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Brooks Brothers Milano Vs Regent: What’s The Difference?

December 21, 2022
Brooks Brothers Milano Vs Regent: What’s The Difference?

Finding clothes that fit perfectly, from shirts to suits, can be difficult. Brooks Brothers offer many different sizes for many different builds. So, what’s the difference between Brooks Brothers “Milano” and “Regent”?

The main difference between Brooks Brothers Milano and Regent is the fit. Milano-fit shirts are 2.75 inches narrower in the chest and 1.5 inches slimmer in the waist than the Regent. Both Milano and Regent fit garments consist of high cotton content.

While that’s the gist, there’s much more to it. 

Having said that, let’s explore further.

Brooks Brothers Milano Vs Regent: 4 Key Differences

Brooks Brothers are renowned for making high-quality garments with fits suitable for all body types. It’s essential to know what type of Brooks Brothers garment is best for you.

Here are some key differences between Brooks Brothers Milano and Brooks Brothers Regent.

1. The Fit

There are several aspects to consider when referring to the “fit” of a garment. This is particularly true for shirts and suits.

It’s fair to say that Milano and Regent garments have very different fits to one another and are each suitable for different body types.

The Regent fit is considered Brooks Brothers’ traditional cut. It’s looser through the chest and waist while being slimmer at the hips than its Milano counterpart. 

Regent clothing is fitted nicely through the chest, sleeves, and body, without being overly skinny or restrictive. 

On the other hand, Milano shirts provide a tailored fit through the chest, sleeves, and body. With back darts and a higher armhole, Milano-fit shirts fit closer to the body.

Brooks Brothers shirts with a Milano fit are 2.75 inches narrower in the chest and 1.5 inches slimmer in the waist, meaning that, overall, they are more suited to somebody with a slender stature.

It’s worth mentioning that you can choose the neck size and sleeve length for most Brooks Brothers shirts, regardless of fit. 

There are also considerable differences between Brooks Brothers’ Regent and Milano-fit trousers.

The Milano-fit is Brooks Brothers’ second-slimmest trousers option, offering a contemporary silhouette with a slim-straight leg opening and a straight waist. It’s also available in three inseam lengths: 30, 32, and 34 inches.

Regent-fit pants are more relaxed than Milano-fit and don’t sit so close to the body. 

As for suits, the Milano suit is defined by its sleek silhouette and tapered waist, giving it a modern look that is perfect for the fashion-forward man. 

The Regent suit, on the other hand, features a classic cut with broader shoulders and a more relaxed fit through the body. 

2. Label

It can be difficult to differentiate between the Milano and Regent fit, especially if you’re not acquainted with them.

Luckily, Brooks Brothers have made it easy to tell which is which at a glance by their labeling. 

The standard, best-selling, Regent-fit garments have a blue label on their interior. On the other hand, the slimmer, less popular Milano-fit clothes have an interior green label.

This means that if you’re trying on in-store or given a Brooks Brothers garment as a gift, it’s easy to know which garments are Milano-fit and which are Regent-fit. 

3. Availability

Because of the different popularity of Regent-fit garments compared to Milano-fit garments, the availability of each varies.

Regent-fit clothing – whether it be suits, trousers, or shirts – are typically much more readily available.

This is due to the fact that the Regent line is Brooks Brothers’ best-selling range, as well as the traditional fit. Furthermore, many consider it the standard fit and, therefore, won’t stray from it.

Although, because of their high demand and number of sales, Regent garments can be more difficult to find, particularly at the start of a new season.

However, there are some Brooks Brothers garments – particularly trousers, such as chinos – that are only available in Milano fit. 

This means that, overall, the availability of Regent and Milano garments is about equal.

4. Target Market

Regent and Milano-fit clothing fit very differently. With Regent being a more traditional fit and Milano being a slimmer, more contemporary fit.

Naturally, the available fits of these garments attract many people of different ages, sizes, and fashion senses. 

However, there are definitely separate target markets for Milano and Regent apparel.

Because slim-fitting clothing is very much a recent development, Milano fit has a very clear target audience: men that like to keep up with the times. 

Brooks Brothers’ Regent fit, on the other hand, is much more suited to those who like the classics. 

As well as this, Regent clothing is better for those of an athletic build, as Milano is often too slim.

The price of Milano and Regent garments is the same, as is the fantastic quality.

Brooks Brothers Milano Vs Regent: How To Choose

It can be difficult to know which Brooks Brothers fit is best for you. Here are some tips on how to choose between Milano and Regent-fit garments.

1. Think About Your Body Type

Your body type is arguably the most important aspect of purchasing a shirt, suit, or trousers from Brooks Brothers. 

The different fits available allow men of all shapes and sizes to shop at Brooks Brothers; however, it’s important to know which fit is best for you.

If you’re a slender-statured man, Milano fit is likely the best choice for you. Although, those of a slimmer build can also go for Regent clothing for a more traditional look.

On the other hand, if you’re of average stature or have an athletic body type, it’s definitely worth going for the Regent line.

While the Regent fit would look more relaxed on a slimmer person, on an athletic build, Regent-fit clothing can look like slim-fit. 

2. Function

Another factor to consider when deciding between Regent and Milano fit garments is the function: what they’ll be used for.

This could range from everyday office attire to a one-off suit for a formal event. The fit you choose can vary depending on its purpose.

For example, Regent-fit suits and shirts are the best options for everyday office apparel, for most men.

This is because they are, overall, more conservative and traditional. They can also be more comfortable due to not being fitted as close to the body as Milano-fit clothing. 

Additionally, you’ll be less inclined to sweat when wearing Regent-fit over Milano-fit because of the more relaxed fit.

3. In-Store Vs Online Shopping

While internet shopping seems to reign supreme in modern times, trying something on in-store can’t be beaten.

It’s by far the best way to ensure that the garments you are considering buying fit to perfection.

When shopping in-store, you have the ability to see, feel, and try on the garments before your purchase. This simply isn’t the case for online shopping.

Therefore, when shopping online, it’s important to be more careful about your size and measurements. 

Buying Brooks Brothers’ Milano online isn’t recommended unless you are certain of your measurements. The slimmer make-up of Milano garments means that purchasing without trying them on first can be risky.


To conclude, there are some key differences between Brooks Brothers’ Milano and Regent fit garments. It’s crucial to pick carefully, according to your body type, function, and shopping method.