self-sharpening. They feel durable and high-quality, but do need regular oiling to keep lubricated (and quiet). 

Its battery life competes well with the top two on this list, clocking in at four hours of runtime on a full charge.

It also has a neat quick-charge option, providing a 3 minute trim after just 1 minute of charging. This is perfect for a desperate morning trim. 

The Wahl 9818 is also fairly comfortable to hold. Although the frame is made from a sturdy, durable stainless steel with no rubbery parts to make it easier, it doesn’t feel awkward to hold. 

Its all-in-one status is thanks to its four attachments; a rotary personal trimmer, T-blade, detail trimmer, and a detail shaver.

What you may not like

The length guards can be awkward to place over the blades, but it gets easier as you get used to it. 

It also isn’t waterproof, much like the Beardscape. Again, this just means some extra care is necessary, with regular brushing and oiling. 

Final Words

The sound of a trimmer may be one of the first things a man hears every day. 

To try and ensure you start your mornings with a peaceful hum as opposed to a loud rattle, get yourself a trimmer that takes noise seriously.