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Levi’s Vs Levi’s Premium: Differences And How To Choose

December 21, 2022
Levi’s Vs Levi’s Premium: Differences And How To Choose

Most people know Levi’s for their denim jeans, but not many people know of Levi’s separate collections and the differences between them.

When people shop Levi’s for the first time, a common question is, what’s the difference between Levi’s and Levi’s Premium?

Levi’s regular range is the more affordable version of Levi’s classic denim clothing. Levi’s Premium range is a more recent, expensive and updated version of Levi’s staple designs, and is produced to a higher quality finish.

That’s an overview of the main differences, but read on to find out a little more about what to expect when it comes to these collections. 

Levi’s Vs Levi’s Premium: 7 Differences

As I’ve mentioned, Levi’s has several different collections, and Levi’s Premium is a separate entity than the regular Levi’s collection.

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Let’s go through some of the main differences between Levi’s and Levi’s Premium.

1. Stitches Per Inch

One main difference between these two collections comes down to the stitching.

Levi’s Premium clothing has more stitches per inch than Levi’s regular clothing. 

This extra stitching essentially means that more time has been spent on each Premium garment and hence the finish is higher quality.

With more time spent on each garment, you can also expect that a little more care has been taken in the manufacture of Levi’s Premium products, whereas regular Levi’s jeans have probably been crafted under more time pressure.

Overall this means that Levi’s Premium clothing tends to have seams that are of higher quality, which makes the garment look more expensive.

2. Fabric

If you compare Levi’s regular jeans to a pair of Levi’s Premium jeans, you’ll find that the fabric of the Premium pair is noticeably softer to touch.

This is because Premium jeans have a slightly higher cotton content vs elastane content compared with the regular Levi’s collection. 

Although the difference in composition may be small, it creates a palpable difference in texture that again makes Levi’s Premium clothing feel like a higher-end product. 

3. Sizing 

A common irk with Levi’s is that the sizing can be a little inconsistent – you may find that multiple pairs of the same sized jeans actually fit you differently.

When it comes to Levi’s Premium, the quality control seems to be more streamlined and there is considered to be less difference in sizing when compared with the regular Levi’s collection.

One reason for this could be that a good proportion of the clothing in the Levi’s Premium range is still manufactured in the States, whereas Levi’s regular clothing tends to be manufactured in different factories all over the world.

This is because having multiple manufacturers for the same clothing range means that some variability in sizing is much more likely. 

4. Premium Label

Perhaps a more obvious difference between these two Levi’s collections is the presence or absence of a ‘Levi’s Premium’ label.

Levi’s Premium range clothing carries a cream-colored rectangular label with the words ‘Levi’s Premium’ on them. 

On denim jeans, this label is sewn into the inner rim of the waistband, so it is not visible when worn. 

Levi’s regular clothing doesn’t carry an extra label like this, so this is an easy way to differentiate between items from these two separate collections. 

5. Busted Seams

Another difference between these two clothing collections is to do with the seams. This difference isn’t obvious unless you know what to look for.

Levi’s Premium clothing is more likely to be made with busted seams than Levi’s regular clothing.

Busted seams are a type of higher quality seam that reduces the risk of ‘busting’ or splitting of the seams. 

With busted seams, two pieces of adjacent fabric are sewn together and then ironed open or flat, which distributes the bulk of the fabric to either side of the seam line and gives a more secure join. 

The extra overhang of fabric in a busted seam also allows some more room for tailoring if needed.

Levi’s regular range doesn’t generally have this type of seam in their items, so there may be a higher risk of the pants splitting over time.

6. Leather Patch 

A lot of people know Levi’s denim jeans for their brown leather-look patch at the back of the waistband.

A difference between Levi’s Premium jeans and Levi’s regular range is that the patch on Premium jeans is made of real leather, or at least a leather-look material, whereas in the regular range this patch is made of more of a paper-feel material.

Both are a staple of brand recognition for Levi’s, but on closer inspection, you can tell the difference between these two collections by checking the Levi’s patch.

7. Price 

An important difference between these two collections (and one that most people will be aware of) is the price.

Levi’s Premium jeans are noticeably higher in price compared with the Levi’s regular range.

This makes sense if you consider the way these two collections are manufactured and that you can expect Levi’s Premium clothing to be of a higher quality. 

Prices can vary depending on the source and location, but you can expect to find a pair of 501 denim jeans in the Levi’s regular range for between 60-70 dollars (before any discounts), whereas a Premium pair will set you back more in the region of 89 – 100 dollars. 

Levi’s Vs Levi’s Premium: How To Choose

Hopefully, you’re now aware of the main differences between Levi’s and Levi’s Premium clothing collections.

Although this knowledge will help you to choose between these two collections, let’s discuss in more detail the factors you should consider when deciding which to buy from.

1. Budget

A clear deciding factor is your budget.

Not everyone’s keen on breaking the bank when it comes to clothes, and perhaps you want to keep costs low, even if it compromises a bit on quality. 

If this resonates with you then it’s best to buy from the Levi’s regular collection.

Levi’s also frequently will have discounts on their online store, so if you’re lucky you can get an extra price cut at checkout, making your purchase even more affordable.

2. Longevity

If you prioritize quality over cost, then consider buying from the Levi’s Premium collection.

Because of the higher quality fabric and more time spent on each garment in the manufacturing process, clothes from the Levi’s Premium collection are likely to last longer than the regular Levi’s clothing.

Some people might therefore think the higher price is worth the increase in longevity, as you’ll need to buy less frequently so you might actually save some money in the long run.

It’s up to you at the end of the day, but this is something else to think about before you buy.

3. Buying Online Vs In-Store 

Whether you buy online or in-store can be an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing between these two collections.

I mentioned before that Levi’s Premium tends to have less variance when it comes to sizing compared with the regular Levi’s range.

If you’re buying online, buying from a collection with more reliable sizing is probably going to be a lot more convenient for you – after all, everyone hates ordering clothes online, finding they don’t fit then having to return them and go through the whole process again.

So if you’re online shopping, you might prefer to go for Levi’s Premium.

On the other hand, if you’re buying in-store and have the opportunity to try on clothes before you buy them, then this isn’t as much of an issue for you.

Either way, it’s something that a lot of people don’t think about when shopping online until it’s too late.


So there you have it; a breakdown of two of Levi’s main collections and the differences between them.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions and helped you along your way.