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How To Wear A Blazer With Untucked Shirts (6  Tips)

December 22, 2022
How To Wear A Blazer With Untucked Shirts (6  Tips)

Figuring out the rules of fashion can get overwhelming sometimes. One thing you may be struggling with is how to wear a blazer with untucked shirts – something you don’t see too often and something not many people know how to pull off effectively.

So, can you wear a blazer with untucked shirts?  

It’s possible to wear a blazer with an untucked shirt. However, you need to make sure your blazer is the same length as your untucked shirt. If it is too short, you’ll look even messier, whereas if it’s too long, your outfit will look disjointed. 

Although that’s the short answer, there’s a lot more to it. Let’s get into it in more detail below.

6 Tips For Wearing A Blazer With An Untucked Shirt

There are several things you must get right if you wish to effectively wear an untucked shirt with a blazer. 

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If your event is not uber formal, then there are ways you can rock the look without looking overwhelmingly out of place. 

Let’s explore the elements you need to master to look good wearing a blazer with an untucked shirt. 

Check The Shirt Length

One of the most common mistakes people make when they try to pair a blazer with an untucked shirt is to gauge the length of their shirt wrongly. 

If the shirt is longer than the blazer, then it’ll look unflattering as it hangs out. It may even resemble a dress if far too long.

For the best results, it’s important that you make sure that your shirt and blazer are the same lengths. If they aren’t, then you may have to bite the bullet and tuck in that shirt to remain looking smart. 

In addition, shirts with a long, rounded hem are designed to be tucked in and will look strange when worn untucked. Be sure you aren’t wearing one of these shirts. 

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Length is perhaps the most important factor and it will make or break your outfit. Ensure you do plenty of research and try the shirt on before purchase. 

Check The Fit 

The key to achieving success with a smart blazer with a slightly messer untucked shirt is to realize the importance of a good fit. If your shirt is too baggy, then it’ll clash with your blazer and make you look scruffy and unkempt. 

Having said that, there is a right and wrong way to look scruffy. The right way is to craft an outfit that is deliberately untidy, yet still aesthetically pleasing. The wrong way would be to just throw a haphazard outfit together in the hope that it creates a stylish look. 

If your shirt is too tight or too loose, then the untucked look will appear terrible, so make sure you buy a shirt that fits properly. 

Check The Blazer

It’s vital that you buy the right blazer if you wish to pair it with an untucked shirt. 

Certain blazers, like silk or satin blazers, will look odd paired with an untucked shirt. However, cotton, linen, wool, or tweed blazers will look less awkward with a shirt that is untucked. 

Spend as much time picking your blazer as you do your shirt – you won’t regret it. 

Consider The Type Of Shirt

Not all shirts are created equal and there are, in reality, dozens of shirt types out there  – each suiting different occasions. 

A well-made shirt will look infinitely better untucked with a blazer than a cheap, gaudy t-shirt. 

Moreover, a sleek dress shirt will look extremely odd hanging out from underneath your blazer. Remember – the shape of the hem will give it away immediately. Some shirts are just meant to be worn tucked. 

It’s essential that you find the middle ground between a shirt that isn’t too smart or too gaudy. Another option is to rock a jumper over your untucked shirt to add another layer and complete the smart casual look. 

It’s vital that you find a shirt that is neither too formal or informal. Oxford, corduroy, or any other type of smart casual shirt will be your friends as you successfully pull off the untucked shirt/blazer combination. 

Decide Which Pants To Wear

Wearing a blazer/jeans combination with an untucked shirt is a great way to help it stand out. If your blazer is the same color as your jeans, then untucking your shirt can break the all-blue nature of your outfit and add a much-needed dash of color. 

Jeans are also more urban than suit trousers, allowing you to get away with an untucked shirt. This combination is perfect if you’re at a smart casual event or a more relaxed social situation. 

However, wearing traditional suit pants with an untucked shirt presents an issue. The shirt has to be of near-perfect fit for the look to be pulled off smoothly, and the smarter nature of the trousers will make your untucked shirt that much more noticeable. 

Before you decide to rock an untucked shirt with a blazer, do your due diligence on the pants selection. This will play an integral role in how your outfit fits together, so be sure not to neglect this. 

Consider Where You’re Going

One of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to tuck in your shirt is to consider where you’ll be wearing your outfit, what connotations it has, and what others will be doing with their outfits. 

Untucking your shirt with a blazer and wearing it to a job interview is likely a bad idea, and the look will reflect poorly. The same principle applies to events like corporate meetings, weddings, and funerals. 

Choosing to untuck your shirt can send the wrong message and make you appear disinterested or unprofessional. 

However, more laid-back, casual events allow you more breathing room, and you can wear an untucked shirt with a blazer without fear of being looked at in a negative light. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions on this subject to ensure you’re confident in this area.

Can I Wear A Blazer With An Untucked Shirt To A Wedding?

It’s possible to wear an untucked dress shirt to a wedding; however, this is not conventional. If the wedding in question has an unconventional and unorthodox dress code, then you’ll have a lot more leeway to wear an untucked shirt. 

It depends on the wedding, but at most traditional weddings, you’ll most likely be one of the only people there with an untucked shirt. 

Even if the rest of your outfit is of high quality and well put together, the untucked shirt will make you stand out in an unflattering way. 

Can You Wear An Untucked Shirt With A Blazer And Jeans?

Yes, you can. In fact, wearing an untucked shirt with a blazer and jeans is probably more appropriate than wearing one with traditional suit trousers. 

This is due to the more relaxed nature of the outfit. Subsequently, the event where you’ll wear a blazer/jeans combination will be more relaxed and informal. 

Very rarely will you see someone in jeans at a wedding, funeral, or corporate event due to the more informal nature. 

It’s entirely possible to wear an untucked shirt with a blazer and jeans. The combination is ideal for achieving that smart casual look. 

Can You Wear An Untucked Dress Shirt With A Blazer?

Yes, you can. As long as the blazer fits properly and is neither too small nor too big, your untucked shirt can be worn effectively. However, keep in mind that such a look is not appropriate for all gatherings and should only be worn if you’re certain you can get away with it. 

While it’s possible to wear an untucked dress shirt with a blazer, it’s not recommended. The smart nature of the shirts will negatively contrast with your blazer. For best results, go for a more informal shirt to reflect the more laid-back nature of the outfit. 

Can I Always Wear An Untucked Shirt With A Blazer?

It’s not advisable to wear an untucked shirt with a blazer at every opportunity. This is because the look isn’t suitable for most formal occasions. However, if you regularly wear smart casual outfits in your professional and personal life, you can use the look as regularly as you want. 

Wearing an untucked shirt with a blazer isn’t always appropriate. This is particularly true for events of a greater formality.


To summarize, wearing a blazer with an untucked shirt is possible if the shirt is the same length as your blazer, fits well, and is worn at a suitable event.