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10 Crucial Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 30

July 31, 2023
10 Crucial Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 30

Going bald at 30 tends to bring about a wide range of emotions in a man. Your 30s are often defined by a sense of reaching emotional maturity, settling down, and coming to terms with one’s own limitations and mortality. 

But 30 is still quite early in this phase. Because of this, going bald may well bring about the same waves of insecurity that defined our younger years. 

It’s important to realize early on that balding at a rather young age can actually bring some serious benefits. You still have the residual vigor and vibrance of your youth, while being mature enough to properly understand the importance of confidence and style. 

This article will focus on what a man can do to elevate his balding into something infinitely more positive and attractive. 

The myth that men’s fashion is only for the genetically blessed needs to be debunked. There are countless examples of men who defy this and prove the opposite is true. 

A stylish man is able to work with his imperfections and flip them into attributes. There’s no better example than a masculine, confident, and stylish bald man. 

2 Key Principles Of Going Bald In Your 30s Gracefully

Before we move on to our 10 crucial tips, I wanted to categorize them into three key domains. This should help you see the bigger picture and show you why the tips work so much better when followed together. 

There are many examples of bald men who are objectively considered stylish men. Not “stylish bald men”. Simply stylish men. 

The Rock and Vin Diesel are usually the first ones that come to mind. When they’re mentioned, however, balding men tend to be quite quick to retort with counter-arguments. “They’re different to me”, “they’re celebrities”, “they’re better looking”, and so on. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. These 3 key principles are what sets them apart and there’s nothing universal or special about them. 

Whether you’re already rocking a beautifully smooth dome or are simply well on your way to that, these principles will apply to you too. 

1. Stay Fashionable 

The experience of going bald in your 30s has an unpleasant tendency to lead to a sense of defeat. 

There’s nothing more dangerous and unmasculine than feeling like “this is the end”. This is especially the case when we’re talking about something as natural and universal as balding. 

You always have options and ways of making it work for you. 

Your choice of clothing is a perfect example. When you’re bald, what you wear can look even more striking. 

At the age of 30, you may have the benefit of having a little extra cash at your disposal. You may well be able to afford some nicer outfits and accessories to go with your new smooth dome. 

2. Stay Confident

Hair loss in a man usually brings about a fairly rapid reduction in self-esteem. Unfortunately, this can lead to far-reaching consequences in a wide range of domains; socially, romantically, career-wise, and so on. 

Staying grounded is crucially important. Understanding that confidence, style, and attraction aren’t tied to your hair is the key to moving forward. 

One benefit of balding at 30 is that men are often emotionally mature enough to understand this. They also sometimes have the benefit of being settled in long-term relationships which does certainly help with self-esteem. 

Having said that, there are plenty of single men at 30 looking for a partner. The sooner they learn how to approach the process of balding from a more dominant and confident perspective, the more pleasurable they’ll find social interaction going forward. 

That brings me nicely onto Tip #1. 

10 Style Tips For Men Going Bald At 30

Hopefully, those three key principles will help you see the bigger picture. Now it’s time to zoom in and dig deeper. 

Follow these tips and flip your perception of balding from an ordeal to a journey. 

1. Embrace It Sooner Rather Than Later

I put this one first because I do believe it’s time-critical. The sooner you embrace going bad, the sooner you can start enjoying life to the maximum. 

At the age of 30, time wasted fretting about hair loss could distract you from some of the best years of your life. 

The lingering disappointment over falling follicles is quite simply a waste of time. Male-pattern baldness is something that just happens and it’s happened for millennia. 

The sooner you accept the fact that you are bald or will one day be bald, the sooner you can start making it work for you. 

In terms of style tips, this one is very high-level. It’s the one that trickles down from the top and can affect everything else. Confidence oozes down into the way you carry yourself; the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress. 

A confident bald man that’s fully come to terms with his baldness is an unstoppable force. Own it and embrace it as part of your identity. 

In your 30s, you may well have kids or have a couple on the way. It’s important that this confidence in your appearance is obvious to them at the earliest possible stages of their lives. 

