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7 Tips For Keeping Your Mustache Out Of Your Mouth

The perfect mustache will take time, effort, and persistence to achieve. But once you’ve got it, you won’t go back. The question is, how do you keep the mustache out of your mouth? 

To keep a mustache out of the mouth, consider combing it to the side, trimming it, or using styling products. Other options include simply growing it a little longer to make it easier to direct away from the mouth.

Because this is such a common issue, I’ve listed below 7 of the best tips for keeping your mustache out of your mouth.

7 Tips For Keeping Your Mustache Out Of Your Mouth

There’s nothing worse than having done the hard work of growing a mustache, only to find that it keeps getting into your mouth at the most awkward moments.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon situation for mustachioed men.

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Here are the potential fixes. 

1. Comb It To The Side

By combing your mustache regularly to the side, you can train the direction of hair growth away from your mouth. 

Eventually, the hairs will be trained to stay in this position if you are persistent. 

Combing or brushing your mustache regularly is a key aspect of any mustache maintenance, but it is particularly important for longer taches. 

People usually find that they really start combing to the side at the 2-month mark of mustache growth.

This is because at this stage, most people’s mustaches will have reached a length that if left untamed, will start growing into their mouth. 

By combing regularly,  you will also reduce the risk of flyaway hairs forming and your mustache sticking out in odd places. 

This method requires some patience and perseverance.  But the reward is being able to eat without worrying about chewing on your mustache hair, and getting a pretty neat-looking stache. 

2. Trim It

If your mustache hairs are not that long, but are still getting to the point that they are getting into your mouth at the worst moments – considering a mustache trim might be the best option for you. 

A periodic mustache trim is also usually needed for men who prefer their mustache hair to grow downwards in a vertical fashion as opposed to to the side. 

These men will find that they need to keep their mustache hairs shorter than if they had trained their mustache to grow sideways, as it doesn’t take long for the hairs to start to grow downwards into the mouth.

It is usually best to trim to just below the upper lip line if you want to be sure that no hairs will find their way into your mouth during a meal. 

Understandably, there can be a little uncertainty about the best way to trim a mustache, and many men are hesitant if they haven’t had much experience. 

Broadly speaking, you can use either mustache scissors, or clippers to trim your ‘tache. 

Both will have pros and cons. Generally, scissor trimming can take a bit of getting used to and will take longer than using clippers, however can give more natural-looking results.

On the flip side, clippers are quicker to use and will give you an even cut, though the results will appear less natural. 

Although we aren’t addressing it in depth in this article, you can check out this article on trimming your mustache for further information. 

3. Use Mustache Styling Products 

Styling products will be your best friend when trying to tame your unruly mustache and stop those stray bristles from getting into the mouth while you eat.

As well as being fun to use, they can be pretty effective.

There is a multitude of different mustache styling products on the market, which can be overwhelming to begin with.

To make it simple, great products to stop your mustache from getting in your mouth include beard balms or butters, and mustache wax. 

These all work in a similar way, by giving your mustache some hold which allows you to shape and style it how you wish.

Beard balms and butters offer a gentler level of hold, meaning they work well for those few stray hairs that are tickling your mouth and need to be pushed back into place.

For a higher degree of hold, go for mustache wax. This works better for longer mustaches that need a little more force to hold them back effectively.

For longer mustaches, you can also combine the combing to the side technique with some mustache wax for an even more effective method for keeping those pesky hairs out of your mouth. 

Simply apply some mustache wax after you have just finished combing your tache to the side. This will give a more reliable hold and also help to train your mustache to grow in this direction. 

Remember, there is such a thing as too much wax.

When applying mustache wax, be sure to do so sparingly and add small amounts in increments if you feel you need more.

You can end up with a very stiff and over-styled mustache if you’re not careful. Even though this will be effective at keeping your mustache out of your mouth, you definitely won’t achieve the desired natural look this way. 

