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Can Bald Guys Wear Headbands? Tips, Best Headband

August 1, 2023
Can Bald Guys Wear Headbands? Tips, Best Headband

The bald and lean / built look is a very attractive combination. But practically speaking, baldness in itself can cause some issues for men looking to keep fit. Here’s a common question; can bald guys wear headbands

Yes, bald guys can wear headbands. Modern headbands often look good wrapped around a bald head. A lack of hair on the scalp can cause problems when exercising, including sweat dripping and a lack of sun protection. A headband is a good option for men looking to stay dry and protected during their workout. 

Although headbands are a very reasonable option for bald guys, they aren’t the only options. Running hats and caps are also commonly worn and do carry additional benefits. 

Personal preference does play a role, and comparing the two options will be one of the aspects covered in this article. I’ll also be recommending a headband that’s been getting rave reviews from bald men in online forums. 

But first, let’s talk through the main reasons why a headband could be a great idea for a bald man. 

4 Reasons Why A Bald Guy Should Wear A Headband

Although these aren’t the only benefits, they’re the most important ones to recognize and use to influence your decision. 

1. To Absorb Sweat

This is the most obvious one. Having little to no hair on your scalp does pose problems for bald guys looking to keep fit. 

One of the benefits of hair that may have previously been taken for granted is its ability to absorb sweat. 

Running out in the sunshine is great for the body and mind, but the sweat you’ll probably break can’t be ignored. Without hair to mop it up, it’ll run down your forehead and toward your eyes. 

Although this isn’t exactly dangerous, it can be annoying and uncomfortable when trying to focus or enjoy yourself. 

The simplest solution would, of course, be to wear some appropriate headwear. A headband would be a very reasonable solution. 

There is a wide range of them available, with varying levels of sweat absorption and varying costs as well. The most effective ones don’t just absorb the sweat – they actually channel the sweat backward away from your brow. 

Great ones are also able to neutralize odor-causing bugs as well. 

2. They’re Lightweight And Breathable

Another benefit of headbands for bald guys is that they’re comfortable to wear during a workout or in the sun. 

Even lightweight running hats and caps can sometimes feel overbearing and obvious. In contrast, it’s quite common to actually forget you’re wearing a headband if it’s made from lightweight polyester. 

A breathable headband made from soft fabric will always be comfortable when pressed against a bald scalp. 

3. To Protect Some Of The Scalp

Another key benefit of having hair that may have been taken for granted is the protection it used to provide. 

Having a layer of hair on your scalp does protect it from the damaging effects of the sun. Unfortunately, bald men no longer have this benefit. 

Although a traditional headband wouldn’t protect all of the scalp, it would provide much more protection than wearing nothing. 

This is particularly important for outdoor activities where sun exposure is a problem. You may not feel the burn during the activity or exercise itself, but the irritation of the bald scalp does often follow. 

This in itself could put bald men off from exercising outdoors, which is a real shame. 

A headband is a good solution, but bear in mind it won’t cover the whole scalp as a running hat would. 

4. As A Fashion Statement

As I mentioned earlier, bald guys can look good in headbands. In general, the more of the scalp it covers, the better it looks. 

The narrower ones do give off that 1980s vibe you’ll probably want to avoid. 

This has nothing to do with trying to hide baldness – I’d never recommend that. 

It’s just that a headband generally looks better when it covers more of the scalp and the size of the bald dome sticking out of it is less prominent. 

It can be a fantastic accessory for a bald man to wear in the gym or when exercising outdoors. A great way to stand out while keeping dry and protected at the same time. 

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Choosing The Right Headband Fabric For A Bald Guy

If you’re a bald guy looking for a headband for everyday wear, a soft cotton one would work well. If you were looking for one to wear during warm-weather workouts, go for spandex or polyester.

Selecting the right headband fabric is important for comfort, sweat absorption, and overall performance. Different materials will have varying properties, all of which can affect how well they work for bald guys.

Cotton headbands are soft and comfortable, but aren’t great for activities that involve a lot of sweating. They’ll become heavy, damp, and a general nuisance.

On the other hand, spandex headbands are stretchy and form-fitting. They’re more likely to stay in place during physical activity. Polyester headbands are lightweight and breathable; ideal for hot weather workouts.

Both spandex and polyester are also moisture-wicking – a crucial property when you’re a bald guy looking to stop sweat from dribbling down.

The Best Headband For A Bald Guy

Although there are loads of potential headbands you could buy, some of which will be a bit cheaper, the Halo Sweatband Pullover series does seem to be getting rave reviews. 

