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2 Day Stubble: Length, Styles, Maintenance

August 1, 2023
2 Day Stubble: Length, Styles, Maintenance

When it comes to stubble, a couple of days can make a very significant difference. That’s the beauty of maintaining such a short length of facial hair. But what exactly is 2-day stubble? 

1-2mm is the average length of stubble the average man can expect to have grown just 2 days following a clean shave. 

This will, of course, vary from one man to another. Some men grow stubble at faster rates, while others are slower. But 1-2mm is a pretty safe bet. 

This length of stubble is a great one to try and maintain. It definitely has its benefits. 

I’m about to show you what it looks like, what its benefits are, and exactly how you can grow and maintain it. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Does 2 Day Stubble Look Like? 

example of a light stubble

It’s “short stubble”, also known as “light stubble”. 

1-2mm in length falls within “short stubble” range, with 3mm being “medium stubble” and 4-5mm being “heavy stubble”. 

It often looks sophisticated while not being in-your-face or very obvious. 

Having said that, it’s more noticeable and looks more intentional than a 5 o’clock shadow (usually around 0.5mm in length). 

But the key to making it look impressive each and every time is sticking to basic stubble grooming habits and principles. 

I’ll be discussing these a bit later on when I teach you how to maintain this length. 

But first, let’s discuss a few benefits you need to be aware of. 

The Benefits Of 2 Day Stubble

Having a basic understanding of the benefits should help you decide whether or not it’s a length you might want to adopt for yourself. 

1. It Defines The Jawline And Cheekbones

Short stubble such as this is great for adding definition to the facial structure. 

It produces an impressive shadowing effect, gently darkening the lower half of the face. 

This is subtle but definitely noticeable. After 2 days of growth, you’ll most likely notice this darkening effect making the face look just a little more chiseled. 

So simple, yet so effective. 

As stubble grows a little longer, this effect is sort of lost. For example, heavy stubble does still add some contouring and definition to the face. 

But longer stubble lengths will start to obscure the definition of the facial structure as opposed to sharpening it. 

So, if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to add definition, try growing some short, 2-day stubble. 

2. It’s Very Versatile

The versatility of stubble is widely-recognized. 

But it’s most significant when it comes to short stubble such as this. 

The reason for this is that there aren’t many instances or situations where it would be considered unprofessional or inappropriate. 

It’s pretty harmless, for the most part. I mean, who would honestly have a problem with it? 

Sure, it can look pretty scruffy and untidy if it isn’t groomed properly. But if you stick to the tips I teach you later on, this won’t ever be a problem for you. 

In contrast to heavy stubble and full beards, for instance, you’ll be able to wear 2 days worth of stubble without ever having to worry about whether it’s “appropriate” or “tidy enough”. 

3. It’s Great For Shave Haters

It’s no secret that there are plenty of men who just hate shaving. 

They just despise the feel of a blade gliding across their bare skin. The soreness, the irritation, the nicks, the cuts. 

But at the same time, they don’t want the hassle and the increased trimming requirements of heavier stubble or full beards. 

They like the look of a clean-shaven face but don’t like what’s necessary to achieve it – regular shaving. 

Growing short stubble such as this is an excellent alternative. 

short stubble

You’ll trim it down, which is very different to shaving. The hair isn’t cut as close to the skin and so there will usually be less soreness and irritation. 

It doesn’t mean that skincare won’t be important when you’re trimming down to short stubble – this definitely isn’t true. 

But it’ll be kinder to your skin than shaving will. 

You’ll have the benefits of a nearly clean-shaven face, while also reaping the benefits of short stubble (versatility, masculinity, definition). 

How To Maintain 2 Day Stubble

Here’s a step-by-step routine you can follow to grow and keep 2-day stubble in the most effective way possible. 

Having a routine will ensure you remain consistent and don’t cut corners. This is crucial to ensuring the stubble looks intentional at all times. 

