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5 Benefits Of Combing Your Beard

April 26, 2023
5 Benefits Of Combing Your Beard

Combing a beard hasn’t always been so universally practiced and accepted. We happen to be in a time where “beard grooming” is actually a serious routine and not just a habit. So what are the benefits of combing your beard? 

5 Key Benefits Of Combing A Beard

1. It detangles the beard

Particularly as your beard grows longer, you’ll notice that it will become harder and harder to reach those deeper hairs. Up until that point, it would be reasonable to simply use a boar bristle beard brush to keep the hairs flat, straight, and downwards. 

But there will come a time when the bristles of a brush can’t reach those deeper hairs and are only able to tame the superficial ones.

As a result, you’ll find that the deeper hairs tangle up, and starts to tug and pull when you brush. 

The teeth of a quality beard comb are good for separating tangled beard hairs.

2. It makes the beard look neater, sharper, and fuller

We’ve touched on this already, and it’s probably the most widely-known and understood benefit of beard combing. 

The teeth of a beard comb tame a beard, just like a beard brush, but using a different mechanism.

Do bear in mind the fact that the bristles of a beard brush are spaced much closer together. Because of this, they are a lot more efficient in tackling more hairs at once. 

By stopping beard hairs from sticking out, beard combing is a good way of giving the beard a sharp outline. It makes the beard look so much more intentional as opposed to accidental. 

3. It distributes products

Once you’ve applied your product, whether it’s a balm, butter, wax, or pomade, consider running a beard comb through.

4. It makes styling a beard so much easier

There’s a difference between neatening and styling. A beard can either look neat or not. But there are dozens of popular beard styles out there, each with a different level of complexity. 

Some styles, particularly those requiring a longer beard, are just harder to maintain. It may be too difficult or even impossible to achieve a certain style without a set of appropriate tools at your disposal.

By that, I mean products and a beard comb

It’s pretty remarkable what you can achieve with a product that has a decent level of hold (such as butter or wax), and a beard comb.

5. It’s a sophisticated grooming tool to own

This one is different, I admit. But it would have felt wrong to leave it out. I love owning a beard comb, and I’m not ashamed to say that it’s partly because of how it makes me look. 

I don’t mean “look” in terms of aesthetics. I mean in terms of personality.

Owning a beard comb can speak volumes about a man.

It’s one of the less common grooming tools to own, and so it shows that a man takes serious pride in their appearance.