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Best Waterproof Beard Trimmers [2021] – Perfect Wet Trim

July 31, 2023
Best Waterproof Beard Trimmers [2021] – Perfect Wet Trim

There are so many beard trimmers on the market right now it can be difficult to know which ones you can rinse off.

What I’ve done is ranked the best waterproof ones out there right now taking several important factors into consideration. 

If you’re in a rush, the Philips Norelco MG7750/49 (Amazon Link) is our best waterproof beard trimmer of 2020.

The Best Waterproof Beard Trimmers [2020]

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000, MG7750/49

Best features

Here’s the Amazon Link.

Although it isn’t suitable for use in the shower, the trimmer is waterproof. This enables you can clean it under cold water.

DualCut technology blades are a dream, with twice the number of blades and self-sharpening technology.

What I love about this trimmer is its versatility.

The precision trimmer attachment is great for the final touches. There’s nothing more attractive than sharpening up the edges.

It’s also durable, with the frame being built from stainless steel that doesn’t feel uncomfortable against the palm. This is the case even with the longer trimming sessions. 

The battery life is also noteworthy, clocking in at 5 hours runtime when fully charged. Its Lithium-ion battery does its duty here.

What you may not like

Hardly a deal-breaker, but it’s important that you know what length guards it comes with. The Multigroom comes with 14 length guards ranging from 1mm to 16mm.

2. Remington MB4700

Here’s the Amazon Link.

First off, it’s important to note that unlike a few of the others in this list, this is a beard trimmer. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else. But what sets this trimmer apart is the modern convenience it brings to the table. 

Because it replaces the need for a bunch of length guards with a fully motorized comb, it immediately reduces storage requirements.

The comb moves in 0.1mm increments, which means that you’re capable of achieving 175 length settings between 0.4mm and 18mm.

You can make very intricate changes to a beard with such a vast number of length options. 

The in-built memory can store previous length settings, which means you don’t have to set it every time you want to uses it. Again, it saves time and adds convenience.

When this is paired with the “wake up” feature, the sky is the limit. What this refers to is the ability to just pick up the trimmer and have it automatically turn on to your favorite length setting.

Some users feel as though this trimmer prioritizes features over actual trimming capability. But most people do feel as though it provides a very clean, neat, and even cut. 

The runtime on a full charge isn’t as impressive as a couple of others on this list, but it’s still perfectly adequate.

3. Braun All-in-One Trimmer MGK5280

Best Features

Another multi-purpose trimmer.

Here’s the Amazon Link.

So you may be sick of hearing about the beauty of multi-purpose trimmers by now. What sets the MGK5080 apart from the rest of the pack? 

Its battery life is impressive, but not as impressive as the top two choices. It clocks in at 100 minutes of a full charge, with a quick charge option available in 5 minutes. 

What I also like about this trimmer is that it is capable of trimming 13 different lengths between 0.5mm and 21mm with only 4 combs.

This is thanks to two of them being adjustable, significantly cutting down on the number of combs you’ll need to store. 

Although the thought of having many different combs might seem productive, ultimately, they can be a struggle to store.

I’ll finish with a nice little touch. The travel lock ensures that the trimmer doesn’t turn on in your bag without your consent.

Traveling with this trimmer is made so much simpler as a result, with a lightweight design and a soft travel bag making it even more practical in this respect.