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6 Tips For When You Shave Your Head And Regret It

September 6, 2021
6 Tips For When You Shave Your Head And Regret It

Shaving your head can be an attractive option for several reasons. But what should you do if you shave your head and regret it? 

If you’ve shaved your head and regret it, your options are either embracing it or trying to disguise it with hats or wigs until it grows back. In general, owning the new look will always be the best option, knowing that it’s going to be temporary. 

Some people decide to shave their heads to disguise a receding hairline, some want a change of style, and others simply can’t be bothered to keep up with the maintenance that having longer hair brings. 

For many people though, this initially appealing option can turn into a sea of regret once they’ve put clipper to scalp. 

Whether you took the plunge and used a razor to shave down to skin level, or went for a buzz cut that is a little too short for your liking, read on to find out what you can do if you regret it. 

6 Tips For When You Shave Your Head And Regret It 

Some of these tips may feel like “hiding” or “disguising”. Unfortunately, there’s no getting around that. 

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It’s impossible to magically undo the shaving. What you can do is figure out ways of putting up with it while you wait for things to grow back to the way they were. 

1. Wear A Hat For A While

If your decision to shave your head was a little too spontaneous and you are looking for a quick fix to disguise your hasty decision – wearing a hat is the easiest and most obvious option.

A hat will cover most evidence of a shaved head or buzz cut, and one plus point is not having to worry about hat hair. 

Most hats will do, as long as they give you satisfactory coverage – try a cap or a beanie hat for a casual look. 

The benefit is that these hats are generally cheap to buy, and many people may already have these in the back of their closet.

For a more formal or eye-catching look, you could opt for a fedora. Be careful though – fedoras can look out of place if they do not fit the shape of your head well, or if you wear them with clothing that is too casual. 

Fedoras generally give off a classic vibe and are best worn with a jacket, particularly if you are trying to exude a vintage style.

So if you are not used to wearing a fedora or don’t want to draw more attention to your scalp, it is best to go for a casual hat that you are comfortable wearing for coverage. 

2. Try A Wig 

If you prefer the idea of having a more complete ‘disguise’ for your shaved head, then a wig may be the option for you. 

If your original hair was long, a wig will be a more effective disguise than a hat, which won’t fully hide the fact that you have shaved your head. 

Many people are less comfortable with the idea of getting a wig – some find the idea more embarrassing or they worry that their wig will end up looking too fake.

Lower quality wigs do run the risk of looking fake. However, there are many high-quality wigs on the market, many of which will be made with real human hair and actually look very realistic. 

Even the synthetic wigs available nowadays are much better in quality than they used to be.

A wig is a particularly good option if you have an upcoming event or function you need to attend, where wearing a hat the whole time just isn’t practical and you don’t have enough time to grow out your hair. 

The main downside with wigs is that those of good quality – especially those that incorporate human hair – are generally expensive. Some people may feel this option is a little too pricey. 

If this is the case for you, then a hat is a more appropriate, affordable option for temporary coverage. 

However, some people may feel the higher price is worth it for that extra disguise. 

If you do decide that you want to get a wig, the best place to start is by looking for a trusted online retailer and contacting one of their customer service representatives to get more advice on what options are available for you.

Alternatively, there are hair shops and certain salons that will sell wigs. The benefit of this is that you will be able to review the product in person. 

However, there is likely to be less variety compared with what online retailers offer. 

3. Grow A Beard 

The great thing about buzz cuts and shaved heads is that they look great with beards.

If you are regretting your newly shaved head, it is worth considering growing a beard, or even some stubble if you haven’t already. 

Growing a beard can distract from your newly shaved scalp if that is what you are looking for. It will shift the focus from your head to your face.  

Every person is different, but some men may even find that their facial hair grows more quickly than their scalp hair. 

For them, achieving a mature stubble look can happen fairly quickly, giving them a new focus whilst they are waiting for their buzz cut to grow out. 

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But, beards don’t just simply offer a distraction. 

They also compliment shaved heads nicely, by giving the chin area some extra definition and framing that can look attractive and make the jawline appear more chiseled.

In fact, a lot of people find beards and stubble attractive, and some actually prefer beards to the clean-shaven look.

So why not give it a go? 

4. Give It Some Time 

This is a crucial one.

After shaving their head for the first time, most people will be surprised or uneasy about the result, even if they were 100% confident about their decision in the first place. 


Because you have probably never seen your head unburdened by hair before. 

Heads aren’t perfectly round, and they can appear more bumpy and asymmetrical when shaven.

This takes some getting used to, and often you just need to give yourself some time to get used to the appearance of your head when shaved.

Many people will find that the shaved look grows on them after they get used to seeing themselves with this haircut, and will actually want to maintain this look going forward. 

So don’t be too hasty in judging yourself – sometimes you just need time to give you some perspective. 

And if you’re still not convinced, lucky for you hair doesn’t take too long to grow back, so you won’t be stuck with a shaved head forever. 

5. Own It 

Confidence is key when it comes to a new haircut, even if it hasn’t gone to plan.

It is important to take comfort in the fact that even though you are doubting your decision to shave your hair, no one else will be as concerned or preoccupied with your appearance as you are.

Everyone has their own insecurities, and most of the time they are preoccupied with these instead of others’ appearances.

By giving yourself a pep talk and quieting down that inner critic, you will find that you can boost your self-confidence.

With greater self-confidence, you will appear more comfortable in your own skin and naturally pull off the shaved look even better.

So the take-home message here is to try to accept and own your new haircut. After all, it is only temporary and your hair will grow back before you know it. 

6. Remember  To Wear Sunscreen

This tip applies whether you regret shaving your head or not. 

If this is the first time you have shaved your head, the skin over your scalp probably hasn’t seen much sun before. 

This means it is easy for it to sunburn very quickly if left unprotected, particularly if you shave your head in the summer months. 

It is therefore important to remember to apply sunscreen regularly to your scalp and consider wearing hats on warm sunny days.

After all, no one enjoys having an irritated scalp and this will just add insult to injury if you are already having regrets about shaving your head. 


Hopefully, these tips help you feel a little better about shaving your head. 

At the end of the day, having the confidence to make the decision to shave your head in the first place is something you should be proud of and it is important not to judge yourself too harshly.

The good thing is that most haircuts are temporary and before you know it you will be looking back on this time with laughter.