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What Color Shirt Goes With Dark Blue Jeans? (Pics)

December 22, 2022
What Color Shirt Goes With Dark Blue Jeans? (Pics)

It’s always hard to go wrong with dark blue jeans – color coordination is pretty simple overall. However, certain shirt colors just tend to work better than others. 

So, here’s a list of some great shirt colors you can wear with dark blue jeans: 

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Green

As you can see, you’ve got a pretty wide range of choices. But which one would work best for your specific needs? 

After going through a couple of essential tips to help you choose, we’ll run through some pics of the combinations themselves. 

Let’s get to it. 

How To Color Coordinate Shirts With Dark Blue Jeans

These tips are all important to consider whenever you’re color-matching dark blue jeans with shirts. 

white t shirt and dark blue jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

1. Consider How Much Contrast You Want

A dark blue jeans combination can look very different depending on how different the color of the shirt is from the jeans themselves. 

Dark blue jeans are – well, dark. 

They’ll be noticeably lighter than a pair of black jeans, but they’ll still be dark. 

Wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a similarly dark shirt will produce a low-contrast combination. 

These tend to look a little dressier and also more subtle. An example would be a pair of black jeans worn with a black, dark grey, or navy blue shirt. 

Compare this with a high-contrast combination. 

Examples would be a pair of black jeans worn with a white, light blue, or light pink shirt. 

High-contrast combinations are more eye-catching and attention-grabbing. They also often look a little more casual. 

Not a lot more casual. After all, dark blue jeans are a staple of casual attire in the first place. 

But if you wanted a more “smart-casual” appearance to your dark blue jeans outfit, consider a darker shirt color. 

grey t shirt and dark blue jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

2.  Consider the Dress Code

Dark blue jeans should really only be worn in casual settings. However, certain “casual” settings may be dressier than others. 

Smart-casual settings are those where wearing a T-shirt and light blue jeans combo probably wouldn’t be appropriate. However, a pair of dark blue jeans worn with a polo or OCBD would probably be fine. 

If you’re looking to dress up a pair of dark blue jeans, the shirt style is undoubtedly important. Polos, Henleys, linen shirts, OCBDs – they’ll all be better options than a tee. 

But the color you choose is also important. 

In general, neutral shirt colors such as white, black, and grey will generally look dressier than the bolder and more vibrant colors. 

If you’re looking for a more laid-back, casual, and dressed-down option for your dark blue jeans, these more colorful shirt colors would be absolutely fine.  

red t shirt and and dark blue jeans
Image From Deposit Photos

3. Avoid Dark Blue Shirts

Dark blue shirts tend to look a little awkward when wearing dark blue jeans. The two items blend into each other too seamlessly. 

There just isn’t enough contrast to make the outfit interesting. Going a step further, it can even look a little awkward. 

If you do choose to wear a blue shirt, make sure the shade of blue is noticeably different from that of the jeans. 

While it isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, you’ll often find that higher levels of contrast tends to look better when wearing blue shirts with dark blue jeans. 

Dark Blue Jeans And Shirt Combinations 

Here are some combinations you can try yourself. 

You’ll notice the difference between low-contrast and high-contrast combinations, as well as the difference between neutral and non-neutral shirt colors when wearing black jeans. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A Black Shirt

dark blue jeans + black polo shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Black shirts work great with dark blue jeans. The combination is very hard to go wrong with and can easily be worn in casual, as well as smart-casual settings. 

Going for a dark and neutral shirt color such as black makes color coordination effortless because it’ll always work. 

You can dress the combination down by choosing a more casual shirt style such as a black tee or a polo. 

Alternatively, consider dressing it up with a black OCBD or dress shirt. 

A common question is what shoes to go for when wearing a dark blue jeans and black shirt combination. 

You’ve got several options here, but in general, the more “minimalist” options are better. 

If you’re dressing the combination down, consider a pair of all-black sneakers. If you’d prefer more contrast, go for a pair of all-white sneakers instead. 