There are thousands of positive reviews you could check out on Amazon here

It does tick all the boxes for bald guys. It’s got patented sweat seal channels that channel the sweat back away from the eyes and face. 

The sweat absorption is quick and effective due to its dry line fabric. 

It’s lightweight, breathable, and 100% polyester.

But it also has Non-Slip Grip Technology to prevent it from slipping down your forehead. This is something I didn’t really mention beforehand but is nonetheless crucial for bald guys. 

Without any hair to keep the headband in place, a good grip that prevents it from slipping down the face is essential. 

Potential downsides of the headband include the cost; these benefits aren’t exactly cheap, but they won’t break the bank either. 

As with any headband, watch out for tan lines across the forehead. Sunscreen is still crucial. 

Headband Alternatives For Bald Guys

Headbands aren’t the only option for bald guys looking for stylish and functional headwear. Consider these alternatives:

  1. Hats: Baseball caps, fedoras, and beanies can all work well. They provide sun protection, warmth, and style.
  2. Bandanas: A versatile accessory that can be worn in many different ways. They can be tied around the head to keep sweat from dripping or worn as a neck scarf for warmth and style.
  3. Buffs: A type of tubular headwear that can be worn as a headband or headscarf.
  4. Visors: They keep the sun out of the eyes – great for summer jogging.
  5. Running hats: The ideal option if you were looking for full scalp coverage. They fit snugly on the head and often feature a curved brim.

Why Running Hats May Be Better Than Headbands For Bald Guys

Once again, personal preference will play a huge role here. However, there are additional benefits a running hat or cap will provide that you should know about. 

Unlike headbands, an obvious one is that running hats cover the whole scalp

This offers added protection against the sun; less burn, and less irritation. 

Good running hats also often have a sweatband inside to provide the absorptive benefits of a headband. 

The brim also reduces glare and allows for a comfortable sun-exposed run or cycle. 

A downside is that they’re less breathable and usually less comfortable than headbands. The brim can also flop forward and obscure vision if it isn’t sized properly. 

If you’re interested, Headsweats is a popular brand you can check out on Amazon here

Extra Tips For Bald Guys When Working Out


Here are some practical tips for bald men looking to keep fit. These small actions can lead to more comfortable and safer workouts. 

1. Never Forget Sunscreen

When working out in the sun, proper protection is crucial. Even with a headband or running hat on, applying sunscreen with proper SPF protection on the face and bald head is still important

Sun damage on a bald scalp due to repeated, unprotected exposure can lead to long-lasting, harmful effects. 

Don’t take the risk – stay protected. 

2. Try Some Vaseline Above The Brow

People have varying results with this one, but it’s still worth trying out because it’s so simple to do. 

Applying a film of Vaseline above the brow has been reported to keep sweat from dripping into the eyes. 

Although it isn’t an appropriate alternative to a headband or running hat, it could be something to do in addition if you’re still getting the occasional trickle. 

3. Bandanas Can Look Awesome

If you’re not happy with how a headband or running hat makes you look, a bandana could be an especially cool alternative you could try out. 

As with headbands and running caps, there is a lot of variety when it comes to bandanas. It would be a good idea to get one with proper sweat-absorbing abilities. There are also bandanas with UV protection as well. 

4. Wear Wrist Sweatbands

This is a low-cost way to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes and face. It’s more active than a headband because you’ll have to keep wiping your forehead whenever you feel a trickle. 

Once again, it may be something you’d like to wear in addition to and not instead of a headband or running hat. 

5. Consider Some Tight-Fitting Sunglasses

UV-protective sunglasses would be a good idea for anyone, whether they were bald or not. 

Wearing a tight-fitting pair has the additional benefit of possibly preventing sweat from dripping down into your eyes as well. The sweat should, in theory, trickle down the sides of the frames and not into your face. 

Although this shouldn’t be the primary reason for getting a pair of sunglasses, it may be something you want to consider when choosing a pair for yourself. 


In summary, bald guys can definitely wear headbands, and the benefits can be very significant. 

They may not be the trendiest headwear available for bald men, but the huge range of them available does give you some fashionable options. 

Ultimately, the purpose of a headband on a bald guy is to allow for a protected and dry workout. Although there are alternatives available, headbands are a popular and very reasonable solution. 

Working out and getting in shape is a great way for a bald man to stand out from the crowd. Fat loss can define the jawline and make a bald head look more chiseled and masculine overall. 

Keep at it.