4. Use Beard Oil 

Beard oil is a great addition to your mustache grooming routine and helps to make your mustache hairs softer, more pliable, and therefore easier to comb.

Unlike beard waxes, balms, and mustache wax, it does not give you much hold, so you cannot use it to firmly keep hairs in place.

However, by making it easier for you to comb your mustache to the side, it will ultimately help you keep those flyaways out of your mouth.  

Beard oil is best applied to a clean mustache just before you comb or brush it. 

It usually contains ingredients such as argan oil and jojoba oil, which have the added benefit of smelling great.

By softening and improving the texture of your mustache hairs, beard oil will also help to stop your mustache hairs from irritating the skin over your top lip, reducing that uncomfortable feeling of something tickling the top of your mouth. 

Overall, the payoff from adding this small extra step to your grooming routine is worth the effort. 

5. Use a Blowdryer 

You may be wondering, how is a blow dryer going to help keep mustache hairs out of my mouth?

It may seem odd, I know – but bear with me.

The trick with this technique is to use a blowdryer as an adjunct to styling with mustache wax.

Using a blowdryer will help to soften mustache wax once applied, making it easier to shape and style your mustache hairs away from your mouth.

After combing and applying wax to your mustache, use a hairdryer on a low or medium setting at a maximum to gently soften the wax, and further shape your mustache how you wish. 

You can use a comb while the hairdryer is on to help with shaping and styling. 

Once you have achieved the shape of your choice, simply switch the hairdryer to a cool setting, which will cause the mustache wax to set, conveniently locking your ‘tache style into place.  

Just be sure not to hold the blow dryer too close to the hair at any point. At least 8 inches away should be fine. Too much heat and pressure is never a good thing. 

And there you have it – a mustache style that should hold its shape throughout the day and stay out of your mouth. 

6. Grow It A Little Longer 

Like people, mustaches can also go through an awkward stage when growing. 

When mustaches are at an intermediate stage of growth, the hairs can be too short for combing or products to effectively keep them in place, but long enough that they start growing in multiple different directions, including into the mouth. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the tips above won’t work for mustaches at this awkward phase of their life.

In these scenarios, the best thing to do is to give it time and let your mustache grow a little longer. 

It can take just a few millimeters of growth to get your ‘tache to a length at which it is easier to direct the hairs to the side with combing or styling products. 

You just need to give it a bit of time and have a bit of patience. Luckily,  a few millimeters isn’t a lot, so you won’t have to wait too long to escape this awkward phase. 

Once you’re through it, it’ll be easier to guide those hairs in the direction you want them and away from your mouth. 

7. Pay Attention To What You Are Eating 

If you are still struggling to keep those flyaways out of your mouth, particularly at mealtimes, you can consider attacking the problem from a different angle.

Making little changes at mealtimes can help to prevent you from chomping away on your own mustache hairs.

Avoiding ‘messier’ foods such as ribs, spaghetti, soft-serve ice cream, will help you to get through your meal without needing to hose down your face afterward. 

Bite-size foods with less sauce are easier to eat with a mustache too, and taking smaller bites in general will help keep food away from your mustache. 

Consider using a straw to drink where possible – this can avoid you accidentally dipping your mustache into your beverage of choice. 

Lastly, having napkins to hand in case you get a little spillover onto your ‘tache is a must.  

And remember, don’t worry too much if you get food in your mustache – you can always wash up afterward if things don’t go to plan. 

Don’t get me wrong – you should never switch to less nutritious food for the sake of saving your mustache. But if you find that junk food tends to stick to it a bit more, why not give it a miss? 


Unfortunately, keeping your mustache out of your mouth can come with the territory of being a mustache owner.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

The simple tips above can go a long way to giving you a hassle-free experience of keeping your misbehaving mustache at bay.

Once you find the technique that works for you, you can experience the joy of having a mustache with less of the hassle. 

So go on – get experimenting.