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How To Wear A Bucket Hat With Long Hair (6 Tips)

December 21, 2022
How To Wear A Bucket Hat With Long Hair (6 Tips)

It’s hard to deny the comeback they’ve had in recent years. But can you really wear a bucket hat with long hair?

Bucket hats look great with long hair. Leave your hair down, and either slick it back or part it to keep it out of your face. Bucket hats are casual, however, so avoid wearing one at formal events.  

Though that’s just the start; there’s much more you need to know to ensure that you pull it off every time.

Let’s get to it.

bucket hat with long hair
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1. Consider Your Hair Style

When wearing a bucket hat with long hair, the first thing to think about is how to style your hair.

From man-buns to braids, long hair can be styled in an endless number of ways. This can make it difficult to know the best one to use.

Something to consider when wearing a bucket hat is the best way to prevent your long hair from getting in the way.

There are a couple of simple ways to do this that look great too. Both ways involve wearing your hair down, as this looks best with a bucket hat.

One of them is wearing your hair slicked back and putting it behind your ears.

This is arguably the most practical way to keep your hair out of your face and allows the bucket hat to comfortably sit on your head.

Another way to keep your hair from getting in your face is by styling it with a parting. 

You can either part it in the middle or to one side – letting it hang down the sides of your face.

While this isn’t as preventative as the ‘slick-back,’ it’s still practical and stylish.

Regardless of the style you choose, bucket hats are great because they are spacious and, therefore, won’t ruin your hair. 

As with any hat, it’s important not to push it too far on your head. 

Or else, you risk ruining or flattening your hair – particularly if you have a fuller hairstyle.

2. Keep It Casual

Bucket hats were popularized by ‘90s music artists and have recently made a comeback.

However, not much has changed in terms of style and formality regarding the bucket hat: they are still just as casual as they were in the ‘90s. 

Understanding this is an integral part of wearing a bucket hat with long hair because getting it wrong could be awkward or – in some cases – disrespectful.

While they aren’t at all versatile in terms of formality, they make up for it in their casual style versatility.

That is to say, the incredibly casual nature of bucket hats means that they come in many different colors and patterns – allowing for a lot of possible experimentation.

red bucket hat with long hair
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Furthermore, this experimentation potential is reinforced by having long hair.

As mentioned, long hair has many different styles and variations, so the bucket hat-long hair combinations are many.

Hat branding can also contribute to this casual look. Whether you go for subtle, bold, or no branding, however, is entirely down to personal preference.

3. Use Pre-Styling Hair Products

While not a necessity, texturizing pre-stylers can elevate your look to the next level. 

Sea salt spray is a great example. 

Hair texturizers usually come in spray form and can do multiple different things, such as add volume to your hair, create a tousled texture, or even help it stay in place.

The tousled, beach-ready, windswept look that hair texturizing pre-styler can add really enhances the stylish, casual look.

It’s important not to get texturizing spray confused with hairspray because hairspray can have different effects.

Make sure you always ensure you are, in fact, buying a texturizing pre-styler rather than hairspray.

It’s best to use the texturizing spray when your hair is dry or slightly damp, as this gives more control over the final appearance.

Though if you’re in a rush, it’s possible to spray it on when your hair is wet, you just won’t have the same control element.

4. Patterned Hats Can Work

As mentioned earlier, bucket hats are very casual. This casual look can be enhanced by using texturizing spray on your long hair.

This outfit’s incredibly casual nature means that you can experiment with your garments to make more of a statement.

One such statement is wearing a patterned bucket hat.

There are bucket hats on the market in pretty much any pattern imaginable. Therefore, finding one that suits you is straightforward.

Floral-patterned bucket hats work particularly well in summer – especially if you go for those of lighter colors, such as white and light greens and yellows.

Here’s an example on Amazon: 

To make your bucket hat stand out even more, consider wearing a block-colored top. This will contrast with the hat ensuring the colors and patterns of your hat ‘pop.’

Alternatively, you can match your top to the patterns of your bucket hat. For example, wearing a floral hat with a floral shirt.

This creates a more consistent, put-together look, ideal for festivals or just a quick trip out.

5. Go For A Loose-Fitting Bucket Hat

While it may not seem all that important, the sizing of your bucket hat is essential to pulling it off.

A bucket hat that’s too small will look disproportionate to the rest of your outfit. Not only that, but it’ll feel tight and uncomfortable, too.

Conversely, if your bucket hat is too large, it’ll slide around your head a lot, potentially falling off.

That being said, it’s best to go for a loose-fitting bucket hat rather than one that’s a snug fit.

This is because some additional space is needed to accommodate longer hair.

As well as that, loose-fitting bucket hats are much more comfortable and will prevent excessive sweating – particularly during the warmer months.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize

In men’s style, accessories are something of a taboo subject. While there are many advocates for accessorizing, there are just as many against it.

To make things clear, accessorizing is okay in casual situations. However, it’s crucial not to go overboard with it.

Generally, it’s best to stick to a maximum of two accessories. Any more than that could seem excessive and stylistically clumsy.

Because wearing a bucket hat with long hair is so casual, it’s possible – recommended, even – to wear accessories with this outfit.

It adds an extra touch of personality and flair to the ensemble and helps make you stand out in a positive light.

One accessory that works particularly well with a bucket hat and long hair is sunglasses.

Sunglasses add an aura of cool and casual to the outfit, as well as some consistency. After all, bucket hats are meant to help protect you from the sun – as are sunglasses.

Although black sunglasses work best, the color of your sunglasses is primarily down to personal preference.