If you’re dressing the combination up, consider a pair of brown Derby shoes. Suede, as well as shinier grains of leather work exceptionally well. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A White Shirt

dark blue jeans + white polo shirt + white t shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Dark blue jeans can easily be worn with white shirts for a high-contrast aesthetic. 

Much like black and grey shirts, a white shirt does produce quite a dressy and smart-casual appearance when worn with dark blue jeans. 

The darker the pair of blue jeans you wear with the white shirt, the dressier the combination will tend to look as a whole. 

In addition, the less distressing you’ve got with the dark blue jeans, the dressier the outfit will look too. 

So, if you’re dressing a white shirt and dark blue jeans combo up, go for fewer rips and frays, and no acid-washing/stone washing. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A Light Blue Shirt

dark blue jeans with blue casual shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

A light blue shirt worn with dark blue jeans produces a great monochromatic aesthetic. 

The lighter the shade of the blue shirt, the more it’ll contrast the dark blue jeans, and the more eye-catching the combination will look as a whole. 

Denim-on-denim comes to mind.

Light blue denim shirts can be worn with dark blue jeans and usually produce a great result. 

However, the more different the shades of blue are, the better. 

The same goes for non-denim light blue shirts. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A Grey Shirt

dark blue jeans + grey t shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Grey shirts look great worn with dark blue jeans. The neutral shirt color tends to pair effortlessly with the cool undertones of the dark shade of blue. 

The same goes for both light and dark shades of grey. 

Light grey shirts will produce a high-contrast combination, while dark grey shirts will produce much less contrast. 

If you’d prefer a more attention-grabbing combination, go for light grey and embrace the contrast. 

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more subtle aesthetic, go for a dark grey shirt.  

A grey shirt combo, much like white and black shirt combos, is a great way to dress up a pair of dark blue jeans. 

Neutral colors will do that. 

If you want to take things up a notch, consider popping on a blazer or sport coat to really round things off. 

Consider a blazer in a different shade of grey to that of the shirt. 

For example, if you’re wearing a light grey shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans, consider adding a dark grey blazer. It’ll coordinate with the items seamlessly, while also contrasting the shirt itself. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A Pink Or Red Shirt

dark blue jeans + burgundy polo shirt + pink polo shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Pink and red shirts look great worn with dark blue jeans, especially during the spring and summer months. 

Both pink and red are examples of “warm” colors, just like oranges and yellows. 

Warm colors tend to look eye-catching, bold, and vibrant. Compare this with “cool” colors (i.e blues, greens, and purples) which tend to have a more laid-back feel to them. 

Pairing a pink or red shirt with dark blue jeans is an example of color-matching a warm color (pink/red) with a cool color (dark blue). 

Doing so often produces a nice sense of balance and harmony. It’ll work. 

While you could go for a similarly warm color such as orange or yellow, pink and red tend to work especially well. 

Dark Blue Jeans With A Green Shirt

dark blue jeans + olive green polo shirt Images + mint green polo shirt
Images From Deposit Photos

Green shirts can easily be worn with dark blue jeans. While the combination can be worn year-round, it works especially well during the winter and fall months. 

The earthy and “cool” undertones of green will always pair well with the similarly “cool” undertones of dark blue. 

Pairing cool colors with other cool colors is simple and often produces a laid-back and relaxed aesthetic. 

Compare this with the more vibrant appearance of the pink/red shirt and dark blue jeans combo in the previous example. 

Both light and dark green shirts will work – it just depends on how much contrast you want. 

Common favorites are the more muted shades of green such as olive, sage, forest, and hunter green. 


Dark blue jeans are popular across the globe. They’re considered workhorses of the wardrobe and can be worn in a huge variety of settings. 

Given their versatility, the range of shirt colors you can choose from is surprisingly wide. You can choose between neutral shirt colors, as well as non-neutral warm/cool colors. 

You’ve now seen images of several combinations, as well as descriptions helping you choose the right one for your circumstances. 

Consider the dress code, as well as how much contrast you want between the two items.