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How To Wear A Flat Cap In The Summer (6 Tips)

December 21, 2022
How To Wear A Flat Cap In The Summer (6 Tips)

While there are many styles of caps that can be worn throughout the year, the flat cap was once reserved for the colder months of winter and fall. But can you wear a flat cap in the summer? 

The flat cap can be worn in the summer and can add a sophisticated, yet casual aesthetic to a number of summer outfits. The versatility of the flat cap makes it appropriate throughout the year, especially with several brands repurposing flat caps with breathable cotton and even bamboo.

Although that’s the gist, there’s more to it. 

Here are some tips for wearing flat caps in the summer in the most effective ways possible. 

Let’s get to it. 

flat cap in the summer
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Don’t Worry About The Construction 

Practically any style of flat cap would be appropriate to wear in the summer. When it comes to keeping it summer-appropriate, the specific style of the flat cap is less important than the color and way in which you wear it. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the main flat caps you’ve got to choose from. 

  • Six-panel duckbill – a very narrow fit, with seam lines stretching from center to edge. This type of flat cap is form-fitting at the top of the crown, with a softer, more malleable brim.
  • Gatsby – equipped with a total of 8 panels and has a little more body to it pertaining to the crown and sides of the cap.
  • Halo Ivy Flat Cap – a more rounded edge to your cap, and due to its particular seam patterns, the body of the cap will take on a slight form of its own.  
  • Snap Brim Ivy – “low profile” flat caps that have little to no stitching on the front, giving it a flatter, more squared fit, and actually getting you a little closer to the traditional elements of the flat caps from the 16th century.

There are plenty of options to choose from, so we recommend doing some research on the types and styles before doing so. 

Make Sure The Flat Cap Is Breathable

Typically a flat cap is made of woven wool fabric (tweed) and is constructed for colder temperatures. Avoid wearing tweed or any other heavily insulated flat caps during the summer.

Since flat caps tend to fit quite snug, avoid black or dark-colored styles that will attract the sun to your head and make you unnecessarily hot and uncomfortable.

When possible, keep your hair cut low and well-groomed, as longer hairstyles will encourage insulation and perspiration, and being unkempt will lower the effectiveness of this traditional cap.

Be Original, But Don’t Overdo it

Ultimately, despite flat caps being appropriate year-round, they’re more commonly seen during the colder months. When wearing one in the summer, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t draw too much attention. 

So, keep things subtle and understated when it comes to the way in which you wear it. 

That refers to the positioning, as well as the angle. 

Feel free to bend the brim of your flat cap to your liking and/or tilt it at an angle that’s comfortable for your head.

Most of the higher-end flat caps have the body and the bill sewn together. But for the varieties that have the body and bill buttoned together, be sure to keep it buttoned.

While it is the more dapper version of a baseball cap, avoid wearing your flat cap backward.

Make Sure It Fits Well

Ensuring the flat cap is well-fitted is even more important during the summer. Comfort should be a priority. 

If your flat cap is too tight, it will most certainly make you look very awkward as it floats to the top of your head. 

It’ll also feel pretty uncomfortable in the heat. 

On the contrary, if your flat cap is too loose you run the risk of having it blown off by a strong gust of wind, or constantly having to reposition it on your head multiple times throughout the day.

When worn properly, the flat cap should triangulate the structure of your head and fit comfortably about half an inch or so above your ears.

Flat caps can be sized with different metrics, especially if you are purchasing a higher-end flat cap. So be sure you are familiar with your hat size and alternative hat sizes, or simply go into a store and try one on before making a final decision.

Keep Things Simple

While brighter and bolder colors are quite summer-appropriate, it’s generally best to avoid them when it comes to your headwear. 

Add splashes of color with the rest of your outfit, but keep the flat cap relatively neutral and muted. 

example of a man in a flat cap
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The same goes for the fabric and the pattern – keep things simple. 

Denim or leather flat caps can be a nice touch if you’re looking for an abstract yet tasteful aesthetic. However, they could get a little too warm in the summer. 

There are also a number of patchwork flat caps and multi-pattern flat caps that may suit a more eccentric outfit.  But again, try to keep things simple. 

Stick to the more subdued colors, as neon or pastel-colored flat caps tend to be a little too loud even when coordinated correctly.

Stay Confident

For some people, wearing a flat cap (or any hat for that matter) can be an unsettling experience regardless of the season. 

Hats just seem to bring out a sense of self-consciousness you don’t get with other hat styles and it gets worse when you worry about an item being “out of season”. 

So stay confident. Ultimately, it’s a lot easier to pull anything off when you’re comfortable doing it. 

If you follow our tips and suggestions for wearing flat caps in the summer, you’re definitely going to be several steps closer to making it work. 

Once you are comfortable wearing this timeless piece of headwear, the possibilities are endless.