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The Shaved Head With Glasses Look: A Complete Guide

July 31, 2023
The Shaved Head With Glasses Look: A Complete Guide

Subtle, elegant, sophisticated. An ultra-smooth dome coupled with a sultry pair of spectacles is bound to turn heads. You’re about to learn everything you need to know about the shaved head with glasses look. 

Rocking a shaved head is usually a surefire way to draw some attention. The closer the shave, the more impressive the effect. But a polished scalp can look a little bland when it isn’t combined with other stylistic devices. 

A pair of glasses is a simple way to add a bit of flair. Of course, this isn’t exactly an option for men with perfect vision. But the point of this article is to show you just how versatile this look is. 

I’ll be showing you exactly what it looks like. Then, I’ll be discussing how to decide what type of glasses might go well with your shaved head. 

Finally, I’ll go through some solid variations of the look – mainly focusing on facial hair. 

Let’s get to it. 

What A Shaved Head With Glasses Looks Like

A pair of glasses could add a touch of intellect to pretty much any style. The beauty of combining a shaved head with glasses is that the glasses provide a sense of balance. 

Let me explain. 

Shaving one’s head can be a very liberating experience. It’s a highly introspective experience requiring a zen-like focus. It can be an integral process to a bald man’s wellbeing. 

buzz cut with beard and glasses deposit photos
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But I would say that it can also leave a man quite vulnerable in one very specific way. 

Shaving the head exposes the shape of the head and face like no other practice can. A man with a full head of hair would never be able to predict with certainty what the shape of his head would look like when shaved. 

It’s almost always surprising. But sometimes, it can be disappointing. You may find that you think your head looks a little too round or a little too square when you’ve shaved it all down. 

Unfortunately, you won’t have any hair on top to adjust or alter the shape. Hairstyles are great for that purpose and you won’t have that benefit. 

This is where glasses are able to add a sense of balance. 

Your choice of glasses can do some pretty remarkable things to the shape of a face. Angular frames could make a round face look less round, for instance. 

I’ll be going through this in more detail in the next section. 

But the main point to take away here is that the right pair of glasses can add balance and versatility when you’ve got a shaved head. 

The Best Glasses For A Shaved Head

When trying to decide what the best glasses style to suit a shaved head would be, there’s one crucial factor you need to take into account. I may have already ruined the surprise as I’ve already preached about it pretty hard. 

It’s face shape. 

As the shape of your face is so very exposed when you’ve got a shaved head, the glasses you choose could make or break the style overall. 

The right pair of glasses will add balance, whereas the wrong pair of glasses will accentuate features you’re trying to soften. 

As a general rule-of-thumb, the shape of the frames should contrast your facial features when you’re trying to add balance. However, there are certain nuances that may contradict this. 

Here’s a helpful image giving you a rundown of which type of glasses might suit your face shape. Certain face shapes are just more versatile and would suit a wider range of glasses. 

However, it’s best to think of it like this – somewhere out there is a perfect pair of glasses for your specific face shape when you’ve got a shaved head. The right know-how and some trial and error will help you find it. 

Illustration of suitable glasses for your face shape

Here are some examples to help you better visualize the principle at hand: 

1. Oval Faces are arguably the most versatile. They are fortunate enough to suit a very wide range of glasses shapes. Personally, I do feel that rectangular, square, and geometric frames work the best. 

2. Round Faces are particularly exposed once a head is shaved. When choosing a pair of glasses, the main objective is to contrast the curves of your face. Choose frames with acute angles and sharp lines.

3. Square Faces are characterized by an angular jawline and a lack of curves. In much the same way, the choice of frames should account for this and counterbalance it. Oval and round frames work best for this purpose. 

4. Heart Faces have an upper third that’s wider than the bottom third. To balance the wider upper portion of the face, frames that are wider at the bottom should be chosen. 

5. Oblong Faces are longer than they are wide. The cheek lines are long and straight with minimal curvature. The frames you choose should act to add width to the face, and decorative temples are a great way to do this. 

6. Base-Down Triangle Faces have an upper third that’s narrower than the lower third. A narrow forehead that widens as it passes the cheeks and reaches the chin. To add width to and emphasize the narrow upper third of the face, the brow (top half) of the frame should be accentuated with strong color, decoration, or detailing. 