They cling to that stuff. Your confidence will eventually trickle down onto them and that’s pretty awesome. 

2. Consider A Buzz Cut

This tip is more concrete. It’s aimed at those men who are balding but still have some hair on top to work with. 

A buzz cut is a short haircut dependent on the use of a clipper. Common ones include: 

  • Induction Cut – Short and the same length in all directions and dimensions. 
  • Burr Cut – Top very slightly longer than the sides (by a few millimeters). 
  • Crew Cut – Top significantly longer than the short and buzzed down sides. 

Buzz cuts are great for balding men. Trimming the hair down very short reduces the patchy appearance of thinning hair and can actually make a receding hairline look less obvious. 

Receding hairline on a crew cut with high fade
A Great Crew Cut With A Receding Hairline


Incorporating a high fade into the sides can be even more effective. The fade almost absorbs the receding hairlines and makes them less prominent. 

It’s also just an extremely convenient style for a bald man to maintain himself. Using a clipper is extremely easy if you aren’t doing anything fancy. Even tapering the sides isn’t very technically complex. 

So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s masculine, neat, and stylish, a buzz cut could be the perfect choice as a balding man. 

3. A Clean Shave Can Look Great

An ultra-smooth dome can speak volumes about a man. Here’s a man that makes the effort to polish his bald scalp regularly; style-conscious, confident, and sophisticated. 

The beauty of a clean shave is that any anxiety you may have had over receding hairlines or bald patches could suddenly vanish. 

No more nervous mirror glances or awkward comb-overs. It’s all gone. 

The freedom this brings is something you can’t really put a price on. It’s the ultimate sign of acceptance, with a hint of defiance to boot. 


Shaving one’s head can be an incredibly liberating experience. Once you start this habit it becomes something you look forward to. A moment in time when you can just focus all of your attention on one objective; a beautifully smooth scalp. 

The thought of it may seem daunting. But especially for men in quite advanced stages of balding, it’s definitely worth considering. 

4. Use Glasses To Your Advantage

Of course, this won’t apply to every bald or balding man. Men “fortunate” enough not to have to wear glasses may not feel this one is relevant. 

It always seemed interesting to me how a lot of people that didn’t need to wear glasses wished they did, simply because they appreciated how useful they were as an accessory. 

At age 30 deteriorating vision may eventually catch up with you and glasses may well become necessary. 

If you happen to wear glasses make sure they’re working their hardest for you. In other words, make sure they’re the right pair to go with your facial structure and balding scalp. 

Losing hair from the top of your head exposes the shape of your face like you may never have experienced before. 

For instance, a man may not have expected how round their face would look when bald. Wearing glasses with sharply-contoured and geometrically-shaped frames would work very well. 

They would add balance and nicely contrast the smooth lines and curves of a round face and bald head. 

Alternatively, round frames would nicely contrast a face with sharper and more chiseled contours. 

That’s what glasses can do – add contrast and balance when you need it the most. 

There’s also just something about the bald with glasses look that gives off a seriously intellectual vibe. With no hair or little hair on top of the head, there isn’t as much distraction and all eyes will be on those glasses (pun intended). 

5. Grow Out That Beard, Sir

This tip follows on very nicely from the last. The reason for this is that what a beard can do for a balding man is very similar to what glasses can do. 

They can add balance. 

As you lose hair from the top, people will start to see more and more skin from your neck up. Growing a beard is a nice way to create some contrast. 

With the shape of your face and head very much exposed, there’s little you can do to change things from the top. 

When you had more hair you would’ve been able to change up your style to make a face look less round or less long and so on. 

Shaved head with beard and glasses
A Shaved Head With A Beard And Glasses

Unfortunately, you may not have that benefit anymore. 

But a beard could do what your hair used to be able to do; adjust your facial shape into something you find more appealing. For instance, making your chin look longer and more chiseled. 

A well-groomed beard can look extremely masculine with a bald or balding head. But grooming it should be taken seriously. An untidy and unkempt beard won’t impress anyone – whether you’re bald or not. 

