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8 Essential Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 25

August 1, 2023
8 Essential Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 25

No matter what age we start balding it’ll always seem too soon. There’s often little that can be done about it except controlling how we react to it. Here are some great style tips for men going bald at 25. 

It’s an age at which there is a lot happening. In your mid-twenties, professional and romantic lives are often developing and social circles are rapidly expanding. 

Noticing hair loss or even going bald at this age can feel like a mighty blow. Having said that, knowing that some 25% of men notice some hair loss before the age of 30 should soften it. 

It’s relatively common. Although that may not provide all that much comfort, the reason it’s great is that many men have been through it before. They’ve utilized strategies, devices, and tactics to make baldness work for them. 

You can fast-forward through the trying and testing and just copy what works. 

These are the style tips you need to know. 

8 Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 25

It’s important to note from the outset that not all of these tips will be for you. You may find a couple of them too difficult, too daunting, or just not that relevant to your circumstances. 

But there’s a great chance that some of them will be exactly what you need. Be sure to experiment regularly and energetically. 

1. Grow A Beard

This will always be one of my top recommendations for any balding or bald man. Beards go great with a bald head and that isn’t changing anytime soon. 

The reason for this is that the beard is able to compensate for the lack of hair on the scalp. 

You would previously have been able to use your head hair to adjust the shape of your face and head – for instance, making a round face look more oval-shaped. 

Now that you’re losing hair you may find that the shape of your face is more obvious. That may be something you would rather have avoided. 

Beards are able to do this. You can grow one to add structure and definition to the bottom of the face. It can add sharp lines and hard angles. 


It can add prominence and length to a chin to counteract the roundness of a bald head and face. 

At the age of 25, facial hair growth is often mature enough to grow out a proper beard. But there are still plenty of men who are self-conscious about thickness, density, and distribution. 

But even if growth is patchy, a simple goatee or stubble is often enough to do the job. Cheek patchiness is a common problem – it’s important to know that you still have options. 

A beard is also great because it divides the face into sections. The problem with baldness is that the face and scalp merge into one layer of skin. This can look pretty dull. 

Having facial hair to add some color variation is often a great solution. 

2. Establish A Quiet Confidence

Although it’s a little different from the other tips, this principle is so important to understand right from the outset. 

As I mentioned earlier, going bald at a relatively young age can seriously knock a guy’s confidence. He’s in the prime of his life and would rather not have the threat of a bald dome hanging over his head. 

This is where mindset comes into play. 

Fully embracing baldness from an age as young as 25 will put you at a huge advantage. The confidence that comes with accepting baldness early on is what will really set you apart from other men. 

The quiet confidence of a man that’s aware of his baldness, accepts his baldness, and makes his baldness work for him, is a serious force to be reckoned with. 

Understanding this early on will save you a whole lot of frustration and nervous comb-overs. This is about swagger. 

Learn to laugh at your own baldness where necessary without becoming the brunt of the jokes. Have a sense of humor about it without ridiculing yourself. 

Effective styling is so much easier when you have some confidence to go with it. 

3. Work Out With Intent 

There are so many examples of bald men out there whose ripped physiques make you forget they’re bald in the first place. 

Vin Diesel comes to mind almost immediately. 

Bald and built or lean or toned is just a great combination. Fat loss and muscle growth can completely change the way you look, stand, walk, and so on. As you’d expect, it can also be great for your confidence and self-esteem. 

Losing just a bit of fat from the cheekbones and jowl area can make a previously round bald head and face look significantly more defined and chiseled. 

Going bald at 25 often gives you the advantage of having some serious time and energy to pile into hitting the gym and getting in shape.

4. Wear Flattering Clothing 

Part of being a fashionable bald man includes knowing what clothes compliment a bald head. Yes, this is definitely a thing. 

Essentially, the clothes you choose should flatter a bald head. As I mentioned earlier, baldness can make a face look rounder than it did before. 

It’s usually best to choose clothes that have a narrowing and slimming effect or illusion on the face and body. 

Plus, it’s also best to choose clothes that contrast and add balance to the face and bald head. This can sometimes mean choosing clothing items with sharp, angular features and patterns to contrast the curves of a bald head. 

When it comes to formal wear, choose shirts with narrow spread collars. These are characterized by the collar tips pointing vertically downward and having a narrow space between them. 


This draws the eyes downward and has a slimming effect on the face. 

See what I mean? 

Take suit jackets, for example. Notch and peak lapels are angular and sharp enough to nicely contrast the curvature of the bald head and (potential) roundness of the face. Shawl lapels, on the other hand, are too curved in themselves. 

Interesting, right? 

Shirts, T-shirts and jackets with vertical lines on them draw the eyes up-and-down. This can also have a slimming and narrowing effect on the face and body. 

Let’s talk about color. 

When you’re bald or balding, you have more and more of your scalp on show. You now have a lot more skin showing above the neck. 

