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9 Best Men’s Grooming Christmas Gifts [2021]

January 10, 2021
9 Best Men’s Grooming Christmas Gifts [2021]

It’s that time of the year again. 

The time when treating yourself or the people closest to you takes priority over everything else. 

If you know a man that would appreciate the gift of looking good (including yourself), read on. 

Here are some fantastic options that would bring a smile to the face of pretty much any man you could think of. 


[lasso ref=”simpler” id=”14742″ link_id=”6203″]

For: Any man looking to regain a bit of youth for their hair or beard this Christmas (and beyond). 

Simpler Hair Color focuses on being kind to the hair and beard. 

No ammonia, no PPD, and no parabens. Instead, it uses similar but much milder ingredients to achieve a long-lasting color without the need for harsh chemicals. 

You also get great value for money. 1 Simpler can will give you as many coloring sessions as 4 boxes of leading drugstore brands. 

The results are natural, effective, and impressive. They’ve managed to rack up a huge number of great reviews in a pretty short amount of time.

Check out their color box on their website by clicking here.


[lasso ref=”philips-norelco-oneblade-pro-qp6520-70″ id=”14889″ link_id=”6204″]

For: Men with stubble or a short beard who would appreciate a high-quality beard trimmer capable of detailing, edging, shaving, and very efficient trimming. 

Much like the entire Norelco series, the Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 prides itself on being all that a man needs

It’s a “hybrid tool”, which means it’s able to do several things very well. 

It also gives you plenty of choices when it comes to length, with 14 length settings between 0.4mm and 10mm. 

Although this wouldn’t be ideal for men with longer beards, for stubbled or short-bearded men, it would make for the perfect gift. 

It’s comfortable to hold and also extremely comfortable as it glides across the skin.

The trimmer head is able to change angle in order to follow the general contours of your face. 

The dual-sided blade allows it to edge in both directions. This seems minor but trust me, it made me so happy. I could actually see the lines I was trying to shape and define. 

So, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else this Christmas, check out the OneBlade (Amazon Link) if you’re curious.


[lasso ref=”philips-norelco-mg7750-49-multigroom-series-7000″ id=”14830″ link_id=”6348″]

For: Men who would love an “all-in-one” trimmer that comes with enough attachments to fulfill all of their beard and body grooming needs. 

When you’ve got a Multigroom, you really don’t need much else. It allows you to trim your beard, chest, nose, ears, head, and private areas with ease. 

It’s also waterproof, which makes it perfect for shower trims and easy to clean as well. 

The DualCut technology blades have self-sharpening technology, allowing for an effortless and highly effective trimming experience. 

It comes with a precision trimmer attachment too. This is great for lining up the beard, detailing, and edging the neckline and cheek lines. 

The icing on the cake is the foil shaver attachment. It would potentially save you having to buy a separate electric shaver for removing stubble. 

If you know a man that might value convenience and versatility when it comes to his grooming tools, definitely consider the Multigroom as a perfect gift.

Click here to check it out on Amazon.


[lasso ref=”naked-armor-shaving-mug-and-brush” id=”16293″ link_id=”6420″]

For: Men who shave but might crave something a little more traditional and masculine than your average drugstore shaving gels. 

Is there anything on this fine Earth more masculine than whipping up a shaving lather? 

Most men who switch to this more traditional method of shaving find it hard to switch back. 

The feel of the lather as it spreads against the face and the incredibly close shave you’re able to achieve is phenomenal. 

The porcelain scuttle mug is solid and finely crafted – perfectly shaped to help you produce a very effective lather with the shaving brush it comes with. 
If you know a shaver who might want to take his grooming regimen to the next level, check it out on Amazon here.


[lasso ref=”vikings-blade-safety-razor” id=”16294″ link_id=”6421″]

For: A man who might appreciate the true and traditional art of shaving. It would be a great addition to the shaving mug listed higher up. 

Safety razors are fashionable right now – this is no secret. 

Yes, they’re a lot more eco-friendly than disposal cartridge razors. But environmental concerns aside, they’re just so intensely masculine.

Although they take a bit of getting used to, they aren’t as difficult to learn how to use as straight razors, and are less time-consuming to use as well. 

What’s great about Vikings offering is just how incredibly beautiful it looks. The brass and bronze just look so classy and it feels just as sturdy as it looks. 

If you’re curious, take a look on Amazon


[lasso ref=”herschel-mens-toiletry-bag” id=”16295″ link_id=”6422″]

For: Anyone really. But particularly men who travel from time to time. 

I wanted to include this bag because it’s sturdy, reliable, and affordable. It would make for a practical and useful gift for just about any man. 

Herschel products are no-nonsense. That’s what’s so great. Sure, the bag is stylish – but it doesn’t bother with too many frills. 

It serves a purpose. For one, the main compartment is waterproof – ideal for anyone sick of leaking travel-sized shower gels or creams. 

The mesh-lined storage sleeve is also convenient for keeping things organized while still being able to see exactly what you’ve got in there without having to pull everything out. 

If you know anyone who might love one (or just want one yourself), give it a closer look.  


[lasso ref=”wahl-5-star-magic-clip-hair-clippers” id=”16198″ link_id=”6206″]

For: Any man looking for a quality pair clippers to get them through those DIY haircuts without any trouble at all. 

What better time than now to gift a pair of clippers? 

I’m sure we all know someone that’s struggled through a DIY trim in recent months. A common reason for poor outcomes is not having the proper tools. 

That doesn’t mean more expensive. To be honest, if you go for a pair of Wahl clippers you can be pretty certain you’re going for the best. 

Here are two fantastic options based on budget. 


The Wahl Magic Clips (Amazon Link) – it’s an interesting one because it’s affordable, easy to use, but also so effective that it’s used by barbers worldwide. 


The Wahl Color Pro Clippers (Amazon Link) – perfect for a man that’s just looking for something basic, effective, with plenty of choices when it comes to length.


[lasso ref=”scentbox-link” id=”16203″ link_id=”6207″]

For: Any man who would appreciate the finest colognes delivered to his door at a ridiculously low price. 

Scent Box is a fun way for a man to try premium designer fragrances each month, for a single, low monthly fee. 

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you’ve got two main options:

1. Buy the first month at a discounted price (you can cancel anytime). This is ideal if you’re buying it for yourself. Click here to check it out. 

2. Buy a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription for someone. They’ll get 1 designer fragrance per month. Click here to check it out. 

Who doesn’t love affordable luxury? 


[lasso ref=”braun-series-7-electric-shaver-7865cc” id=”16211″ link_id=”6208″]

For: Any man that shaves their face silky smooth, or simply wants to get rid of stubble outside the borders of their beard. They’re also great for producing DIY skin fades on any hairstyle you can think of. 

A high-quality shaver would be a treat for anyone. Irritation, soreness, and poor results are common problems caused by a poor-quality shaver. 

But you don’t need to break the bank to get an effective shaver. 

Here are two great options based on budget. 


The Braun Series 7 (7865cc) (Amazon Link) is a high-end, “smart” shaver that has an autosensing motor capable of shaving even the densest of hair. It’s able to adapt to your beard giving you the best results each and every time. It uses microvibrations (sonic technology) to capture more hair with every stroke. 


The Andis 17150 Pro Foil (Amazon Link) is a cordless shaver with powerful, hypoallergenic titanium foils ideal for men with sensitive skin. 


There you have it. A wide range of gift options for pretty much any man you could think of. 

Happy Holidays!