A Quick Note On Color

The color of your glasses should be determined by your skin tone. Usually, hair color should also be taken into account, but when you’ve got a shaved head this obviously isn’t a factor. 

Label your skin tone as either “warm” or “cool”. Usually, you’ll be able to gauge which category you fall into by looking in the mirror and getting a general vibe or feel. 

But here are some specific examples. “Warm” skin tones include yellowish and golden undertones. “Cool” skin tones have pinkish or blue-ish undertones and hues. Neutral skin tones have a combination of the two. 

Unlike the shape of your frames which aim to contrast and counterbalance your facial features, the color of your glasses should attempt to match your skin tone. 

Traditionally “warm” colors for your glasses include red, orange, yellow, gold, copper, and peach. “Cold” colors include black, grey, blue, and silver.  

The Shaved Head With A Beard And Glasses

Yes same as featured image but whole picture please

Beards work very well with a shaved head for the same reason that glasses do. It’s because they can be used to add balance where balance is necessary. Apologies if you’re sick of hearing that word by now, but it’s such a crucial principle. 

Despite a pair of glasses, a shaved head may still leave you underwhelmed with the exposed shape of your face and head. 

Shaved head with beard and glasses

Growing a beard can add significant prominence to the lower portion of the face. It can elongate the chin, making it ideal for certain face shapes. 

Typically shorter and rounder face shapes would benefit most from this effect. 

Beards are widely used as a stylistic device to adjust and alter the shape of a face. For example, to make a round or square-shaped face look more oval-shaped overall. 

It’s quite remarkable what it can do for a shaved head. As I mentioned, there’s no hair on top to adjust or alter the face shape. Growing a beard is an excellent workaround. 

I feel we may be at risk of overcomplicating the issue, however. If you aren’t sure whether or not your specific face shape would work well with a beard, shaved head, and glasses, try it out. That’s because there’s a high likelihood that it would work well.

Ultimately, it’s just a striking aesthetic that turns heads and draws attention regardless of face shape. It’s definitely worth just trying it out. 

However, if you do grow a beard it’s all the more important to groom it well. Other than the eyebrows, it’s really the only hair you’ll have above the neck. It’ll be center-stage and pull in all the attention. 

For that reason, it needs to be groomed properly. Clean it, trim it, brush it, style it. Whatever you need to do. We’ve got plenty of articles on beard grooming for you to check out. 

The Shaved Head With A Goatee And Glasses

This style variation is worth mentioning separately because it appears to be becoming more popular. 

A goatee works well with a shaved head and glasses in much the same ways that any beard would. 

However, goatees have the benefit of adding extra prominence and length to the chin; even more than a regular, full beard. Goatees are defined by having hair on the chin but not on the cheeks. 

Because of that, it works great with a shaved head when the dome looks a little too round for your liking. 

Plus, the goatee, shaved head, and glasses look just oozes intellect. It also has a distinctly artistic vibe, harking back to the beatnik era where it was quite commonplace. Having said that, it has the benefit of not looking dated. 

The Shaved Head With Round Glasses

Round eyeglasses have a pretty distinctly retro and vintage look. They can look fantastic, particularly when worn with similarly fashioned clothing. 

Although round frames do give off retro vibes, it’s quite clear that they’re on-trend right now. 

The question is, do round glasses suit a shaved head? 

Once again, this really does depend on the shape of your face. The danger is that you add too many curves to a face that doesn’t need them. Round glasses wouldn’t suit a round or oblong face for that reason. 

Although oval-shaped faces are very versatile, they usually work best with more angular frames. 

Square, rectangular and diamond-shaped faces have enough angles to benefit strongly from the contrast that round frames would bring. 


Although shaving one’s head can in itself produce a glorious effect, it can at times seem a little clinical and can lack flair if not supplemented. 

It’s remarkable what a simple pair of glasses can do. If you’re fortunate enough (in this respect) to wear glasses, you may want to consider choosing frames that complement your face shape with a shaved head. 

That may well be something this article has helped you do. Hopefully, the result will work incredibly well for you. 

Enjoy. Have fun with it.