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Do Barbers Cut Long Hair? What You Need To Know

December 6, 2020
Do Barbers Cut Long Hair? What You Need To Know

While all men used to get their hair cut and styled at barbershops, nowadays, men with long hair may be wondering if barbers will serve them. So, do barbers cut long hair? 

Most barbers will cut long hair if you want it removed and trimmed down to a more traditional, shorter style.

Keep reading to learn more about how barbers handle long hair and when it might be more appropriate to visit a salon instead.

This article will also cover some other frequently asked questions. 

Let’s get to it. 

Do Barbers Hate Cutting Long Hair? 

Most barbers do not mind working with long hair as long as you are direct about what you want and as long as what you want lines up with their areas of expertise. 

If you know what kind of hairstyles barbers specialize in and that matches what you want, there is no need to be nervous about visiting a barber as a long-haired man. 

At the end of the day, the barber is paid to use their skills. Hair length does not change the price of a haircut. Also, in many cases, cutting long hair is not more difficult than cutting short hair. 

When Should Men with Long Hair Go to a Salon Instead of a Barber? 

Sometimes, men with long hair may find it more beneficial to go to a salon instead of a barber. Although salon services tend to be more expensive, stylists at salons are far more experienced with cutting and styling long hair. 

Men with long hair should choose a salon over a barbershop in the following situations: 

1. If Longer Styles Are Preferred

As mentioned above, salon stylists are much more familiar with cutting and styling long hair. If you are interested in keeping your hair long, but you want more than a trim, a salon will be able to give you a new style without doing away with too much of the length. 

Although some barbers do create longer styles, you are guaranteed to get an expert in styling longer hair at a salon. 

It’s a difficult compromise to make at times. Going to a barber is usually more cost-effective and time-efficient. The visit is pretty no-nonsense and all about getting the job done. 

But if you do want a longer style done by someone more experienced with styling long hair, you may have to sacrifice a bit of time and money to get this done. 

2. If New Styles Are Preferred

If you are not sure exactly what you want aside from something new, a salon stylist can help you pick a fresh style that will suit the angles of your face and jaw. 

They may suggest something flattering of any length, so if you are not especially attached to the current length of your hair and feel up for a change, going to a salon is your best option. 

Barbers can give advice about the traditional short styles for men, but they will not have information about longer styles. Typically, barbers are also more likely to expect you to know what style and services you want to receive. 

3. If Products Are Needed

If your current or desired style requires products like hair gel, heat protectant, or smoothing oil, a salon is much more likely to have the sort of stuff you need. While barbershops may carry some basic products, they will not have nearly as big of a selection as a salon. 

As a bonus, stylists at salons usually know a lot of information about the products they have. For example, they will probably know how to use these products, as well as how much product you need to apply to achieve your best results.

When Might Men with Long Hair Go to a Barber? 

On the other hand, there are a few circumstances in which it is perfectly acceptable and even more beneficial for a man with long hair to go to a barber. You should visit a barber instead of a salon if the following information applies to you:

1. To Get a Shorter Cut 

If you are tired of maintaining long hair and would prefer to get a shorter, more traditional men’s haircut, a barber can do that for you. Barbers are trained to give such haircuts, and they are very good at using clippers to do the job. 

In particular, most modern barbers are capable of creating a fade, undercut, or buzzcut. 

2. To Get a Simple Trim 

If you are not planning to change your style and desire only a simple trim, a barber is your best option. While salon stylists are also capable of providing you with a quick trim, this procedure usually costs a lot more there. 

3. To Save Money

Above all, the cost may be a deciding factor for you. If you get your hair styled every eight weeks as most stylists recommend, the price can really start to add up and take a bite out of your income. 

If you are okay with a shorter and simpler style, a barbershop is your best bet. 

4. To Have Facial Hair Groomed

Maybe you do not want anyone to mess with your long hair, but you have a beard or other type of facial hair that needs grooming. 

Again, barbers are highly skilled with clippers. They can tidy up any uneven lines or give you a neat trim. Barbers are also good at shaving men’s faces.

Preparing Long Hair For A Barber

Barbers generally like to be efficient with their time. Time is money, after all. 

It would be a good idea to make things easier for them. 

They may not hate cutting long hair, but they’d definitely rather cut relatively neat and clean long hair as opposed to knotted and greasy long hair. 

Sure, they can wash it for you pre-trim if you’re willing to pay a bit extra. 

But there’s no harm in washing it yourself and also running a brush through it a couple of times before you head down to the shop. 

It’ll save both yourself, as well as the barber, a bit of time during the haircut. 

It also helps to have a reasonably good idea of what you want before you head to the barber. 

We all know how awkward it can be when the barber asks what you want and you don’t have much of an idea. 

As I mentioned earlier, barbers need more information than salons do. Sure, they’re experts and can give you some guidance. 

But they aren’t going to give you in-depth style recommendations. They will expect you to have a good idea of what you want so that they can achieve it for you efficiently and effectively. 

Review some style magazines (or blogs) and get a feel for what you want the barber to do with your long hair before you get there. 

It’ll make the whole process a lot smoother, with less awkward silence and a better relationship with your barber. 


Do not immediately rule out the idea of going to a barbershop if you have long hair. While barbers do tend to deal with short hair far more often and their skills are honed to provide shorter cuts for men, some barbers are picking up the skills to work with longer hair. 

Also, keep in mind that barbershops are an excellent option if you want to go from long to shorter hair, simply get a trim, or mostly care about saving money. 

If you only want to get your facial hair groomed, barbers are quite good at that as well. 

A barber can shave, trim, or sculpt any facial hair you may have, which is a lot more variety than what a salon could provide. 

If you need products, want assistance in finding a style change, or desire a longer style, a salon is the better choice for you. However, it would be best to go to a barbershop for the rest of your hair care needs.