1. Grow It Out 

To trim it down to a 2-day stubble length (1-2mm), you’ll first need to grow it out just a little longer than this. 

This is especially true the first time you do it. 

I usually recommend growing it out to around 2mm longer than the length you eventually want to trim down to. 

If you’re looking to trim down to 1mm, grow it out to 3mm first. If you’re looking to trim down to 2mm, grow it out to 4mm first. 

Growing it out to 3-4mm will usually take around 5 to 7 days to grow. 

Once you’re happy you’ve got enough length to trim down from, you’re good to go. 

2. Trim Down To 1-2mm

If possible, do use a stubble trimmer to do this. Stubble trimmers are able to trim down to much shorter lengths. Plus, you’re able to vary the length in very small increments. 

A regular beard trimmer probably wouldn’t be able to vary the length by 0.5mm in different areas of the stubble beard, for instance. 

A stubble trimmer could. 

Ultimately, however, all you really need is a trimmer that’s capable of trimming down as short as you need it to. 

For our purposes, this will be 1 or 2mm. 

Set your trimmer to your desired length setting and get to work. 

Trim the entire stubble beard, keeping the skin a little taut as you do so to catch all the trickier hairs. 

As I mentioned earlier, varying the length a little according to the thickness of the stubble is usually a good habit to get into. 

Trim the thicker areas very slightly shorter than the thinner areas to keep the overall stubble looking very evenly-distributed overall. 

The chin and mustache are usually a little thicker than the cheeks, so consider trimming these areas just 0.5mm shorter (if possible using your trimmer) and review the results. 

3. Define The Neckline

The stubble neckline is crucial when it comes to neatening up stubble. 

The aim is to get rid of unsightly neck stubble and to also keep the neckline at the correct height. 

The neckline should be considered the lower border of your stubble beard. It’s the line/border where your neck hair meets your neck skin. 

It shouldn’t be too high, as this produces an odd double-chin appearance. 

It should go from ear-to-ear, roughly following the angle of the jawline. Having the midpoint of this “curve” as two-finger widths above the Adam’s Apple should do the trick. 

Use the naked blade of your trimmer to trim the outline of this curve. 

4. Neaten Up The Cheek Lines

The cheek lines should be considered the upper borders of your stubble beard. In other words, it’s where your cheek hair meets your cheek skin on either side. 

Some men have straight ones, while others have curved ones. 

The best way of neatening up your cheek lines is to simply add definition to your existing ones. 

Trying to carve out completely new cheek lines which may be a completely different shape to your existing ones will most likely look unnatural. 

So, using your trimmer, just trim off any stray hairs that lie above your natural cheek line. 

No need for anything fancy here. 

5. Shave Outside The Borders

Yes, I know I mentioned 2-day stubble being great for shave haters. It’s important to note that this step isn’t entirely necessary. 

However, it will always lead to the best results. 

What it refers to is simply shaving above the cheek lines and below the neckline you just trimmed. 

Using a trimmer is fine, but it’ll always leave behind very short stubble. It’s impossible to get a clean-shave using the blade of a trimmer, even if you haven’t got a length guard attached. 

So, lather on some shaving gel or oil and use a manual razor to clean these areas up. Your neckline will look sharper and your neck will look cleaner.

Your cheek lines will also look neater and better-defined. 

6. Moisturize

As with most of my stubble grooming tutorials, the final step is to moisturize. 

This is especially important for the areas you’ve shaved over, as these are the most likely to feel or look sore. 

But just lather on some moisturizing cream over your face and neck. Your skin will definitely thank you for it. 


As you’ve gathered by now, it isn’t quite as simple as just growing your stubble out for 2 days and hoping for the best. 

If it isn’t maintained and groomed properly, it’ll look scruffy and untidy. 

Now you know exactly why it’s worth maintaining. The benefits more than make up for it. 

Use the tips in the tutorial to help you achieve the best outcome each time you choose to do it.