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5 Best Trimmers For Short Beards That Want Perfection (2019)

July 31, 2023
5 Best Trimmers For Short Beards That Want Perfection (2019)

When reviewing the best trimmers for short beards there are certain qualities that need to be taken into account. A man with a short beard is a man looking to make a statement. The trimmer they use needs to account for this. 

If you’re in a rush, the Brio Beardscape takes the number one spot this year. It’s phenomenal. Keep reading if you’ve got the time to find out exactly why.

Short beards need to maintain a degree of neatness or they risk looking accidental as opposed to intentional.

There’s nothing worse than a beard that’s been left wandering, looking more and more unkempt as the days pass by. 

What I’ve done is listed the qualities you should look for in a beard trimmer for short beards, and then reviewed the ones that meet these criteria.

Factors to consider when buying a trimmer for short beards

1. Do you need it to be cordless?

Although the immediate response is usually yes, there are advantages to both corded and cordless beard trimmers. 

The cordless beard trimmer has the advantage of being easier to maneuver across your short beard without being restricted by a cord.

This is particularly important if there are no convenient sockets near your trimming location of choice. 

An advantage of corded beard trimmers is that they usually provide that extra little bit of power.

If you do go for a corded trimmer, be sure to note how long the cord is and ensure that it enables you to trim freely in front of your mirror of choice. 

With a short beard, you won’t be trimming for a period that would be impractical for a cordless trimmer. But it’s important to know how long you’ll be able to trim with a fully charged trimmer.

2. What lengths are you working with? 

There’s no use in buying a trimmer with size guards ranging up to 20mm when you want to maintain a 1-inch beard (25mm). 

Make sure that the beard trimmer you buy comes with size guards compatible with your facial hair length of choice. 

3. The quality of the blades

This is incredibly important.

Poor quality blades lead to uneven cuts of hair shafts, which leads to an untidy cut.

Titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic blades usually provide the cleanest and most even cut. They’re also the most durable and long-lasting. 

3. Is this going to an “all-in-one” trimmer?

In other words, will you want to use this trimmer for your other regions as well? For example, will you also use it to trim your chest hair, back hair, and so on? 

If so, you’ll want to make sure the trimmer comes with the necessary length settings and attachments. 

In general, I wouldn’t recommend using a beard trimmer for anything other than your beard if you can avoid it.

The more you use something, the quicker it wears out. Using the same trimmer for absolutely everything is the quickest way to tire out your trimmer.

The 5 best trimmers for short beards (2019)

1. The Brio Beardscape

Best Features 

The premium ceramic blades are what I’d call it’s “hallmark feature” just because of how unique they are. They cut through the hair shafts easily, and are durable as well. 

Ceramic is harder than stainless steel, and this is important because the longevity of your beard trimmer should be taken into account. 

The LCD display is convenient and easy to read which I actually feel is rare within this price range. It shows you the speed in RPM and the remaining charge.

A fantastic bonus is that it also indicates when the clipping head needs cleaning or oiling – something often forgotten.

Its length settings are fine for a short to medium beard, with 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm size guards.

The blade height is also adjustable between 1mm and 1.9mm if you desire a more intricate stubbled appearance. What it allows for overall is perfect for the short beard. 

What You May Not Like

Although the trimmer does come with a wide range of length guards, it would have been great to have them in smaller increments to allow for more precise control.

It isn’t waterproof. This isn’t a huge deal for me because I never trim wet. Trimming wet generally leads to a less effective and less efficient trim. But if you are prone to trimming in the shower, this trimmer definitely wouldn’t be for you. 


There are other beard trimmers that are just as capable, but none within this affordable price bracket. 

2. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000, MG7750/49

Best features

It’s difficult to start any Philips Norelco Multigroom review without mentioning its DualCut Technology right off the bat.

This trimmer cuts with precision because it has twice the number of blades.

In other words, the blades rub gently against each other during the trim keeping them nice and sharp for a longer period. 

“Multigroom” isn’t a false claim. It really does allow a man to trim various parts of his body. Beard, head, nose, ears, chest, and so on.

Although I did say I prefer to keep my trimmers separate, this isn’t everyone’s preference. Some do prefer an “all-in-one” trimmer, and if so this one should be your top consideration. 

It also comes with a foil shaving attachment.

A defining feature of this trimmer is how durable it feels. The frame is built from premium stainless steel and feels like it should be a lot more expensive than it is. 

The runtime clocks in at 5 hours when fully charged, thanks to a powerful Lithium-ion battery.

Although a short beard doesn’t take a huge amount of time to trim, it’s still nice to know you won’t have to charge it as often. 

