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Can You Wear A Leather Jacket To A Wedding?

December 22, 2022
Can You Wear A Leather Jacket To A Wedding?

Weddings can be pretty fun. But figuring out what to wear and how to wear it can get tricky for some. So, can you wear a leather jacket to a wedding?

In general, you shouldn’t wear a leather jacket to a wedding as it’s far too casual and will clash with your attire underneath. Wearing a leather jacket over a suit would not be appropriate for even the more casual weddings. 

That’s the short answer – but there’s plenty more to it than that. 

Let’s explore this in further detail now. 

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Leather Jacket To A Wedding

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wear a leather jacket to a wedding. Let’s get into those now. 

leather jacket and suit
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1. It’s Way Too Casual 

The first reason why you shouldn’t wear a leather jacket to a wedding is it’s far too casual. Leather jackets are associated with urban streetwear and found their fame by being associated with the rock and roll culture of the 1950s. 

They’re not exactly compatible with the more formal and conservative nature of traditional weddings. The formal wear and plethora of smart suits, tuxedos, and dresses on display make this clear.

If you aspire to look as smart as possible at the wedding, then wear a suit and leave the leather jacket at home for the time being. 

2. It’s Pretty Hard To Pair With Formal Attire

When you think of classic and timeless accessories with traditional wedding wear such as suits, ties, and dresses, a leather jacket is highly unlikely to come to mind. 

As we stated earlier, the leather jacket is usually associated with urban streetwear and the rocker culture from the 1950s. As a result, it clashes with the tradition of conventional wedding attire. 

It’s not easy to pair a leather jacket with a suit, dress shirt, and tie. Attempting to do so will result in some strange looks from your fellow wedding-goers and could even anger the wedding couple. 

You can spend all day trying to make your shiny leather jacket look good with the rest of your outfit, but the huge contrast in styles will render your efforts almost pointless. 

3. You’ll Stand Out (In A Bad Way)

There’s nothing wrong with adding a personalized, unique touch to traditional wedding gear, but a leather jacket may be a bridge too far. 

When no one else is wearing one and the wedding invite specifically stated that “formal” would be the attire of choice, your decision to rock a leather jacket could spark some unwanted controversy for you and send some disapproving looks your way. 

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics. 

leather jacket over black suit
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2 Exceptions When A Leather Jacket May Be OK For A Wedding

There are, however, instances where rocking a leather jacket to a wedding might be acceptable. Not all weddings are buttoned-down and traditional, and depending on the couple’s personalities, a wide spectrum of wear may be appropriate. 

While a leather jacket usually wouldn’t ever be the best option regardless, consider these possible exceptions in any case. 

A Themed Wedding

Weddings can take many different forms depending on the theme along with the personalities of those tying the knot. 

There are numerous instances where ceremonies have unusual or different dress codes, and a leather jacket could certainly be appropriate. For example, a Grease-themed or a rockabilly-themed wedding would both obviously strongly approve of it. 

So, too, could a biker or heavy metal-themed ceremony. There are a lot of subcultures a leather jacket could fit into, so there’s a good chance it would be suitable to wear one if the wedding has a unique theme such as this. 

It’s always best to double-check, however, to make sure you’re certain that you’re dressing appropriately. 

Wedding Reception

Furthermore, you could also wear one at a wedding reception as these events have more laid-back rules. 

It’s common to see people with undone top buttons, ties taken off, and rolled up shirt sleeves at a wedding reception, so this is the best time to wear your leather jacket if you’re adamant about doing so. 

Tips For Wearing Leather Jackets To Weddings (If You Can)

If your decision to wear a leather jacket has been given the green light, here are some tips to ensure you rock it as best as you can. 

Make Sure It’s the Right Fit 

Leather jackets don’t always have to be baggy, and choosing one of this fit will make your outfit look scruffy and untidy. 

It is, therefore, important that you choose a jacket that compliments your clothing underneath. There are a lot of options out there for slim-fitting leather jackets, and choosing one will make your outfit look a lot more streamlined than a simple baggy jacket. 

If you’re going to mix formal and informal clothing, it’s vital that your outfit has a proper fit. 

Check The Color

Contrary to what most people think, leather jackets aren’t always black. In fact, they can come in a spectrum of colors from white, to red, to brown. 

It’s essential that you choose a leather jacket with a color complimenting the rest of your wedding get-up. You don’t want to be wearing a bright red leather jacket with black trousers and shoes, for example. 

It can be tricky choosing the right colored leather jacket but planning this plays an essential role in determining how well your overall outfit comes together. 

Make Sure It’s Complimentary

It’s important you build the rest of your outfit around your leather jacket. 

In other words, the outfit should complement the leather jacket. 

For example, it’s not recommended you wear traditional suit trousers and a buttoned-down shirt. Instead, go for clothes that fit in line with the style you’re trying to achieve. 

Your outfit should reflect the laid-back, urban style your jacket connotes. Try wearing a more casual, patterned suit made from a more rugged fabric such as tweed instead. 

Alternatively, try a dress pants and blazer combination instead of a formal suit. 

Wearing a leather jacket on top of a formal suit just doesn’t look right at a wedding. You’d be much better off wearing a formal overcoat instead. 

Double Check With The Couple

As we stated before, wearing a leather jacket to a wedding is suitable if the dress code allows it. 

It may be worth checking with the wedding couple or someone that’s involved in the wedding planning before attending. 

While it isn’t ideal to bother them while they’re busy, doing so early would probably be preferable to them than seeing someone at their wedding in unsuitable attire. 


It’s generally not recommended or encouraged to wear a leather jacket at a wedding, though there may be a couple of exceptions worth bearing in mind. 

It’s more acceptable to wear one at a wedding reception, since the rules are more laid-back, than at the actual wedding ceremony itself.