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How To Wear Black Socks With Brown Shoes (6 Tips)

December 22, 2022
How To Wear Black Socks With Brown Shoes (6 Tips)

Coordinating socks with shoes can be frustrating at times, mainly because there are so many different opinions on what’s “correct”. So, can you wear black socks with brown shoes? 

Black socks can be worn with brown shoes, as long as the pants are black or a very dark shade of grey. Dark brown shoes would also work better with black socks than light brown shoes would, simply because there is less contrast between the two items. 

That’s the short answer, but there’s more to it. 

After going through some essential tips for wearing black socks with brown shoes in the most effective way possible, I’ll run through a couple of FAQs to round things up. 

Let’s get to it. 

6 Tips For Wearing Black Socks With Brown Shoes

While it isn’t a difficult combination to make work, there are definitely better ways of wearing it, as well as worse ways. 

So, consider all of these tips before putting your outfit together. 

black socks and brown laced shoes
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Consider The Dress Code

The dress code of the setting you’re dressing for should influence the type of black socks and the type of brown shoes you wear. 

For the rest of this article, we’ll assume that you’re looking to wear a pair of black socks with a pair of brown dress shoes in relatively formal settings. 

However, here’s a list of the main dress codes listed next to examples of the different styles of black socks and brown shoes you could wear for them: 

  • Formal – Black OTC socks with dark brown leather dress shoes. 
  • Business-casual – Black crew or mini-crew socks with tan-brown suede Derby shoes. 
  • Smart-casual – Black ankle socks with brown penny loafers. While no-show socks may be better, ankle socks can also work. 
  • Casual – Black ankle socks with brown low-top sneakers. 

That list should demonstrate how “black socks with brown shoes” can refer to many different combinations depending on the styles you go for. 

As mentioned earlier, however, for the rest of this article we’ll focus on black socks worn with brown dress shoes in formal (and maybe business-casual) settings. 

Dark Brown Shoes Work Better

When wearing black socks, the darker the shade of your brown shoes, the better.

While wearing black socks with shoes in a lighter shade of brown could still look OK, it generally wouldn’t look as good. 

The reason for this is that light brown shoes worn with black socks would lead to more contrast than dark brown shoes would. 

very dark brown shoes
Stick to dark brown shoes wherever possible

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When dressing formally, that sort of attention-grabbing contrast is generally not a good thing. 

The dark socks would look odd when paired with the light-colored shoes. 

black socks and light brown shoes
The contrast between the light brown shoes and black socks doesn’t look great

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Stick To Black Or Dark Grey Pants

When wearing black socks with brown shoes, be sure to wear either black or dark grey pants. 

This is arguably the most important tip for you to take away. 

Your socks should match/coordinate with your pants. 

While this is even more important when dressing formally (eg. with a 2-piece suit), it’s a principle that still holds true even when dressing a little more casually. 

A common mistake people make is to try to match their socks to their shoes. 

For example, trying to ensure that they wear brown socks with their brown shoes. 

But it’s actually absolutely fine to wear black socks with brown shoes, as long as the contrast between the two isn’t too big (as per the previous tip). 

It’s more important for those black socks to match or complement the pants you’re wearing. 

black socks and brown shoes
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Black pants, whether they’re part of a black suit or not, would be the best option when wearing black socks. 

Given how you’re most likely trying to find a pair of socks that works well with the pants you’re wearing and not the other way round, it’s worth asking yourself whether black socks would be the best option. 

If you’re wearing navy blue pants with brown shoes, for example, a pair of dark blue socks would be a much better option than a pair of black ones. 

Consider Sock Length

The length of black socks you choose to wear with your brown shoes is crucial. 

Here are the main sock lengths worth knowing about: 

  • No-show socks – So low that they’re “invisible” even under low-cut shoes such as driving mocs and boat shoes. 
  • Ankle socks – Visible, but low. They end at the ankles. 
  • Mini-crew socks – These end below the mid-calf, but above the ankles. 
  • Crew socks – These end at the mid-calf. 
  • Over-the-calf (OTC) socks – These cover the entire calf and end just beneath the knee.

