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What’s The Longest Clipper Guard? [5 Brands Compared]

January 10, 2021
What’s The Longest Clipper Guard? [5 Brands Compared]

DIY haircuts are becoming common. As a result, men are looking to become more familiar with exactly what a pair of clippers can do for them. So, what’s the longest clipper guard? 

The longest Wahl clipper guard is a #12 (1.5 inches) and the longest Oster clipper guard is a #10 (1.25 inches). In addition, the longest Andis and Remington clipper guard is a #8 (1 inch), while the longest BabylissPRO clipper guard is a #6 (0.75 inches).

That’s the answer in a nutshell – now let’s dig a little deeper. 

It can be pretty frustrating when your clippers don’t come with the length you need. This is something you should check before you buy it. 

But why do brands have different longest lengths? Also, is it possible to get even longer lengths despite the most well-known brands not supplying them with their kits? 

I’m about to answer those questions (and more). 

Why Do Brands Have Different Longest Clipper Guards? 

In general, brands don’t focus on how long they can get their clipper guards. They focus more on providing a range of clipper guards within a narrow length range, to provide as much control and flexibility as possible. 

But why is Wahl’s longest a #12, while Oster’s is a #10 and the rest settle for a #8 or shorter? 

It’s impossible to know this for certain, but you can bet that they want to remain competitive with one another. Ultimately, the more lengths they can provide the better as they would appeal to a wider market of men. 

However, it does get to a point where the number of men looking for a specific clipper guard length is so small that it’s no longer in their interest to keep pushing the limits. 

Each brand would have drawn the line at a point where they saw this becoming the case. That brings me to my next point. 

Why Don’t Clipper Guards Come In Even Longer Sizes? 

Clipper guards don’t increase in length indefinitely; this would be pointless. 

Once the hair becomes a certain length, clipper cuts just look unattractive. Plus, the trim will most likely not be effective no matter how good the clipper itself is. 

You probably won’t ever find a 5-inch clipper guard, but you can be pretty sure that trying to trim a “5-inch haircut” on top using a pair of clippers won’t lead to aesthetically pleasing results. 

It’s quite widely accepted that beyond an inch in length, trying to trim with a pair of clippers won’t give you a good outcome. 

In fact, even that’s a stretch. Clippers are best for buzzing down. You can get long buzz cuts (number 5 and above), but in general, the most effective buzz cuts are a number 4 or lower. 

In addition, clippers are best for tapering, fading, or buzzing down the sides and back while the top is left longer. Once again, you’ll rarely find barbers grabbing for anything longer than a #4 for this purpose. 

When trimming anything longer than this on top, strongly consider going for a scissor cut instead, as the results will look a lot more natural. 

Hair clipper guards work by adjusting the length of hair that comes into contact with the clipper blade. 

It’s an incredibly effective way of trimming your hair down to a very even length. 

This is great for achieving ultra-sleek and short styles where you want all of the hair to be exactly equal. For example – buzz cuts. 

But when you’re looking to rock a longer hairstyle, having all of the hair exactly the same length will just look awkward and unattractive. A scissor-cut would be better. 

So, the reason clipper guards don’t increase in length indefinitely is that after a certain point, they just become pointless to use. They weren’t designed for styling longer hair. 

Can You Find Even Longer Clipper Guards Online? 

Having said all of that, there are plenty of men still looking for even longer clipper guards than those which come with the authentic brand manufacturers’ kits. 

The main reason for this is convenience.

Although scissor-cuts are so much better for longer trims, they take time, some dexterity, and a little bit of know-how. 

Honestly, when it comes to DIY trims, you can’t blame a guy for exploring simpler and quicker options. 

You can get longer clipper guards online that aren’t built by the clipper brands themselves but do fit onto their clippers. 

Have a look on Amazon

But because they aren’t exactly “verified”, you need to be careful when you buy them. Make sure they fit (or at least claim to fit) the specific brand of clipper you use. 

Also, check the reviews to make sure they’re legitimate. Here’s an example of a 2-inch guard that fits Wahl clippers (Amazon Link). 

You’ll most likely find it hard to get hold of one longer than 2 inches, to be honest. 

Any Other Ways To Get Longer Trims With Clippers? 

There’s an interesting and surprisingly effective tool called HairFin (Amazon Link) that will allow you to get longer trims with your clippers.

In other words, it’ll allow you to trim much longer than your longest clipper guard allows, while still getting the evenness and precision that a clipper blade will achieve. 

You can’t really call them “guards” because they don’t actually attach to the blades. 

They’re more like “guides” and come in a set of three – 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. 

They allow you to stretch the hair to a specific length. You then trim the excess at the top above the guide with a clipper blade knowing you’ll be left with the exact length specified. 

It’s fun because it’s so simple and does the trick. It may not be as slick as simply attaching a guard to the blade and trimming carefree. 

Plus, you’ll still most likely find it hard to do it completely by yourself and get a good result. Having a trusted loved one do it for you would usually be best. 

It’s a great option for men that are desperate for a trim longer than what their clipper guards allow for, but don’t want the hassle of a scissor trim. 


There you have it. Hopefully, everything you wanted to know about clipper guards and just how long they go. 

For those of you that want those ultra-long trims, the solution at the end may not be ideal, but maybe all we’ve got to work with for now. 

There may well be better options in the future, but for now, it’ll probably do.