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The 5 Key Benefits Of Brushing Your Beard

July 31, 2023
The 5 Key Benefits Of Brushing Your Beard

Beard brushing is often considered a “pillar” of beard grooming.

I’ve listed some benefits to be aware of.

However, bear in mind that these benefits are specific to boar bristle beard brushes.

Without further ado, let’s get started

The Benefits Of Brushing Your Beard

1. It tames the hair

Beard hairs are notorious for growing in all sorts of directions. It often just refuses to play ball. It sticks out, clumps together, grows sideways, and so forth.

Although the general direction of specific areas of the beard is the same, these stray hairs that rebel do ruin the look

Sure, brushing a beard will flatten and straighten these hairs out. It’s the main way in which a simple beard brush makes a beard look so much neater. It encourages these beard hairs to face in the direction they’re supposed to. 

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2. Reduces patchy appearances

A patchy beard is a source of frustration for many, many men. Fullness is a beard trait that’s given just as much importance as length, and softness. 

But what brushing a beard also does is un-clump, and de-tangle. Beard hairs do clump together, particularly when unwashed.

The bristles of a beard brush are great at separating clumped hair. As it does so, it makes the beard look fuller and evener. 

Brushing over these little bare patches with longer strands of surrounding hair is also an excellent way to make them less noticeable. Another great benefit of brushing your beard. 

3. Distributes product

You’ve probably noticed the huge range of beard grooming products out there right now. Oils, balms, waxes, pomades, etc. 

These seemingly spreadable products tend to not distribute themselves very well. Especially without some extra assistance. 

Beard oil is a great example. When not distributed properly it can cause beard hair to clump, leading to a greasy and patchy appearance. 

Brushing after applying beard oil is a great way to evenly distribute that beard oil.

This light coating is what makes the beard look healthy and well-moisturized. 

4. Weeds out loose hair

Not all hair shafts within a beard are in the same stage of growth. It’s likely that at any one point, there is a significant proportion of hair that is on the verge of falling out. This is normal

Brushing often inadvertently removes them. Overall, this often leads to a neater and more uniform appearance.

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5. Easier to style

A freshly brushed beard is often easier to style. This is because the hair is flatter, straighter, and untangled. 

Whatever style you want to achieve, there’s a good chance that applying a little butter, balm or wax will help keep it in place.

It helps hairs stay in place and behave. But it’s much more effective when the hair itself is brushed first. 

If your beard is longer, it’s more likely to tangle. This is particularly true of the deeper hair that’s harder for the bristles of a brush to reach.

In these circumstances, a beard comb (Amazon Link) would be better for both styling and de-tangling purposes.

Why a boar bristle beard brush is useful

As I mentioned before, not all beard brushes are equal. You may have seen the synthetic beard brushes on the shelves with their nylon bristles. Although these brushes are generally cheaper, it’s usually best to avoid them.

A good boar bristle beard brush would be a better idea.

The bristles are more effective at re-distributing product and for taming beard hair.

As I mentioned above, boar hair is also similar to beard hair. Because of this, it glides efficiently through beard hair, and causes minimal tugging and pulling.

For this reason, you don’t need to use much of your own force when brushing. The beard brush does most of the work, and you simply have to guide it