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How To Trim Chest Hair With Scissors (The Steps)

July 31, 2023
How To Trim Chest Hair With Scissors (The Steps)

Trimmers don’t come cheap these days. Plus, some men don’t feel that the impeccably even cuts they produce look natural when grooming their chest. So, can you trim your chest hair with scissors?

It’s possible, although using an electric trimmer will save you a lot of time and give you a more uniform end result. However, some may prefer the natural look that scissors can produce.

Let’s dig deeper.

Disclaimer: There is a risk of injury when using scissors to trim any sort of body hair. It’s important to bear this in mind before choosing to do so. The following routine is based on personal experience and opinion; it may not be appropriate for everyone’s individual circumstances and shouldn’t be considered “complete”. See full content disclaimer here.

A Brief Routine To Cut Chest Hair With Scissors

Here’s a brief, step-by-step routine.

1. Comb it all down, then up 

Although a comb isn’t essential, it might as well be. Being able to manipulate and constantly detangle the chest hair as you’re trimming is very useful. 

Having the chest hair generally facing the same direction as you’re trimming will give you a better idea of where you’re going with it. 

2. Start trimming the chest – sides to center

Although there are many chest hairstyles available to choose from, a simple, stylish, and popular one would be thinner on the sides and thicker in the middle

graded chest hair - you can trim this with scissors
Thin on the sides and thick in the middle

One of the benefits of trimming chest hair with scissors is that it’s easier to get this graded increase in length as you go from the sides to the center. 

Again, be methodical about it. Do one side of the chest first.

3. Rinse and dry

Rinse your chest with some lukewarm water, getting rid of any excess or loose hair. Towel-dry it and take another look. 

Is It Better Than Using An Electric Trimmer Or Clipper?

Overall, you have more control with a trimmer and will get a more uniform result. In addition, there’s less risk of injury.

It depends on what you feel is most important. 

Trimming your chest hair with scissors is low-cost and can produce a very natural-looking result. 

The main reason it produces a natural result is actually due to human imperfection. Natural chest hair consists of hairs of different lengths.

When you trim chest hair with scissors, it’s never going to be perfectly even. You probably couldn’t even do it if you tried. 

Funnily enough, that actually makes it look more natural. 

Electric trimmers produce perfectly even cuts, and some men prefer that. But if they don’t, scissors may be a reasonable alternative.