Stick to basic beard grooming principles such as trimming, brushing, and oiling, and you’ll be absolutely fine. 

6. Invigorate Your Wardrobe

The main principle at work when it comes to fashion and balding is that having less hair on your head leads to there being less natural contrast. 

Again, there’s more of your natural skin color visible from the neck up. 

Clothes and accessories can be used to add contrast in these circumstances.

Sunglasses are a great accessory to use to your advantage. The change in tone they bring can almost divide the face and scalp. This is sort of what the frontal hairline would have previously done. 

Plus, they just look very sophisticated on a bald man. 

Another benefit of balding in your 30s is that you may have a little bit more cash than you would have had in your 20s. 

You may well be able to afford a more refined wardrobe to help you stand out from a sea of other balding men. 

Once you start to appreciate the value of a varied and purposeful wardrobe, fashion will naturally become a priority. 

7. Take Headwear Seriously

Hats serve two purposes for balding men. 

Before I talk about those, it’s important to mention that hats should never be worn with the intent of hiding baldness. This practice seems harmless but it does absolutely nothing for your self-esteem and confidence. 

It’s also usually quite obvious when a hat is being used for the purpose of hiding thinning hair. Wearing it at inappropriate times and choosing hats that stylistically conflict with the rest of the outfit are usually tell-tale signs. 

This goes back to one of the three key principles; stay confident. Embrace balding and do not hide it. 

The two main purposes that hats serve for balding men are to use as a fashion accessory and for protection against the weather. 

Hats can look fantastic on bald and balding men. They’re great for adding height, as hair loss has obviously taken a little bit of height away. 

Fedoras and Trilbys can look very dapper indeed in the summer. There is a huge range of options available – too many for the scope of this article. It’s just important to bear in mind. 

Protection against the weather is also crucial when you’ve got a bald scalp. Hair loss takes away that cozy insulating layer you may have gotten used to. Suddenly, the cold chill of winter seems a little bit frostier. 

A good-quality beanie hat will help you retain warmth while also acting as a great fashion accessory during the winter months. 

8. Work Out

You may well have noticed how much better a balding man looks when he’s physically built and looks healthy in general. 

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Jason Statham are prime examples to look at for inspiration. 

Of course, it could be argued that any man would look better with a more toned and muscled figure, whether they were balding or not. 

That’s true. 

A bald man with a great body just looks incredibly striking, masculine, and imposing. Losing a bit of excess fat is also a great way to define and chisel the jawline and lower part of the face. 

This is only ever a good thing for a bald man where the top of the face (head) is naturally round.  

Make full use of the energy and vigor of youth in your 30s and hit the gym regularly and with a purpose.  

9. Treat Yourself To A Professional Shave

It’ll eventually become very straightforward to maintain your hair when balding, whether that’s a clean shave or a close trim. 

It can be easy to get into the DIY mentality pretty soon; you’ll quickly come to appreciate the convenience and the cost savings. 

But a good relationship with a good barber is priceless for a balding man. 

Good barbers often have a very deep understanding of balding and how to make it look great based on your specific features. 

The process of balding is very fluid; your hair may well look different after just a few months. It’s important to keep in touch with a good barber and continually ask what may be the best option for you at that particular moment. 

Perhaps it’s a Burr Cut, or perhaps it’s a clean shave. 

A clean shave from a barber can be a pretty zen-like experience you may want to keep returning to. 

Treat yourself, now and again. 

Plus, no matter how much practice you eventually get yourself, a good barber will usually be able to achieve a better-looking outcome. 

They’ve usually got better tools and they’ve obviously got the experience. 

The beauty of it is, finding a great barber at 30 could mean you stick with them for decades to come. 


There you have it. Some practical tips laid out in what I feel is a pretty structured framework. You may not be drawn to all of these tips, but there’s a good chance you’ll be drawn to some of them. 

Experiment frequently and enjoy the process. 

Remember, the main objectives during the balding experience are to stay fashionable, stay healthy, and stay confident. 

Keeping these principles at the front of your mind at all times should serve you very well going forward.