It’s therefore even more important to try and wear clothes where the color and hue contrasts your skin tone. This is a great way to add balance. 

Ultimately, being bald and young does put you at an advantage. You can get away with more adventurous and daring fashion choices. Use this to your advantage in your journey to becoming a bald and stylish man. 

5. Look After That Dome

A bald head is vulnerable – there’s no question about it. Not having hair there does leave your scalp susceptible to the damaging effects of the weather and irritants. 

At the age of 25 and in your mid-twenties, you’ve got a whole lot of years ahead of you and a lot of time for that damage to occur. It’s important to start protecting that bald scalp early. 

Sun protection is the most important aspect of this. Applying SPF protective sunscreen onto a bald head is incredibly important and should become a natural part of your grooming regimen. 

Bald head hygiene is also important for keeping it looking and feeling healthy. It’s easy to become lazy with grooming once you go bald. The convenience it brings is one of the best things about it. 

However, a bald scalp still needs attention and maintenance. 

Rinse it with water at least once a day. Use shampoo to wash it every week to tackle dandruff (yes bald men get it too) and remove excess dirt, grime, and oil buildup. 

However, don’t use shampoo more than twice a week as you run the risk of drying out that scalp too much. It’s important to strike a fine balance. 

Finally, moisturize that bald head regularly. 

Some men prefer more shine; skin oils such as jojoba or almond oil may be a great option. Others prefer less shine; a lightweight matte-finish moisturizer would be better. 

Either way, it needs moisture to keep it looking and feeling good. It’s important not to neglect that. 

A well-maintained bald head is noticeable right away and is much easier to work with aesthetically. 

6. Buzz Down Or Shave

This is a pretty big decision to make and obviously not one to be taken lightly. But the fact of the matter is that balding and bald men just look so much better with the hair cut short. 

I mean really short. 

The two main options are a buzz cut and a clean shave. 

An Induction-Style Buzz Cut where all of the hair is trimmed down very short using a clipper often looks great on a bald or balding man. 

It generally looks a lot better than simply allowing the hair at the back and sides to grow out long. 

This looks neater, slicker, and more attractive. Plus, although this shouldn’t be a priority, it can make thinning hair on top and receding hairlines look less noticeable. 

So, buzzing down is a great option. But shaving may be an even better one for you. 

I’ve been told by many bald men that shaving the head is a truly liberating experience. Although the first time you do it can be a nerve-wracking experience, men seem to almost always go back for more. 

It’s generally seen as the pinnacle of accepting one’s baldness. There’s a subtle sense of defiance that balding men find very appealing. 

It’s a true sign of fully embracing baldness and moving swiftly on with life. It doesn’t get much more masculine than that. 

They suddenly feel less self-conscious. No more nervous comb-overs or not-so-subtle glances at the mirror. 

Speaking purely about the way it looks, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, the clean shave is very much in trend. Although it’s not a decision to rush into, it’s certainly one to strongly consider. 

7. Accessorize

Accessories are important to get to grips with. It’s always better to use them in a subtle and nuanced way as opposed to being too out there with them. 

But a bald man can really use them to his advantage. 

For example, sunglasses are great for adding balance to the face. Choose a pair with angular frames that contrast the curves of a bald head. 

Sunglasses are also great because they form divisions within the face. They divide the face into sections and prevent the face from simply blending into the bald scalp like it would otherwise. 

Plus, the bald with sunglasses look is just très cool. 

There are other accessories you can use to really complete a look and stand out from a crowd as a bald and stylish man. These may not be specifically beneficial to bald men, but they can most definitely enhance a style and add just that little bit extra. 

It’s important to find your accessories. Those accessories that you enjoy wearing and that you feel suit your personality. 

Examples include bracelets, pocket squares, watches, necklaces, rings, and so on. 

Experiment and have fun with it. 

8. Find A Great Barber

You may be tilting your head in confusion right now. Squinting to check you’re really reading this right. 

Yes, balding makes it even more important that you have a great relationship with a barber. 

Barbers have a pretty deep understanding of hair loss and how to make it work for their clients. 

That could mean a number of different things. It could mean knowing how to work the hair you’ve got left in the best and most attractive way. 

It could also mean giving you the cleanest, smoothest, and most relaxing head shave you could ever have imagined. 

Or, it could mean knowing how to fade that new beard you’ve grown into your bald scalp in the most impressive way possible. 

A good barber is one you’ll want to hang onto for years. Although it can be tempting to try and DIY everything once you go bald, having a good relationship with a skilled barber is something you may want to hang on to. 


Balding at a young age does bring about its own benefits. You’re able to use your energy, vigor, and knowledge of current trends to make it work for you. 

Hopefully, you’ve found these tips and tricks helpful. 

If you’re curious, try them out and see whether they work for you. Enjoy.