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6 Tips For Keeping Your Mustache Out Of Your Mouth

April 27, 2023
6 Tips For Keeping Your Mustache Out Of Your Mouth

The perfect mustache will take time, effort, and persistence to achieve. But once you’ve got it, you won’t go back. The question is, how do you keep the mustache out of your mouth? 

To keep a mustache out of the mouth, consider combing it to the side, trimming it, or using styling products. Other options include simply growing it a little longer to make it easier to direct away from the mouth.

Because this is such a common issue, I’ve listed below 7 of the best tips for keeping your mustache out of your mouth.

6 Tips For Keeping Your Mustache Out Of Your Mouth

There’s nothing worse than having done the hard work of growing a mustache, only to find that it keeps getting into your mouth at the most awkward moments.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon situation for mustachioed men.

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Here are some tips to help.

1. Comb It To The Side

By combing your mustache regularly to the side, you can guide the direction of the hair away from your mouth. 

Combing is generally worth incorporating into the mustache routine, but it is particularly important for longer mustaches. 

You will also reduce the risk of flyaway hairs forming and your mustache sticking out in odd places. 

This method requires some patience and perseverance. 

2. Trim It

If your mustache hairs are not that long but are still getting to the point that they are getting into your mouth at the worst moments – considering a mustache trim might be the best option for you. 

It is usually best to trim to just below the upper lip line if you want to be sure that no hairs find their way into your mouth during a meal. 

Understandably, there can be a little uncertainty about the best way to trim a mustache, and many men are hesitant if they haven’t had much experience. 

Broadly speaking, mustache scissors are usually the best way to go.

3. Use Mustache Styling Products 

Styling products can be your best friend when trying to tame an unruly mustache and stop those stray bristles from getting into the mouth.

There are many to choose from; it can get overwhelming.

Examples include waxes, balms, butter, etc.

These all work in a similar way; giving your mustache some hold, and allowing you to shape and style it as you wish.

Beard balms and butters offer a gentler level of hold.

For a higher degree of hold, consider mustache wax. This works better for longer mustaches that need a little more strength to hold them back effectively.

4. Conser Mustache Oil 

Mustache oil can give the bristles a subtle sheen, as well as make them easier to comb.

Unlike beard waxes, balms, and mustache wax, it does not give you much hold, so you cannot use it to firmly keep hairs in place.

However, by making it easier for you to comb your mustache to the side, it can help you keep those flyaways out of your mouth.  

5. Grow It A Little Longer 

Like people, mustaches can also go through an awkward stage when growing. 

When mustaches are at an awkward stage of growth, the hairs can be too short for combing or products to effectively keep them in place, but long enough that they start growing in multiple different directions, including into the mouth. 

In these scenarios, consider giving it a bit more time.

It may just take a few millimeters of growth to get your ‘stache to a length at which it is easier to direct the hairs to the side with combing or styling products. 

You just need to give it a bit of time and have a bit of patience.

Once you’re through it, it’ll hopefully be easier to guide those hairs in the direction you want them and away from your mouth. 

6. Pay Attention At Mealtimes

If you are still struggling to keep those flyaways out of your mouth, particularly at mealtimes, you can consider tackling the problem from a different angle.

Consider using a straw to drink where possible – this can prevent you from accidentally dipping your mustache into your beverage of choice. 

Lastly, having napkins to hand in case you get a little spillover onto your ‘tache is worth doing.


Unfortunately, keeping your mustache out of your mouth can come with the territory of being a mustache owner.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

The simple tips above can go a long way to giving you a hassle-free experience of keeping your misbehaving mustache at bay.

Once you find the technique that works for you, you can experience the joy of having a mustache with less of the hassle.