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Recommended Chest Hair Grooming Products For 2021

January 10, 2021
Recommended Chest Hair Grooming Products For 2021

This is a page where I reflect on my favorite chest hair grooming products on the market. I prefer to keep them on one page so that I can regularly update it as time goes on. 

As you can see, it’s a pretty minimalist kit. You really don’t need much to groom your body effectively – quality is definitely more important than quantity. 

Best Body Groomer

What I look for is a device that can trim my whole body. I can’t stand having lots of different trimmers for different regions. Each of them will probably have a whole range of their own attachments and it can be a pain to keep track of them. 

I love the Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Bodygroom Series 7000. It’s fantastic for trimming and shaving chest hair, while also being able to competently groom the back, shoulders, underarms, abs, arms, legs, and groin area. 

Yes, you can use it on the groin area as well.

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here or by clicking the image below. 

What’s great about this device is that it can trim as well as shave pretty much any body region below the neck. 

On one end you’ve got a trimmer with an adjustable length ranging from 3mm to 11mm. On the other end, you’ve got a foil shaver for if you ever want to shave down to the skin. 

The reason it feels comfortable even on sensitive areas is the shaver has a pivoting head, allowing for easy maneuver across the body. 

The chest can be an awkward region to trim because of it’s dips and grooves. The pivoting head allows you to glide it across with minimal friction. 

I also love how easy it is to clean. It’s entirely waterproof, so you can efficiently clean out accumulated hair by running it under the faucet. The fact that it’s waterproof means you’re also able to use it in the shower if you wished to. 

You’ll quickly notice how comfortable it is to hold. It’s lightweight while still feeling incredibly sturdy and also has a great ergonomic grip. 

When looking for a chest hair trimmer, strongly consider getting a body groomer so you can tackle all of your body hair. This one is probably the best one on the market today. 

I love it. 

Best Chest Hair Waxing Kit

If you’re looking to cut down very close to the skin, there really isn’t any substitute for waxing. Waxing removes the hair at root-level leaving an incomparably smooth finish and feel. 

It’s important to know what different types of wax are available before deciding which one is best for you. 

Soft Wax – also known as “strip wax” because it requires strips in order to remove it. 

Heated soft wax requires warming up in a microwave or with a wax warmer before applying to the chest hair. VidaSleek do a great one – check it out on Amazon here

Pre-made strips are the most DIY-friendly because the wax is already attached to the strips. There are loads of these available, but Avashine strips are very gentle on the skin. Have a look on Amazon here

Hard Wax – it doesn’t require warming up and can even be used at room temperature. You simply apply it to the chest hair and watch it transform into a “strip” in itself. This can then be removed swiftly and neatly. Koluwax is a high quality example of this – click here to have a look on Amazon

Best Chest Hair Dye

It’s becoming increasingly common for men to dye the hair below their neck. Graying chest hair is often a tell-tale sign of the perils of age.

An immaculately dyed head of hair and beard can look quite odd when coupled with obviously white chest hair. 

Just For Men Mustache And Beard is a brand you’re probably familiar with. They’ve dominated the men’s hair dyeing space for quite some time. Although it’s designed for use on facial hair, it is very suitable for use on chest hair as well. 

Check out the range of colors available on Amazon by clicking here

It’s ammonia-free and will last around 6 weeks after application. This falls within the range of semi-permanent and will give you enough time to enjoy it’s benefits without having to commit to a more permanent dye. 


Chest hair grooming can often seem like an ordeal. It’s a pretty large area to cover and the underlying skin can be sensitive. 

Having an effective set of tools at your disposal is essential, but try not to overthink it. Keep it simple and try to have fun with it.