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The Shaved Head And Beard Look: A Complete Guide

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – a shaved head speaks volumes about a man. Confidence, defiance, sophistication. The list goes on. But rocking a shaved head and a beard often takes a look to masculine new heights. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

As you’d expect, there are a huge amount of possible options with this style combination. 

Sure, a shaved head may not be as versatile – you only have one look to choose from. But there are many, many beard options to choose from, particularly during this beard renaissance we’re fortunate enough to be going through now. 

This article will delve into shaved heads and long beards, short beards, stubble, and more. 

I’ll talk about some of the key benefits of this style combo after showing you what it actually looks like. Then, I’ll talk through some frequently asked questions about the topic. 

Let’s get to it. 

What Does The Shaved Head And Beard Look Like?

Ultimately, it’s a style that oozes masculinity. 

The act of shaving one’s head is defined and marked by a backbone of free will, focus, and defiance. 

As far as routine habits go, it doesn’t get more masculine than that. 

But growing a beard is a pretty surefire way to up the masculinity levels even further. The testosterone-fuelled process of growing facial fur works incredibly well with a shaved head. 

But it’s important to define what we mean by “shaved head”. Technically and traditionally the term should only be used to refer to a head that has actually been shaved. 

Example of a shaved head and beard look

In other words, the hair has been cut down to the level of the skin using a razor or shaver. 

But in reality, the term is also used to refer to very short buzz cuts. More specifically, induction-style buzz cuts trimmed using a clipper with no guard. 

Although this is technically still trimming and not shaving, for the sake of this article I’ll be referring to both. It may not be entirely accurate but the two styles are similar and both popular. It’s worth discussing them together. 

It’s time to go through some of the variations of this style combination to really get a good grip on why it works. 

Examples Of The Shaved Head And Beard Look

Here are some fantastic examples of this glorious style combination for you to peruse and draw upon for inspiration. 

Note that I’ll be updating this list and that it may contain smooth, shaved heads as well as induction-style buzz cuts for the sake of completeness. 

1. Shaved Head And Short Beard

This style is fantastic because of its ease of maintenance. As you’d expect, the shorter the beard, the easier it is to maintain. I’ll talk more about that later on. 

Short beard with a shaved head

In general, a “short beard” is defined as being more than 5mm in length. Anything shorter than that and it really should be called stubble. 

The point at which a short beard becomes a “medium” beard is less concrete and more subjective. But that’s a different topic altogether. 

A short beard will still need brushing and potentially a couple of drops of beard oil daily to keep it in check. 

A well-groomed beard is so much more impressive when combined with a shaved head. An untidy or unkempt beard could literally ruin the look. 

2. Shaved Head And Long Beard

A long beard can look incredibly masculine when combined with a shaved head. The rugged woodsman look will always set you apart from the crowd. 

Long beard and shaved head

Do bear in mind that I’m generalizing, however. A “long beard” can take many forms, just as a short beard can. 

From a ducktail to a long goatee, and so much more. 

But the point is that the presence of a long chin beard and forebeard can frame the bottom of the face very effectively. 

It’s so versatile in terms of styling – the options really are endless. 

3. Shaved Head And Stubble Beard 

Stubble is no longer considered a lazy man’s beard. Thanks to the renaissance of “designer stubble”, that stereotype is long gone. 

But the caveat is that the stubble needs to be trimmed, groomed, and shaped well for this to work. 

When you combine well-maintained stubble with a shaved head the result can be very effective. It’s slick, sophisticated, and sharp. 

Stubble can be short (1-2mm), medium (3mm), or long (4-5mm). Each length range has its own benefits. 

But ultimately, the versatility, ease-of-maintenance, and elegance of the shaved head and stubble look makes it a fantastic option for a lot of men. 

4. Shaved Head And Faded Beard

The sideburns are crucial when it comes to the shaved head and beard style. When you’ve got a bald head, you want to try and ensure the beard fades gradually up into the bald scalp as opposed to having sharp lines. 

This isn’t always the case, as there are men who prefer the alternative. But for the most part, fading the beard into the bald head is the most desirable option. 

Buzz cut with glasses and beard
A Beard Fading Into A Buzz Cut

Although it isn’t very technically difficult to achieve with a good pair of clippers, you may want to watch your barber doing it a couple of times before trying to do it yourself. 

Put simply, the length of the beard will gradually have to reduce in length as the beard approaches the shaved head. This results in a natural-looking appearance to the sideburns as it nicely blends into the shaved head. 

5. Shaved Head And Gray Beard

The silver fox aesthetic is pretty trendy at the moment. Although beard dyes seem to be taking off, there are plenty of men who opt for the au naturale look when it comes to their beard. 

Shaved head with gray beard example

Much like balding, a graying beard is a rite of passage for a maturing man. In much the same way shaving the head can be seen as a masculine act of defiance and acceptance, so too can wearing a graying beard with pride. 

