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How To Dye A Beard With Coffee: 4 Easy Steps

July 31, 2023

Beard dyeing is very popular in this day and age. There’s no doubt about that. But many men long for a dye that isn’t infused with PPD and other chemicals. In other words, they want natural. Well, what about coffee? Can you really dye a beard with coffee?

Beards in which the color is uniform look thicker and fuller. Coffee is often seen as a common, natural dye that can help to achieve this.

It’s a temporary beard dye. Although the results aren’t long-lasting, the temporary effects are very appealing to some men. 

Below, you’ll find a routine that can be used to dye a beard with coffee.

Disclaimer – Please note that the decision to dye your beard with coffee should be discussed with a professional to determine its suitability for your specific circumstances. The information presented in this article is opinion-based and intended for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as personalized or professional advice.

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How To Dye A Beard With Coffee In 6 Steps

Test the mixture out on a tuft of trimmed beard hair first and assess the results. 

1. Prepare your coffee dye

The first step is the preparation of the mixture. 

Coffee is one of many natural beard dyes that are increasing in popularity, and their preparation is in many ways quite similar. 

  • Brew a cup of dark roast coffee. 
  • Let it cool.
  • Then, mix this with 1 cup of your usual beard shampoo.

2. Patch test

As always, perform a patch test at least 24 hours before applying the dye. This does mean you’ll have to store the mixture until the next day. Alternatively, just make another batch – it doesn’t take long. 

Rub a small amount of the coffee dye onto an inconspicuous part of your body such as your thigh or elbow. 

Leave it for 24 hours and review the area.

If there are any signs of irritation or any other rash, don’t apply anymore. The coffee dye isn’t for you, as there is a good chance you are intolerant to it or even allergic. 

3. Apply the coffee dye

If you’ve performed a patch test and you’re confident that you haven’t had a reaction, it’s time to apply the dye.

Remember, if you have any doubt as to whether you’ve had a reaction – speak to a professional before proceeding.

Take your coffee dye mixture and start rubbing it into your beard hair. Do it over a sink to minimize the mess. Also, wear old clothes you don’t mind staining. 

Be gentle.

Try to evenly distribute the dye throughout the beard. A beard comb comes in useful here if your beard is long enough. 

Leave the mixture in for at least an hour to allow enough time for the tannins to dye the fibers.

You can leave it to hang or wrap it with a shower cap to prevent dripping and spillage. I’d try and let it hang free to avoid inadvertently wiping the coffee paste off. 

4. Rinse

Rinse your beard out with lukewarm water over a sink or in the shower. This should remove any excess mixture and leave the end result. 

Reviewing The Results 

As with most natural or DIY beard dyeing options, the results are mild but can be exactly what you need. Review the results with decent lighting, and ask your friends and family to give their opinion as well. 

How Exactly Does Coffee Dye A Beard?

Coffee does tend to cause staining. If you’ve ever spilled it onto your favorite shirt or noticed how it can cause your teeth to become darker over time, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

The principal dyeing agents in coffee are tannins. They tint the hair fibers and give them a darker hue

But as how it works would suggest, it is temporary. This dye is pretty easy to wash off with beard shampoo for instance. 

This is, in fact, one of its benefits. Many men do prefer a less permanent way of dyeing their beards on special occasions, etc. They aren’t ready to commit to a semi-permanent or permanent option. 

Dyeing a beard with coffee usually seems mighty appealing to the man who prefers natural

Benefits Of Dyeing Your Beard With Coffee

  • It was cheap. Coffee isn’t free, of course. But it’s relatively inexpensive.
  • It’s temporary.
  • It’s natural.


Coffee. It tastes phenomenal, keeps us alert, and makes our beards dazzle. Greatest concoction known to man? Possibly.