What you may not like

The “all-in-one” nature of this trimmer may appeal to a lot of people for obvious reasons. But some may want a specific trimmer designed with beards in mind only.

Some people most likely wouldn’t want to keep and store so many different length guards and attachments.

The design is also a little frustrating for one specific reason. There is a small gap beneath the blade where hair can build up. This will require regular cleaning to prevent it from clogging. 


Overall, this trimmer should be more expensive than it is. Its versatility is great.

If you’re looking for a specific beard trimmer and don’t require it for anything else, go for The Brio Beardscape. If you want an “all-in-one” trimmer for different body regions, go for the Philips Norelco Multigroom. 

3. Remington MB4700

Best features

When I first heard the term “smart trimmer”, I immediately thought gimmick. But I was wrong. The ultra-modern “smart” features this trimmer comes equipped with are a revelation. Let’s talk through them. 

The first one is so simple yet so satisfying. I’ve always hated a beard trimmer running out of battery mid-trim with no warning whatsoever.

The Remington MB4700 has a digital battery indicator that displays how much battery you’ve got left. 

This trimmer also has in-built memory to store previous length settings. It saves time in the long run as you just pick up your trimmer and it’s already set to your length of choice. 

It also has a staggering 175 length settings between 0.4 and 18mm. Considering you’re reading an article on the best trimmers for short beards, you’re likely well within this range.

The fact that it can manage stubble beards as well (<5mm) is a fantastic bonus. 

I saved my favorite feature until last. The “wake up” feature refers to how you can pick up the trimmer and have it automatically turn on, and set to your favorite setting.

What you may not like

The runtime when fully charged is listed as 50 minutes. Although it runs for less time than the two ranked above, as a short-bearded man this shouldn’t really be an issue. But it’s something to make note of nonetheless. 


If you’re looking for a beard trimmer with frills, this one’s for you. It’s ultra-modern, sleek, and let’s face it – fun.

At the end of the day, it provides an excellent trim, and that’s what’s most important. All of the added features are just phenomenal bonuses. 

4. Wahl Stainless Steel 9818

Best features

So when it comes to “all-in-one” trimmers, this one comes in a close second. But overall, it’s the fourth-best trimmer for short beards. Here’s why. 

The brand has long been opted for by professional barbers due to its durability and flawless mechanics. But the Wahl 9818 is appealing to non-professionals because of just how easy it is to use. 

The trimmer’s versatility is mainly derived from its four attachments: a detail shaver, rotary personal trimmer, T-blade, and a detail trimmer.

It’s hard to think of a single area of your body you can’t trim with it. But talking specifically about beards, it’s great for debulking the bulkier parts, as well as sharpening up the edges – yes, even your mustache and goatee.

The nose and ear hairs are also easy to tackle. 

Battery life is also definitely something to write home about. Also utilizing the premium power of Lithium-ion + technology, it provides up to 4 hours of runtime fully charged.

A neat little feature is the “quick charge” option, which provides 3 minutes of runtime after just 60 seconds of charging. Perfect for mornings where you’ve forgotten to charge it beforehand and need an emergency trim. 

What you may not like

The length guards need to be positioned carefully over the blades to ensure they sit square over it – tricky at first, but people generally get used to it.


An effective “all-in-one” groomer that competes well with the Brio Beardscape.

5. Panasonic GB40-S

As always, I’ll start by talking about my favorite feature. With the Panasonic GB40-S, it’s the feel. The ergonomic, rubberized grip is easy on the palm.

When it comes to trimming short beards, dexterity and maneuverability are important. Your hands will not ache. 

Now, the next feature I’m going to mention I have mixed feelings about. The quick-adjust beard trimmer dial is very easy to use, completely removing the need for detachable length guards.

There are only 19 settings, ranging from 1 to 10mm. This makes it unsuitable for men who wish to maintain a short beard longer than 10mm. But in a way, having a few settings within a narrow range of lengths keeps it nice and simple. 

Finally, the Panasonic GB40-S prides itself on being a very competent mustache groomer. This is thanks to its ability to handle fine edging work that other beard trimmers can’t quite handle. 

What you may not like

The battery life is quite average, clocking in at 50 minutes of runtime on a full charge. Having said this, it’s generally going to be acceptable for a short beard trimmer. 

Some people feel that it can occasionally tug at the beard. But ensuring it’s looked after, cleaned, and oiled properly should reduce the likelihood of this happening over time. 


A highly competent beard trimmer, ideal for men who want a good mustache groomer to go with it. The comfortable feel of this beard trimmer is its hallmark.