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How To Trim A Mustache With Scissors

April 26, 2023
How To Trim A Mustache With Scissors

More and more men are now choosing to switch back to a trusty pair of scissors for trimming their mustaches. You’re about to learn how to trim a mustache with scissors.

Disclaimer: There is a risk of injury when using scissors to trim any sort of hair. It’s important to bear this in mind before choosing to do so. The following routine is based on personal experience and opinion; it may not be appropriate for everyone’s individual circumstances and shouldn’t be considered “complete”. See full content disclaimer here

How To Trim A Mustache With Scissors

Consider the following routine.

Before you begin trimming, gather everything you will need:

  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Boar bristle brush (for long mustaches)
  • Mustache scissors

1. Comb It

Combing through the mustache before trimming can make a significant difference.

Use a small, fine-toothed mustache comb initially. Then follow it up with a boar bristle brush if the mustache is long enough to benefit from one.

2. Start Shaping The Bottom Line

Grip your mustache scissors and start making small snips along the bottom line. Be very careful not to nick the skin.

When trimming, try to look straight to avoid making any angular mistakes.

3. Tackle The Volume

Take the comb and straighten the mustache out once again. Using the comb, isolate the length you want to trim off and make careful snips.

The Type Of Scissors You Should Trim Your Mustache With

Consider the following factors. It’s usually best to use scissors dedicated to mustache trimming, as opposed to using generic scissors.

1. Length of the blade

Usually, mustache scissors have shorter blades because that allows for better precision when trimming.

2. Length of the scissors

In a salon, you will see barbers using scissors that measure anywhere between 5.5 inches and 7 inches.

However, that’s not a great choice when you’re trimming your mustache at home. Ideally, you should go for mustache scissors; they usually measure between 4 and 5 inches.

3. Material

Most mustache scissors are made with stainless steel. However, you should be careful because there are different grades of stainless steel. 

Since you will be using the scissors on your face, they should be made with high-quality steel.

4. Grip

Opt for scissors that offer a very good grip. You should be able to keep your hands steady when you’re trimming. 

Make sure that you invest in scissors that are comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

Additional Mustache Grooming Tips

Consider the following tips.

1. The beard and mustache are separate beasts

If you want to sport both a beard and a mustache, then you must make a point to distinguish between them when grooming. They are separate beasts and should be treated individually.

This is less important when the mustache isn’t a prominent feature of your facial hairstyle. For example, with a goatee, it isn’t that big a deal if you treat the mustache and beard as a single entity. 

But with a Van Dyke for example, you’ll want to nurture each component individually to get the best result. 

2. Combing should become second-nature

Combing your mustache should become a familiar activity. Don’t wait for your next trimming session in order to comb your ‘stache. Integrate it into your routine.


It might seem a bit of an ordeal the first time you try it, but people seem to get the hang of it pretty quickly.