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Should You Trim A Mustache With Clippers?

April 26, 2023
Should You Trim A Mustache With Clippers?

So, you’ve decided to join the ever-growing mustache movement. Grooming it can be a hassle right?

You may have wondered whether the pair of clippers you use might also be suitable for trimming that mustache.

In general, trimming a mustache with clippers is not recommended. The wide blade of a clipper just isn’t suited to the narrow area. You’ll generally get a poor result.

Let’s dig deeper.

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trim A Mustache With Clippers

While clippers are a popular choice for general hair removal, they won’t be a good option for a mustache. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Clippers Can Be Too Wide

Many clippers come with a wide blade that isn’t suitable for the precise trimming required for a mustache. Using this wide blade can lead to uneven trimming and a lack of precision.

You may end up removing more hair than intended.

Additionally, if you’re trying to achieve a specific mustache style, a clipper may not be able to provide the precise lines and shapes that you need.

2. Clippers Can Be Difficult To Maneuver

Clippers are designed for broader, sweeping movements. This makes it difficult to use them for precision trimming.

Mustaches come in different shapes and sizes.

Using clippers may not allow you to achieve the specific shape/style you want.

Should I Trim The Mustache With Clippers Or Scissors?

Mustache scissors will usually be the better option.

Scissors allow for intricate, meticulous sculpting of a mustache. Each strand can be given individual attention, allowing for a very nuanced and artistic outcome. This is something clippers will never be able to do. 

Clippers obviously work faster than scissors but the results will be poor.

Scissors can be tiring to use as you’re providing the energy to push through and not with an artificial motor. But the outcome usually makes it worthwhile.

How To Maintain A Pair Of Mustache Scissors

Here are some tips on maintaining a pair of mustache scissors.

1. Clean them after every use: Use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe away excess hair and dirt from the blades.

2. Oil them regularly: You can use clipper oil for this. Apply a few drops of oil to the pivot point and the blades. Then, open and close the blades a few times to distribute the oil.

3. Store them properly. When you’re not using your mustache scissors, store them in a dry and safe place. Make sure that they’re not exposed to moisture, as this can cause rust. Try to keep them in a protective case if possible.

By following these tips, your mustache scissors should remain in good condition.