But why does it matter what length of black sock you choose to wear with your brown shoes? 

It matters because certain shoe styles work better with certain sock lengths. In addition, certain sock lengths are better suited to certain dress codes. 

The main point here is that the more formal the setting you’re attending is, the more likely it is that a pair of long black OTC socks would be the best option for your brown shoes. 

They’re considered the most formal sock length and they’re the least likely to fall and bunch up under a pair of suit or tuxedo pants. 

Here’s an example of black OTC socks on Amazon: 

Black crew socks are incredibly versatile and would be a reasonable alternative when dressing formally, but wouldn’t be as good as OTC socks.  

Mini-crew socks and ankle socks have a more athletic look and feel to them and are better options when you’re wearing brown sneakers. 

Black no-show socks wouldn’t be visible and so their color really doesn’t matter. 

However, no-show socks are the best option when wearing low-cut shoes that require a “barefoot” look. Examples include loafers, boat shoes, moccasins, driving mocs, and espadrilles. 

Go For Matching Brown Belt

Matching the belt to the shoes is an unwritten rule of men’s style. When wearing black socks with brown shoes, be sure to wear a brown belt. 

black pants brown belt
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Not following this rule is another extremely common mistake. People sometimes try to match their belts to their pants or something else entirely. 

Keep things simple and stick to the basics. Go for a brown belt to match those brown shoes. 

The shades of brown don’t need to match perfectly. A shade or two lighter or darker would still work well. 

It just needs to be obvious that you’ve made an attempt to match your shoes to your belt. 

It’s an easy way to make it clear that an outfit is well-coordinated. 

Consider Suede 

Suede brown shoes can work just as well with black socks as shinier grains of leather can. 

All that matters is that the outfit you’re wearing is casual enough for suede to make sense in the first place. 

The napped texture of suede looks a whole lot more casual than shinier leather dress shoes and this is a huge part of its charm. 

But they should really only be worn in smart-casual and business-casual settings. They wouldn’t work with a fine worsted wool suit worn in a formal setting. 

It would lead to too much of a formality mismatch. 

However, if you were wearing a blazer and dark jeans combo, suede shoes could work a treat. 

It’s just important to remember that the same tips and principles listed above apply. 

If you were wearing brown suede shoes and black socks, black jeans would look a whole lot better than blue ones, for example. 

Remember, the socks should match the pants wherever possible. It’s another way to make it clear that an outfit is well-coordinated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few FAQs to really round things up nicely. 

Can You Wear Black Socks, Brown Shoes, And A Blue Suit?

Black socks should not be worn with brown shoes and a blue suit, simply because the socks would conflict with the suit. A blue suit should be worn with socks in a similar shade of blue. 

The darker the shade of the blue suit, the less they would clash with the black socks. However, it’s hard to make the combination work no matter what shade we’re talking about. 

The socks should match the pants. 

A blue suit would include blue suit pants. Following that rule of thumb, the socks should be blue and not black. 

Can You Wear Black Socks, Brown Shoes, And A Grey Suit?

A grey suit could be worn with black socks and brown shoes if the shade of the grey suit was dark enough to sync well with the black socks. 

Dark grey and black are really the only pants colors that should be worn with black socks, given how the socks should match the pants wherever possible. 

A light grey suit should not be worn with black socks and brown shoes. Go for a grey pair of socks instead. 

Can You Wear Black Socks, Brown Shoes, And Khakis?

Khakis shouldn’t be worn with black socks and brown shoes, as the light shade of khaki would conflict with the dark black socks. 

In line with the principle of matching the pants to the socks, khakis would look much better with brown socks than black ones. 


Black socks can be worn with brown shoes in most settings, but it’s important to ensure that the socks actually match the pants you’re wearing. Dark brown shoes also generally work better than light brown shoes here, especially in formal settings. 

Hopefully, that was everything you needed to know about styling this common, yet often misunderstood combination.