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Versace Vs Versace Collection: What’s The Difference?

December 21, 2022
Versace Vs Versace Collection: What’s The Difference?

Most people are familiar with the Italian luxury fashion brand Versace, but not many people are familiar with Versace Collection. In fact, there’s often confusion about how it relates to the Versace brand.

So, what is Versace Collection and does it differ from the main Versace brand?

Versace Collection is a discontinued diffusion line of Versace that sold separate merchandise at a lower price. Versace Collection was aimed at a younger audience and incorporated streetwear design as well as elements of Versace’s signature style. Versace’s signature line was more expensive and of a higher quality.

That’s a brief answer to the question but read on to find out in more detail the differences between Versace and the now discontinued Versace Collection. 

Please note that this information is based on independent research and is true to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. 

Versace Vs Versace Collection: 6 Key Differences

There are several main ways in which Versace and Versace Collection differ.

Let’s break them down here.

1. Main Line Vs Diffusion Line

First off, Versace is the brand’s main collection that was born in 1978 when the Versace brand was founded. 

This is the collection that Versace will showcase on the runway and that has continued to exist since the conception of the Versace brand. 

Essentially, it is the main label and is represented by the head of Medusa.

On the other hand, Versace Collection was one of Versace’s diffusion lines.

A diffusion line is essentially an offshoot of the main label, which has separate merchandise that often retails at a lower price.

The Versace brand has had several diffusion lines since its beginning in 1978, such as Versus Versace and Versace Jeans, to name a couple.

Versace Collection was simply one of these diffusion lines. 

As you can see, then, Versace and Versace Collection are different in that one is the main brand and the other was a diffusion line, meaning that they carry separate merchandise. 

2. Price

As I’ve just touched on above, there is often a difference in price between a company’s main brand and their diffusion lines.

This is the case with Versace and Versace Collection.

Versace, being the main label and known as a luxury fashion brand, has a higher retail price overall compared with its diffusion line Versace Collection.

It’s not unusual to find a shirt that will cost you in the region of 1000 US dollars when shopping from Versace’s signature line. 

Versace Collection, on the other hand, was specifically created to be a more affordable offshoot of the main brand. 

This makes the brand more accessible to a wider audience, giving people an opportunity to get a taste of Versace style in their wardrobe without the large price tag.

A Versace Collection shirt was more likely to be in the region of 200-300 US dollars, which, although you can’t say is cheap, is much more affordable compared with the main Versace clothing line.

3. Quality 

With the large price difference between the Versace signature line and Versace Collection diffusion line, it can be expected that there is some difference in quality.

Generally speaking, with a lower manufacturing budget per item, Versace Collection will be of lesser quality than Versace.

This isn’t to say that it was of poor quality, simply that it wasn’t manufactured to as high a standard as the main Versace signature line which is made up of top-quality luxury fashion items. 

You could have obtained good quality clothing from Versace Collection, and the materials used were generally good. For example, they sold merino wool sweaters that were popular. 

Overall, however, Versace merchandise is of higher quality compared with that of Versace Collection.

4. Target Market

Another difference between the Versace mainline and Versace Collection, is the target demographic.

Versace, being the most luxurious and expensive clothing line of the brand, is generally popular amongst a slightly older target audience with an eye for designer fashion items who are likely to have more resources at their disposal. 

With the use of opulent materials such as silk and bright, all-over prints, Versace items don’t keep it a secret that they come at a cost.

Versace Collection, on the other hand, was more popular amongst a younger demographic, who perhaps had less disposable income but who also want to wear something a cut above the usual high street clothing.

Versace Collection items mix together streetwear style with the extravagance and elegance you get from Versace, packaged up in a lower retail price.

So, as you can see, these two clothing lines also differ in which demographic they are popular amongst. 

5. Labelling

A more practical difference between Versace and its diffusion line Versace Collection, is the labeling of their respective merchandise.

Versace, as many will know, is represented by a logo of the head of the Medusa within a circle, with the brand name Versace often printed underneath.

Versace Collection can be identified by a slightly different but related logo.

Versace Collection usually featured half of a medusa head, with the words ‘Versace Collection’ sitting to the right of it.

Although these label differences are subtle, they can be used to differentiate items from Versace and Versace Collection relatively easily.

6. Versace Collection Discontinued 

Last but not least, one of the most important differences between Versace signature line and Versace Collection is the fact that Versace Collection appears to have been discontinued.

Versace, being the main label, can’t be discontinued as this remains the primary output of the Versace brand.

In 2018, Michael Kors acquired Versace, and following this two of Versaces main diffusion lines at the time were merged; Versus Versace and Versace Jeans became Versace Jeans Couture (VJC).

At the time of writing, Versace Jeans Couture remains the only active diffusion line of Versace, meaning that Versace Collection was phased out or discontinued. 

Exactly when this happened, it is difficult to tell as the information isn’t readily available online, however, all you need to know is that Versace Collection is no longer an active diffusion line of Versace.

You can still find some Versace Collection items to buy online from various department stores or outlets that are still selling old stock,  but it is a little harder to find nowadays than it once was.


So there you have it- hopefully, you now understand the difference between Versace and Versace Collection, something that has caused a lot of confusion for many people.

If you’re sad that Versace Collection is no longer active, take a look at Versace Jeans Couture – you’ll probably find something you like the look of.