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6 Reasons Why You’re Attracted To Guys With Long Hair

October 6, 2021
6 Reasons Why You’re Attracted To Guys With Long Hair

Many people find men with long hair attractive, without really knowing why.

If you find yourself drawn to guys with long hair more than guys with short hair, then you are likely to be one of those people.

You might wonder why this is, though. Is it societal values, biological bias, or something else completely?

Let’s dive into some of the reasons why you might be attracted to guys with long hair.

6 Reasons Why  You’re Attracted To Guys With Long Hair

Read through them all to see whether you can relate to them, even just a little. 

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1. It’s A Symbol Of Strength And Power

Historically, men with long hair were seen to represent strength and power and were symbols of masculinity.

Many cultures in the past have celebrated men with long hair, viewing it as a sign of their strength and status. 

In fact, in many cultures, warriors would often keep their hair long.  Think about the Vikings, mythical Greek heroes, and kings represented in fairytales. 

All of these men had long hair and there’s no doubt that they represented the pinnacle of masculinity at the time.

Indeed, many of our much-loved childhood Disney classics feature handsome princes with long hair. 

It’s not a surprise, then, that some of these historical biases should have filtered themselves down into today’s society, influencing how we currently view men with long hair.

2. It’s A Sign Of Confidence

There’s no question about it – it takes confidence to grow your hair long as a guy. 

Many men who decide to grow their hair long may be doing it for the first time, and probably don’t know how the end result is going to turn out.

But they do it anyway.

A lot of guys who wear their hair long, then, will be pretty self-assured, not worrying about how others think or how they are perceived.

They do what they want because it suits them.

They might receive criticism from people in their life – long hair can be a ‘love it or hate it situation. But despite this, they own their style without being deterred by the nay-sayers.

This confidence is a pretty attractive trait in anyone, and it’s not surprising that people are drawn to men like this. 

3. It’s A Sign Of Rebellion 

As well as being a sign of confidence, having long hair as a guy can show that he isn’t afraid of not conforming to societal norms.

In other words, he’s a bit of a rebel. Being seen as a rebel can be a very attractive trait.

These days, it is more common to see men with shorter hairstyles, compared with men with long hair. 

Shorter hairstyles are more likely to signify conformity. In fact, in many institutions, short hair is used as a kind of ‘uniform’ inspiring submission and uniformity. Just think of the military or even strict schools. 

So a man who chooses to grow his hair long is a man who isn’t afraid of going against the grain.

He is also less likely to be in an institutional job, or a corporate job. Perhaps he is in a more creative field of work. 

Obviously, this is no hard and fast rule. But you probably don’t know of many corporate lawyers sporting a ponytail or man bun. 

4. It Shows He Isn’t Scared Of Commitment 

Growing out your hair from a typical short haircut to a long, down-to-your-shoulders-or-beyond hairstyle takes some commitment.

It can take years to grow hair this long from scratch, and it certainly won’t be plain sailing all the way.

As with many things in life, growing your hair out is very prone to those awkward in-between stages. During these stages, the hair is too short to look like an intentionally long hairstyle but too long to conform to the typical short male cut. 

As a result, a man needs to have some patience and perseverance when it comes to growing their hair long. They can’t be flaky and fail to follow through.

Whether or not this translates to his real-life relationships, it is still an admirable trait in a guy to be able to put his mind to something and see it through to its fruition.

It shows that he isn’t afraid of a commitment, and can display some focus and intention in his life.

5. It’s A Sign He Cares About Himself

Being able to grow and maintain long, lustrous locks is an external indication that he looks after himself. 

Lifestyle, washing, grooming, and so on. 

Not everyone can do it. In fact, not everyone will put in the time or effort necessary to do it. 

But this can, unfortunately, work against a man with long hair as well. 

Poorly groomed long hair can say just as much about a man as well-groomed long hair can. 

The thing about long hair is that it can easily look unwashed and straggly if not looked after. And it’s pretty widely accepted that greasy stringy hair is not seen as attractive.

Therefore it’s a must to keep your long hair clean, brushed, and well-groomed, or you risk ruining all the hard work you did in actually growing your long hair.

By looking after your hair, it will also look healthier and glossier, making you appear even more attractive. 

6. It Represents Youth 

As well as being an indicator of your physical health, being able to grow long luscious locks is also a representation of youth.

We all know that generally speaking, younger men are more likely to be able to grow good quality long hair, and that hair loss tends to occur as people age. This is related to the change in male hormones that occur as part of the natural process of aging.

As a result, someone with large amounts of long hair may appear more youthful and therefore attractive in today’s society. 

Having long hair is also a sign of virility, as it shows that the individual still has plenty of male hormones in good supply to be able to grow their hair long.

This is another reason why some people will find themselves attracted to men with long hair. 


It’s important to remember that everyone is different in their likes and dislikes – some people will prefer long hair, others short hair, others won’t mind either way.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to what people find attractive.

Personality, confidence, and self-assuredness go a long way to making you appear more attractive, regardless of your hairstyle.

However, for those with a preference for guys with longer hair, this article might explain some of the reasons why you have this preference. 

In other words, this article just lays out some of the reasons why long hair can be the cherry on top of the cake.