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Trimming Chest Hair With Beard Trimmers: Essential Guide

April 25, 2023
Trimming Chest Hair With Beard Trimmers: Essential Guide

Trimmers, clippers, groomers, etc. It’s all just too much – why not keep things simple? A beard trimmer is a very versatile device. But can you trim your chest hair with a beard trimmer?

It’s possible, but generally not advisable. Beard trimmers aren’t designed for chest hair – the blade may struggle to get through the coarse chest hair. It may be an uncomfortable experience. Plus, it may lead to your beard trimmer wearing out sooner than it otherwise might have done.

That’s the answer in a nutshell.

But let’s dig deeper.

Why You Should Generally Use A Body Groomer

Don’t get too excited by the term “body groomer”. The term is thrown around quite a lot.

It’s essentially just a trimmer that’s marketed as being for use on body hair only. But they share many of the same characteristics as a beard trimmer. 

So I’d never say that it could do anything special or anything that an average beard trimmer couldn’t do. 

But there’s one main reason why you may eventually want to buy one. 

Using the same trimmer for everything is definitely going to shorten its lifespan. The more you use something, the quicker it will wear out. This is especially true when you’re using it on coarse chest hair.

Having a separate trimmer for use on your body will allow both trimmers to last longer, and probably do their job more effectively. 

This is just something to think about. 

Any Similarities Between Beard Trimmers And Body Groomers?

They often come with multiple length attachments

Beard trimmers and body groomers usually give you a very wide variety of length options.

You’ll usually have an adjustable comb length or a wide range of attachable guide combs. 

This is great for chest hair because it gives you plenty of lengths to choose from.

It’s also great if you want to vary the length in different parts of your chest.

It can produce a very nuanced and sophisticated appearance. But this is something you can try once you’re a little more experienced with the trimmer. 

Ultimately, you don’t need a whole lot of options to trim your chest hair once you’ve found the perfect length for yourself. But having those options can definitely be beneficial when you’re in test mode. 

Can You Shave Your Chest Hair With A Beard Trimmer?

Not usually. Beard trimmers don’t usually come with foil attachments.

It’s worth clarifying what “shaving” actually is. Shaving refers to the process of cutting the hair at the level of the skin.

It’s as close as you could possibly go. It can only be done with a proper shaving device – an electric shaver or manual razor

The naked blade of a regular trimmer would usually only be able to trim as short as around 0.4mm. Although this in itself is barely visible, it would still give you that 5 o’clock shadow appearance. 

Additional Tips

While we’ve determined that chest hair generally shouldn’t be trimmed with a beard trimmer, consider the following tips no matter what you use.

  • Keep the blades well-oiled. Most trimmers and clippers come with a little bottle of oil. This keeps it clean and well-lubricated. If your trimmer didn’t come with one, it’s pretty cheap to buy online.
  • Keep it well-charged. This is really only relevant to cordless trimmers. But you’ll definitely notice more tugging and pulling when a trimmer isn’t properly charged.