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7 Wildly Interesting Things Chest Hair Says About A Man

January 19, 2020
7 Wildly Interesting Things Chest Hair Says About A Man

Chest hair can speak volumes about a man. Well, kind of. It may not tell you anything at all. But in my experience, there are often conclusions that can be drawn about a man with a reasonable amount of fur over his chest. 

I feel pretty confident that at least one of the seven items on this list will apply to any single man with chest hair. Of course, with some men, more than one item will apply. 

Drawing conclusions about a man’s life and character from his chest hair might seem absurd.

But the reason it’s possible is that we live in an age where chest hair is very much a choice. Most men have the freedom and the means to keep their chest hair as it is, trim it, groom it, or remove it. 

It’s this choice that makes chest hair such an interesting physical trait to explore.

But I didn’t want this list to read like a throwaway, popcorn, nonsense article. These are seven features you could genuinely see a man with chest hair having. 

Some of them are “positive” and some of them are “negative”. No judgment, just observations. 

1. He’s comfortable in his own skin

A man with a good amount of chest hair on his body is usually pretty comfortable with the way he looks. 

We’re in an age where removing chest hair is not very difficult at all. It’s easy. If he wanted to have it culled, it wouldn’t be a big deal whatsoever. 

So, to have a mane of chest hair is very much an active choice now. It gives off an air of confidence in their appearance that can actually be very appealing. 

Contrast this with a man that regularly removes their chest hair. Although this is incredibly common, it does suggest a certain discontent with their “natural” appearance.

Some may argue that these regular groomers feel the need to change themselves in order to seek some sort of comfort or approval. 

But a man with chest hair clearly lives on his own terms. And if one day he woke up and didn’t like it, you can bet he’d get rid of it in a heartbeat

2. He may be trying to hide something

I told you these weren’t all positive, pro-chest hair arguments. This one is also a potential motive behind a man’s chest hair choice. Believe me, I’ve met men who this applies to. Again, no judgment here. 

Chest hair is an effective way of masking what’s underneath. For example, a lack of muscle tone and definition. 

Some men choose to grow out their chest hair in the hope that it distracts from or actually hides the fact that they haven’t been hitting the gym. 

There’s a reason why bodybuilders and fitness models wax their chests so religiously. Having even a small amount of chest hair can blur definition and will always draw attention. 

So, if you’re looking for a “diversion” while you get that summer bod ready, grow out that chest sweater a little. 

3. He can’t be bothered to trim, wax, or shave

This one applies to a lot of men. In fact, it’s one of the most common things chest hair says about a man. 

Removing chest hair takes time. No matter what method you choose, there are no two ways about it. I’ve compared trimming with waxing, trimming with shaving and waxing with shaving before. 

One common factor they all share is that they all require some maintenance, commitment, and dedication. Some more than others, sure. But all of them to a certain extent. 

So, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that some men just don’t see the removal of chest hair as one of life’s priorities.

They may actually really want to do it. It’s just that the effort required isn’t proportionate to the satisfaction they gain from it. 

They may actually have the time to do it. But they aren’t willing to put in the effort required. The idea of having to shave every few days, or trim every week, or wax every 6 weeks just puts them off completely. 

4. They are literally too busy to trim, wax or shave

This one is slightly different to number 3, I promise. Here, we’re talking about men so busy that they literally don’t have the time to remove that chest hair. 

Their personality type would suggest that they’d be more than willing to put in the effort to groom their chest hair. They also feel that the benefits of doing so would actually be worth it

But their work or family commitments don’t allow for it. 

The habits of trimming and shaving chest hair may not seem as though they should take up that much time. But the problem is just how frequently they need to be done. 

When you’re simply cutting the hair above the level of the skin and not removing it at the root-level, the maintenance requirement is always going to be a problem.

This time really does add up over the course of a month. Some men really just don’t have it. 

5. He values the typical image of masculinity

For millennia, chest hair has been revered as a pillar of masculinity. Rightly or wrongly, this stereotype still does exist in Western society. 

But less so. Thick chest hair isn’t as popular as it was in the ‘60s and ‘70s when American movie stars propelled it into the stratosphere. We live in an era where metrosexuality carries less stigma and more respect. 

But there are still men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who choose to don chest hair as a homage to the “masculine image”. To remove their chest hair would be in direct violation of this. 

Chest hair is thick, coarse, and testosterone-fuelled. It’s no secret that many women still find it very “masculine”. 

But there is a growing faction of women who can’t stand the sight of it. Trends come-and-go, and tend to occur in waves. That’s just where we’re at right now. 

6. He’s probably hairy elsewhere

Here’s a quick one. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. But if you see a thick rug of hair laying across a chest there’s a good chance there’s more to be found elsewhere. 

Underarms, legs, back, and so on. Yes, it’s common for a man to be hairy in one area and less hairy in another.

But it’s quite safe to assume the following; overall, the amount of body hair a man has is fairly uniform across the whole body. 

I’m not going to dwell on this one because it’s fairly obvious. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize this.

Chest hair is front-and-center, sticking out the shirt and in-your-face. It’s very visible. Because of this, people often think about it in isolation. 

But yes, this is definitely something chest hair says about a man. It suggests that there’s most likely more hair to be found elsewhere. 

7. There might be someone that loves it

There are plenty of men who choose not to trim, wax, or shave their chest hair because their partner absolutely loves it.

Chest hair is ridiculously attractive to some people and the thought of their spouse getting rid of it is a big no-no. 

They may love the typically masculine look, the way it feels to play with, and the fact that their man isn’t stood in front of a mirror preening away all day. 

It may not be the man’s favorite option. 

In fact, I’ve met many men who would love to rid themselves of their chest hair, but choose not to out of respect for their partner’s wishes. You’ve got to admire that. 

They may find it itchy and comfortable, but they would never let their loved one down like that. 

So, when you see a man with a reasonable amount of chest hair, always bear in mind that it may not be his personal preference. There may be someone behind the scenes, pulling all the strings. 

What’s The “Safest” Way To Wear Chest Hair?

What I mean by “safe” is “most appealing to the highest proportion of people”.

It may not be the coolest, most laid-back approach to chest hair grooming, but it makes sense. 

Men’s grooming should be a personal mission more than a popularity contest or quest for approval. 

However, if you were looking for a relatively easy and effective method of chest hair grooming/removal that doesn’t draw too much attention, trimming may be a good option.

It’s practical, low-cost, and easy to DIY. 

Trimming is also versatile enough to reach the “middle-ground” pretty easily. Not short enough to offend the chest hair purists, and not long enough to offend the ultra-modern manscapers. 


There you go. In summary, chest hair can say a lot about a man. 

Here’s a fun project – find a man with chest hair (ideally one you know pretty well). Ask him why he’s got his chest hair.

You may be pleasantly surprised by just how many of them have reasons that resonate well with those in this article. 

It’s surprisingly revealing. Sometimes, the way a man wears it (or removes it) can tell you more about them than a simple string of words can. 

Hopefully, that doesn’t sound too pretentious. Either way, thanks for sticking around until the end of the article.