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How To Trim A Mustache Above The Lip In 7 Steps

May 26, 2022 · Dilshan
How To Trim A Mustache Above The Lip In 7 Steps

Mustaches are making a big style comeback – and with good reason, as they are a classic look for men. 

But mustaches can become unruly if not properly cared for as they grow out. As a result, more and more people are looking for the perfect way to maintain theirs. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy, and it can be a case of trial and error as you learn what works for you. 

This is especially the case when it comes to trimming your mustache, which can lead to disappointing results if you don’t arm yourself with the basic knowledge of how to approach the task.

Many men in particular find it tricky to know whether or not they should be trimming their mustache just above the lip, and if so, how they should be doing this.

Fortunately for you, this article aims to answer both of these questions.

Should You Trim Your Mustache Above The Lip? 

Unless you are still trying to grow out your mustache to be longer or thicker, then yes, you should start trimming it above the lip to maintain it at its desired length. 

There are many horror stories on the web of people accidentally over trimming above the top lip line, leading to a patchy mustache or uneven lower border. 

It is true that you should always approach the trimming of your mustache with caution to avoid asymmetry or accidental over-trimming, especially when it comes to trimming stray hairs or flyaways.

The main situation where it is generally recommended to avoid trimming stray hairs is if you are still in the growing out stage of your mustache, or are trying to get your mustache to appear thicker. 

If this is the case, you have the option to part the mustache sideways with a comb and use mustache wax to keep strays at bay. 

However, trimming just above the lip will help to avoid the unpleasant sensation of hair curling over the top lip into the mouth, which some people find more uncomfortable than others. 

If you are at the stage where you need to trim your mustache above the lip, read on to find out the best way to do this. 

How To Trim A Mustache Above The Lip In 7 Easy Steps

Here’s a simple routine you can use to get great results each and every time. 

1. Pick Your Environment

The first step is to make sure you have a suitable environment to give yourself the best chance to achieve a good trim. Good lighting is a must, preferably natural daylight if you can. 

Having a decent-sized mirror so that you aren’t having to move it frequently to get your mustache into view is also helpful

2. Keep It Dry

Cut your mustache dry. Hair that is wet will appear longer than when it dries, so by cutting your mustache dry you avoid the risk of cutting it too short without realising.

This isn’t to mean you cannot wash it first – just ensure it is adequately dried before you start the cutting process. 

3. Choose Your Tools 

You can use either an electric trimmer or scissors to trim your mustache above the lip. 

What you choose will mostly depend on your experience.

Electric trimmers can be quick and effective, but it is best to make sure you are comfortable with using them first. This is because it is easier to accidentally over trim with an electric trimmer if you are not used to handling one. 

Mustache scissors, on the other hand, may give you a greater sense of control to those of you who haven’t used an electric trimmer before, as you can control the speed of the cutting. 

Click the image to check this pair out on Amazon if you’re interested. 

The decision is yours – the final effect will be similar with either tool, so pick what you are most comfortable using.

4. Comb Straight Down

Using a mustache comb, comb the hairs directly downwards. This will ensure that you trim the mustache evenly when it comes to the cutting stage. 

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Again, if you haven’t got one, check this Kent one out on Amazon by clicking the image. 

5. Follow The Lip Line

Now that you have prepared your mustache, it’s time to start trimming. 

Whether you have decided to use an electric trimmer or scissors, the main goal is to trim directly along the top lip line. 

Try not to cut so short that a large gap is visible between the top lip line and the lower border of your mustache. 

As a general rule, you want to aim for a mustache that partially covers the top lip line, but does not curl into your mouth. This way you will achieve a neat, finished look that is also practical.

6. Trim At The Philtrum (Optional Step)

The philtrum is that midline groove that runs from the top of your lip up to your nose. 

With slightly longer or fuller mustache styles, you may wish to trim a nick into the center of the mustache to accentuate the philtrum. 

To do this, simply use scissors to cut a reverse ‘V’ shape just above the bow of the lip. 

This trick will emphasize one of the most attractive parts of the face and give your mustache some extra shape and symmetry. 

7. Recomb, Recheck, Refine 

Once you’ve trimmed your mustache to the desired length, recomb the hairs in a downwards direction to check for any stragglers.

Turn your head from side to side to check for any hairs that are of an uneven length.

Once identified, trim the missed hairs directly along the top lip line, so that they match the length of the hairs that have already been trimmed.

How Often Should I Trim My Moustache Above the Lip?

Most men will find that they need to trim their mustache above the lip weekly in order to keep it at their preferred length.

Trimming your mustache on the same day of the week will also help you get into a routine with your mustache maintenance.

Keep in mind though that how frequently you need to trim your mustache will depend to some extent on the speed of your hair growth.

Other Mustache Maintenance Tips

Get scrubbing

Help to make your weekly trim easier by using a face scrub to get rid of debris and dead skin cells that can build up in your mustache. 

Use A Beard Shampoo 

Consider using a beard shampoo for your mustache to help keep the mustache hairs soft and reduce the coarseness you can get with unconditioned facial hair. 

Never use hair shampoos on your beard or mustache.

Add Some Wax 

Finally, get yourself some wax to keep your ‘tache under control and tamed in between trims. 

Applying a small amount of wax will also add some definition, making your mustache look neat even if you’re coming up for a trim. It won’t replace that weekly cut but will help to keep things looking slick until then.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your mustache trimmed is an easy way to keep it looking neat and groomed. Once you get the hang of it, trimming your mustache above the lip is simple and you can develop your own method for doing this.

Hopefully, these easy steps have helped give you the confidence to start your mustache maintenance journey – your mustache will thank you for it.