If you’re looking to add a little flavor, dyeing the beard salt and pepper can result in a very impressive and eye-catching appearance. This is particularly the case when combined with a shaved head. 

6. Shaved Head And Beard And Glasses

Yes. A pair of glasses can be a fantastic supplement to the style combination. It’s an easy way to add a touch of intellect and sophistication to any style. 

Shaved head with glasses

I’ve got a whole article on shaved heads and glasses for you to check out, so I won’t delve too deep here. 

Just know that it works well

7. Shaved Head And Beard With Tattoos

With this one, please include head and arms so you can see the tattoo

Example of head shaved with beard and tattoo

Cool one to finish off with. Tattoos may not be for everyone, but they can be a fantastic medium of artistic expression for any bald or bearded man. 

It may not be a variation of the shaved head or the beard, but the combination of all three does turn heads. Enough said. 

Key Benefits Of The Shaved Head And Beard Look

If you were ever on the fence, here are some of the positive factors to consider when contemplating whether or not to rock this look. 

1. It Allows You To Adjust For Face Shape

A shaved head can often look very debonair indeed. Shaving the sides down can sometimes make the jawline and cheekbone look even more chiseled. 

But that isn’t always the case. 

In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to predict what your head shape or face shape would actually look like with your scalp hair shaved down.

There is always a chance that you shave your head and aren’t entirely pleased with the result. For instance, it may make the face look a little too round or square for your liking. 

It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it may lead to a somewhat underwhelming finish to something you’ve been excited about and looking forward to. 

That’s not what we want. 

This is where growing a beard comes in very useful. Having facial hair allows you to grow it, trim it, and style it to your whim. If shaving your head has made your face look a bit rounder than you’d expected, grow a goatee or even a longer, fuller beard. 

It’s amazing what facial hair can do to adjust the shape of one’s face. It really is able to compensate for not being able to do the same thing on the scalp. 

Having facial hair also frames the bottom of the face. A head can look quite bare with no hair on the scalp. Having facial hair adds structure and definition to the bottom of the face.

2. It’s relatively easy to maintain

Before I go further, it’s important to mention that certain beards are much easier to maintain than others. In general, the longer the beard, the higher the grooming requirements will be. 

Brushing, combing, and styling will become more important. 

The complexity of the style also plays a role in the maintenance requirements. For example, although Van Dykes are technically “short beards”, they do require some technical skill to maintain. Handlebar mustaches don’t just happen. 

But growing a beard is generally considered a fairly easy stylistic device to maintain. Once proper beard grooming becomes a habit, it really isn’t taxing and shouldn’t preoccupy much of your time. 

We’ve got plenty of beard grooming articles for you to look through.

Shaving the head may seem like a chore. But again, once you’ve got the technique down it becomes second nature. 

Induction-style buzz cuts are easier to maintain simply because you’re trimming and not shaving. So if this is important to you it’s something to consider. 

In summary, this style combination is a relatively low intensity and low maintenance one to adopt and maintain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of FAQs to round off this topic. 

Does A Shaved Head And Beard Look Professional?

The professionalism of the shaved head and beard look really depends on how well each component of the style combination is maintained. 

The most important component in this respect would be the beard. The reason for this is letting the maintenance of a shaved head slip now and again isn’t the end of the world. 

People aren’t really going to notice if you allow a few millimeters of stubble to grow on your head now and again. 

But they will notice if you’ve got a beard that’s untidy, overgrown, unbrushed, uncombed, unwashed, and so on. 

There isn’t much of an excuse for that and it’s usually a pretty good way to leave a bad impression on your colleagues. 

Of course, the “professionalism” of a particular look or style really does depend on the profession. 

For example, some corporate workplaces would frown upon any beard or even stubble. 

That’ll need to be taken into account. But generally, a shaved head with a well-groomed beard would be considered professional in most workplaces. 

Beards have grown in popularity so much over the last five years or so that they really can’t be considered “alternative” or bucking the trend. 

They’ve solidified their status as mainstream and they’ll be here to stay. If workplaces haven’t seen that yet you can bet that they most likely will soon. 

Do You Need To Fade The Sideburns Of A Beard Into A Shaved Head?

We touched upon this earlier, but no it isn’t always necessary. Letting the sideburns end abruptly as they approach the bald sides of the head can still look great. The sharp lines can definitely work. 

buzz cut with receding hairline and beard example
Sharp, Unfaded Lines At The Sideburns Can Also Work Well

However, fades are trending at the moment. They’re on everyone’s mind and barbers are loving it. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, just try it out. 

The worst-case scenario is that you’re indifferent towards it. It’s very unlikely that you’ll hate the look of your beard fading into your shaved head. 


We’re in an era where manliness is once again being embraced. There are few style combinations as brilliantly masculine as this. Bald and bearded – it’s just great. 

You’ve gotten a good idea of what it looks like and what can be done with it. It’s time to take this inspiration forward and use it for yourself. 

If you weren’t into it before, hopefully, you are now. 

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