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7 Ways To Tame A Wiry And Wild Mustache

May 2, 2023
7 Ways To Tame A Wiry And Wild Mustache

Scraggly, thin, dry, wiry – whatever you want to call it, there are things that can be done about it. But it’s always better to do them sooner rather than later. So, how exactly do you tame a wiry mustache? 

A wiry mustache can be improved by adopting good grooming habits, such as regular oiling, combing, and balming. Patience and giving the mustache enough time to mature before judging it are also important. 

Let’s dig into these fixes a little deeper. 

Although it may sound simple enough, one of the difficulties is persistence. Doing them now and again may be easy enough. 

But getting them into a daily routine is the key to taming a wild mustache. 

Let’s get to it. 

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7 Ways To Tame A Wiry And Wild Mustache

As with anything in men’s grooming, persistence, patience, and experimentation are the keys to success. 

1. Mustache Scissors

The power of mustache scissors should never be underestimated.

We’re talking about scissors specifically designed for trimming mustache hair. 

Mustache scissors have shorter blades to allow for more precision when trimming. The ability to snip wiry, stray hairs intricately is important when you’re trimming within such a small area. 

The scissors themselves are generally shorter, averaging between 4 and 5 inches long. This allows for easier maneuvering of the blades in the tight areas of the mustache. 

In general, mustache scissors need to have a good grip to allow for steady hands, with wide-enough openings and sometimes even in-built finger rests. 

The main way in which mustache scissors tame a mustache is by snipping stragglers with more precision than you’d be able to with a regular pair. 

Sure, you could use an electric trimmer to tame that mustache, but it gives you so much less control. You’ll be restricted to trimming off large chunks instead of getting more precise and intricate with it. 

2. Mustache Combs 

Using a dedicated mustache comb like the classic Kent A 81T (Amazon Link) is the mark of a serious mustache-ianado. 

A man that takes his mustache grooming seriously. Even if that isn’t you, it’s just a cool tool to have to hand in any case. A surprisingly masculine addition to any bathroom drawer.

But anyway, the ways in which it tames a wiry mustache include detangling it. 

Combing it regularly will guide the mustache hair to lay the way you want it to. In general, this will be downward and to the sides on each end. You want it neat and flat, with those pesky bristles away from the mouth. 

You could start by combing each half of the mustache downward. After this, part the mustache in the middle using the comb. Comb out to one side, before repeating this on the other half of the mustache. 

Although this will work for most people, the direction in which you comb will be a decision you’ll come to after experimentation and with experience. 

The narrow and (relatively) long teeth of a mustache comb are also great for digging into the depths of the mustache and detangling any tangles. 

This is particularly important for longer and thicker mustaches where the deeper parts may become neglected and knotted. Once it’s detangled, the mustache should look fuller and tidier than before. 

Fewer troublesome mustache hairs sticking out

3. Beard Oil 

Beard oil is an intensely masculine way to add a nice, gentle sheen to any wiry mustache. 

You can choose to apply a couple of drops (or however much beard oil you think is necessary) before or after you brush or comb. 

Applying the oil before you brush or comb is great because the bristles of the brush or teeth of the comb can help to distribute the oil evenly throughout the mustache. 

4. Finger Twists

Fingers are great for tousling, twisting, producing texture, and more. 

Mustachioed men know just how fun it can be to twist their mustache. Plus, it helps them concentrate in particularly complex situations. 

But finger twists are also great for pinching the mustache and grouping the hairs together, ensuring they stay in place and making it look less wild. 

So, once you’ve combed, try twisting the mustache on either side a little.

If you do try this, do it gently.

5. Boar Bristle Brush

Brushes aren’t quite as popular as combs are for mustaches, but they do still serve their purpose. 

Boar hair is very similar to mustache hair in texture, so it glides through it pretty easily without much tugging and pulling. 

It’s another great way to guide the mustache hair to stay in place, just like with combing. It’ll discipline a wiry mustache to lay straighter. 

Over time, you may find that you need to brush and comb less to get the same effect.

Boar bristle beard brushes aren’t as good as combs are for detangling, which is why men with longer and thicker mustaches would probably benefit more from a comb. 

This is because the bristles of the brush aren’t as long and so aren’t as good for digging into the deeper parts. 

Brushing and combing are good habits to get into if you’re looking to tame a mustache. You may choose to do both, or you may prefer one over the other. It’s worth trying out both to see. 

However, avoid brushes other than boar hair brushes, and avoid synthetic or nylon combs. These generally do more harm than good. 

Synthetic brushes and combs, for instance, create static and can cause a mustache to look even more wild and wiry. 

6. Mustache Balm

OK, so once the majority of the taming and styling is done, you’ll probably want a product with some hold to keep your hard work in place. 

Beard oil is great, but unfortunately, it really doesn’t have any hold. As the day goes on, you’ll probably find those pesky flyaways sticking out no matter how solid those finger twists were earlier in your grooming routine. 

Using a product with some hold will do some of the hard work for you. 

You probably won’t usually need anything too strong. In other words, something with more hold than oil, but not so much hold that it feels heavy or overbearing. 

If you’re not looking to style anything too complicated and simply want those mustache hairs laying downward and to the side in each direction, you won’t need a lot. 

Beard balm (Amazon Link) is a good option. It provides just enough hold for the majority of mustached men’s needs but doesn’t feel heavy either. 

Plus, they’re generally pretty moisturizing, both for the mustache and the underlying skin. 

7. Mustache Wax 

If balm or butter isn’t quite enough for your mustached needs, you’ll need something with a stronger hold. 

Enter – wax. 

Wax does have a stronger hold than balms and butter, but the compromise is that it’ll usually feel heavier as well. 

You won’t need to use much with each application to get the desired effect. Use too much and you risk it feeling heavy and overbearing. 

If you’re looking for some solid mustache wax to tame those wiry bristles, Fisticuffs (Amazon Link) is a well-reviewed option. 


There you have it. As you can see, there aren’t any quick fixes, but it can usually be helped.